This Explains a Lot

As many of you know, I was adopted. I have no idea who my biological parents or ancestors were.  So when NatGeo launched their Genographic Project, I paid my hundred bucks, sent in some cheek cells, and waited for the result. And here it is:

It appears I’m French, or at least my people started there.  I suppose this explains my politics and all the Julia Child cookery.


HOLY TRAINWRECK, BATMAN! Sorry for posting at same time — forgot to check the board.

@blogenfreude: SOLD. (Note to Tree fans — post up at 1700 Eastern War Time. We now return to our normally-scheduled Stinque.)

But but but it’s all about intelligent design!!!

It’s nice to know where one is from. Aren’t we all African?

Much like when I was a kid going to a mostly white rural public school and we played “guess the baby photo” I’m pretty sure I can trace my ancestors path. Damn Mongols.

@ManchuCandidate: Mongols! Vikings! Looting and pillaging! But the Mongols had much better food.

Aren’t we all African? yup.

I’d like a better map so I could, perhaps, pinpoint the area. Given my circumstances, knowing where ‘home’ is remains important.

@ManchuCandidate: I’d like to thank K, the only Asian-American kid in lily-white Eugene, for introducing me to the “Chinese/Japanese/American Knees” gag.

Anyone else out there (this includes you lurkers) done the Genographic? I’d be interested to see someone else’s results, especially if they knew their background.

@blogenfreude: I did, after the first Skip Gates show on PBS. I did the mitrochondrial DNA for my Mom’s side and the el cheapo Y chromosome for my Dad’s. I’ve got the results around somewhere & will look.

@Dodgerblue: this, as I recall, is the $100 Y chromosome screen. Perhaps our forebears once drank togezer en France … sacre bleu!

@blogenfreude: That sounds right. One of my Dad’s wacky stories was that we had Native American blood in the family. Well, not according to the Y chromosome test.

Wonder if mine would have the Africa-Bering Strait-Canada-New Mexico thing (combining the Pueblo and Navajo heritage with the Dineh coming in from notheastern Canada where the Athabaskan migrated from) plus wherever that just discovered Union soldier in my mother’s bloodline came from, or if there will be just two pinpoints at my ancestors’ respective points of origin where we emerged into this world from another world below us. The Navajo and Pueblo stories are similar in that regard. Hmmm.

@redmanlaw: I wonder what tribe made it up from Africa to the Bering Strait and decided “fuck all, it’s cold up here, let’s boogie!”

@blogenfreude: Can you explain what the different marks on the map mean?

Speaking of food, Lucy and I went to the farmers market this morning and I’m in the process of making slow-roasted cherry tomatoes. Mmmmmmm!

@karen marie: tried to copy the explanation from the site, but would not let me control C it … basically, the red is where the ancestors contributing the most to me came from, and the blue arrow indicates where my direct ancestors were about 60000 years ago.

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