Constitutional Conservatives

Rand Paul:

A spokesman for Rand Paul, the Tea Party-backed Senate candidate in Kentucky, said Paul “will vote against and filibuster any unbalanced budget proposal in the Senate.”

Sharron Angle:

“There are certain things that can be done just by your junior senator,” Angle said, explaining that even if Republicans remain in the minority after 2010, she could filibuster, which allows lone lawmakers to delay legislation through lengthy debate.

“I guarantee that I can talk most anything to death.”

Christine O’Donnell:

As she battles longtime-but-less-so-these-days frontrunner Rep. Mike Castle for Tuesday’s Republican primary, O’Donnell talks about this being a “special” election every chance she gets, calling herself a key “filibuster” vote.

Joe Miller:

“There is a chance we’ll take back the majority in November, but if we’re in the minority we cannot be afraid to use the filibuster power to stop the things that are hurting this nation,” he said.

Ken Buck:

That led to asking if he thinks the filibuster or individual hold rules should be changed or eliminated. He thinks both should be retained. He first started discussing the genius of our government being designed so that it is difficult to change things. That this inefficient balance of power makes for a better government.

The United States Senate, by a commanding majority of 56-43, voted Tuesday to (eventually, once we’ve politely asked all the bigots) repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Which, of course, lost. It lost because Republicans are too hypocritical to oppose a non-Constitutional inadvertent loophole in Senate rules first exploited in 1837, and Democrats are too chickenshit to get rid of it.

We might be able to muster a little enthusiasm in November if, instead of whining about “obstructionism,” Democrats actually did something about it. But until they’re ready to pursue Change We Can Believe In, instead of Cringe We Can’t Stand, they have an open invitation to go fuck themselves.


Now the president has taken to scolding those of us who are less than enthused by the Story So Far. Lecturing us about the consequences if we don’t all turn out in Nov. I want to say, I’m aware of the consequences, sir. Are you?

You want to know what one of my greatest fears is? One of my greatest fears is Democrats eliminating the filibuster rule just weeks before they lose 100 house seats and 15 Senate seats.

And I would completely expect them to do something that stupid.

i posted a picture this morning on FB of flag draped coffins. the caption:
“can you pick out the gay soldier?”
it’s so fucking retarded and sad that once again i am ashamed to be a member of this species.
sharron can talk anything to death? let’s hope she means hers.
the extra R is for that extra chromosome.

I can’t think of any other job where you’d want to make the highlight of your application, “I promise not to do this job if selected!”

Sad really. We have fascists on one side and a disorganized mish mash grabastic flip flopping mess who mean well, but are betrayed by shitbags within their own ranks.

I joke about the Canada City Librul party should make their slogan “Canada’s Least Worst Choice.” Pretty much sums up what the Demrats are this election, US America’s Least Worst Choice.

I am really going to have to get myself organized and find a new supplier of pharmaceuticals. I’m having a hard time handling the current level of crazy. It’s going to take a boatload of Xanax to make it through the end of the year.

DEVELOPING HARD: C. O’Donnell, according to CNN, told Hannity last night that her interview with him was her last with “national media.” State media only for our Celibabe, it says here.

Chickenshit. That is all.

Mr Smith from hell goes to washington.

@chicago bureau: Plus Quinnepiac puts Cuomo only 6 points ahead of Palladino. I daresay his Democratic consultants have no idea what to do.

Time for our prince to cowgirl up.

this is awsum

Accused pastor crusaded against homosexuals

Today, the 57-year-old minister, known for his public crusades against homosexuality, faces serious allegations.

On Tuesday, two young men who were members of Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church filed lawsuits claiming he used his position as their spiritual counselor to coerce them into sexual relationships.


I happened to catch this on CNN last night and couldnt stop laughing.
partly because they (Rick [dont tase me bro] Sanchez) was treating it like major breaking news.

no idea why I was even on CNN but it was a happy accident.

anyway, I learned a new term.

oral sodomy.

@Capt Howdy: Was the Rev Schlong active in Republican politics?

OTH, the immigrant-hating Hispanic GOP candidate for governor here in New Mexico may be running out of steam. Rampant speculation that this weekend’s poll will show the Palin-endorsed Susanna Martinez stalling at less than 50 percent and/or gain by lackluster Democratic candidate, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish.

@ManchuCandidate: …We have fascists on one side and a disorganized mish mash grabastic flip flopping mess who mean well, but are betrayed by shitbags within their own ranks.

I contest that “mean well” part. It’s patently obvious to me that the Democrats care more about party loyalty than any pretense of good policy.

None of the three major parties we’re presented with (D, R, or T) have anything meaningful to say to the US American peeps about the very real problems facing our civilization/lifestyle, much less what must be done to provide any glimmer of hope for “our” children and their children to live in any social order except cannibal anarchy.

The News™ tells us to care about “The Economy”. The Economy we have is the Economy we deserve, insofar as it serves to relentlessly redistribute wealth from the masses to the few, in the name of growth, as long as we keep believing in this misguided measure of “the good”.

Growth is not progress. I want to see leaders who have the balls/ovaries to tell us how to productively deal with a future based on economic contraction.

Good luck. Anyone who does that will find themselves losing to the Constitution Party even though it is necessary.

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