Yellow Peril Casting Call!

Are you of the Asian Persuasion, and would like to earn some extra cash? Citizens Against Government Waste is hiring!

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5:36 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010

Hey CAGW!! What about a trillion dollar unnecessary war and a trillion dollar tax cut to the ultra wealthy?

Oh right… you’re rich and you have stock in Lockheed Martin.

6:42 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010

CAGW is not happy about this.

7:26 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010

@ManchuCandidate: Darling, get a good night’s sleep. Make sure there’s nothing on your resumé you can’t actually do: ie. riding the dinosaurs; you can do that? you have ridden dinosaurs? Thought not. Only Michelle Malkin: aka Sung Li Ching Chung has ridden dinosaurs. K. Make sure you shampoo and use an exfoliant. Plan to arrive early. You don’t want to keep your overlords the casting people waiting. Dress nice. Don’t sweat in your nylon shirt and stink up the waiting room. Make sure you’ve got your headshots handy and that they look like you. Do not go in with Bruce Lee printouts you downloaded from and expect to book the job. Remember, they need to find the perfect Yellow Peril. So yellow it up. Tell them that Mother Goddam was your great aunt. Whatever. Put yourself in their skin. Like you were walking down the street and a Korean geek got up in your face to ask you directions to the local fire dance festival or whatever. What would you do? Shoot him in the face. Right. So chill, don’t make like Crouching Tiger, no one wants to see it. Be yourself. And good luck. We are all about opportunity.

7:48 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010

No comment.

ADD: No wait. I just watched the ad. WHAT THE FUCK? When did overt racism become ok?

8:02 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010
8:40 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: I found the ad quite accurate, except that they’d have a poster of G Dubya instead of Mao. Until then, we were relatively debt free, n’est pas?

9:07 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: Here’s a surprise. The video has been taken down because of copyright violation claim lodged by cagw.

10:30 pm • Friday • October 22, 2010

While on the topic of China I wanted to point out it is the shopping season: Zombie Christmas shopping at Sears

12:24 am • Saturday • October 23, 2010

@Tommy: Some of the men in that ad were cute, though.

3:23 am • Saturday • October 23, 2010

@SanFranLefty: Well, yes, but it is still offensive. “Chinks are gonna getcha”. Really? God I hate these people.

10:40 am • Saturday • October 23, 2010

@SanFranLefty: Think the Gnats can beat the Rangers? I don’t.

12:04 pm • Saturday • October 23, 2010

@CheapBoy: I’m surprised — and disappointed — it was yanked, because I had read that they were claiming parody use.

4:56 pm • Saturday • October 23, 2010

@Dodger: Nope. But I won’t be sad if the Rangers win the World Series.

5:55 pm • Sunday • October 24, 2010

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: This would be a far more effective ad if they used the same voice over but showed Chinese in coolie dress throwing gasoline cans into living room windows, followed by road flares and catching housewives in huge nets as they run from the front door chased by billowing flames.

2:39 am • Saturday • January 10, 2015

@AlexzRoss: As are we all, sooner or later.

10:42 pm • Saturday • January 10, 2015

@AlexzRoss: @nojo: Always look on the bright side of life.

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