[DNC email]

Who the fuck do they have working on their stuff? It screams “kick me!”

No public option? No proper stimulus? No vote on tax cuts over 25ok? No thank you.

And now I’m off to look at the new Trader Joe’s on 72nd and Broadway (though I’ll feel like I’m cheating on Fairway).

Oh, I finally get the new logo. I think it’s supposed to signify “Drive”.

Took me so long because I drive a stick.

Where is Shepard Fairey?

BTW, my old law firm is representing a t-shirt company that got caught up in that regrettable stealing of copyrighted photo issue.

You know what? I actually like the new logo. Crisp and clean. Now if they had leadership worth a damn, I might get on board whole-hog.

(BTW: Everybody talks about how Michael Steele is a horrible party-chair. But Tim Kaine? The same Tim Kaine that put everybody to sleep with a SOTU response a few years ago? Who, it seems, has done absolutely nothing in the past two years? Really: is there any value-added on this guy? If there is any way to get Howard Dean to take that job back, sign my fat Irish/English/Scots-Irish/Scottish/German/French/Finnish ass up.)

@Dodgerblue: Shepard is bitching like the rest of us, if I recall correctly a recent headline.

@chicago bureau: Timmy has largely kept out of the news, which, considering his counterpart, is a good thing. And it’s too soon for me to forgive Gov. Yeehaw for his cave on the not-mosque.

Full disclosure: Swedish/Anglo/Italian/Mutt.

@nojo: Jewish Viking. Such looting and pillaging, you’ll plotz.

@Dodgerblue: Is lutefisk kosher? Better question: would it matter?

@chicago bureau: I draw the cultural line at hardtack.

ADD: And yes, somehow I ended up Lutheran. My family left papistry behind with the Chicago wops.

@chicago bureau: Only Yahweh knows what is actually in gefilte fish.

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