Behind the Circus

So, what does Silent Creative Partner do? Well, among other things, he does this.

The Human Carnival [Tumblr] • HC Twitter feed

They’re certainly more amusing than two decades of Family Circus put together.

“Pick that football up again, Lucy, and my boot goes up your ass.”

They’re great. Speaking of which, still not enough Amazon linque beer money to bring the Comics Curmudgeon over here from the mothershipwasteland?

Very funny but I’m worrying about the rights. I assume he has them?

@Benedick: Parody. Unless you parody Disney. Disney will sue your ass precedent be dammed.

@Benedick: We’ll just wait for the C&D, like everybody else.

@Nabisco: If Josh is getting paid, not a chance. Plus, they’re still topping a million visits a month, compared to which we’re a direct-to-video indie movie.

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