Spitting Out the Haterade

“The president of the Big Sky Tea Party Association has been removed from his position and booted from the party after coming under fire for a post he made on his Facebook profile that implied he condones violence against homosexuals.” [Helena Independent Record]


You’ll be interested to know that the Glock ad was not placed by any advertising agency — AdBlock Plus doesn’t see it, and it’s hosted on imageshack.com, a popular image-sharing service. It’s not 100% clear he put it there himself, but it looks pretty likely to me. +10 for passive-aggressive bullshit, Mike.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I know the dating scene is absolute hell these days, but channeling the dead to get some nookie is a new one.

@IanJ: I want a
Glock 26 (their subcompact 9mm). I shall interpret this as a Sign.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Prolly has a Santa Fe or Sedona office.

BTW, I switched out my snubnose .357 (loaded with .38 Special +P personal defense ammo) for the Glock 19 for home defense kept handy in the tactical man purse (a trail runner fanny pack from Wal-Mart) next to the bed. The Glock just had it all over the Ruger revolver in speed and accuracy drills yesterday.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: So she thought the guy would get turned on by the ghost of a lady he divorced calling from the beyond to pestork his divorce lawyer?

@FlyingChainSaw: She can turn the world on with a dead girl’s smile.

Cloverfield is on the tube (FX, y’all).

@FlyingChainSaw: I guess so but I figure it’s not worth it to try to find some kernel of logic in all that. Especially since I figure the client was taking the dance class where he met the attorney because he was already looking for strange.

Hey, wow, threadjack, I just had a miracle happen. I just spilled an entire glass of white wine spritzer on my keyboard, a tidal wave, not a splash, a deluge. Solidstreamofwater,oop,wow,prolems. I think I have had a miracle occur, its all OK.

I immediately, I mean, instantly, grabbed the laptop, turned it upside down, and shook it. In my storage-shed mancave, I have a space heater for the winter right beside me, I turned it on high, heat and wind, and turned the keyboard upside down, and aimed the spaceheater up into it for 10 minutes, wiped it down with paper towels. Hot air blowing into the upside-down keyboard. 10 minutes later, turned it back over, its still on, but it went into standbye mode, I restarted, and OH MY GOD, a miracle, all is totally normal, except it forgot my saved passwords, which is wierd.

I think its a sign that the democrats will retain their majorities.

I’d say this release from the Teabaggers is the height of understatement if they characterize joking about getting the “Wyoming instructional manual” for “hanging fruits” as simply his FB post “implied he condones violence against homosexuals.”


@Promnight: Fill a bucket with dry rice kernels and stick the keyboard in it. The rice will suck the moisture out – worked for a friend with a cup of coffee on a keyboard plus a couple people I know did it with cell phones.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Now that’s a story. I’m loving everything about it. There should be pictures. That they met at a ballroom dancing class. and then his wife killed herself. And then she… It’s got everything.

@Promnight: I have one of those heater thingies. We call it a hair dryer. I use it to unfreeze pipes in the cellar.

@SanFranLefty: In their world one becomes a hater for pointing that out. Some other functionary has already resigned over his bad treatment.

prommie, i do that all the time. what i do is pop out the keys then use a hair dryer. take out a few at a time so no hassle putting them back where they belong. remember when i didn’t have a “Q” for weeks? my geek showed me how…they pop out easily.

@Tony Blair Witch Project:
the part i enjoyed was, “when we turn to jesus christ, the economy will begin it’s recovery”
i had no idea he was running. spinning, yes.

@baked: Particularly since He told everybody to give away whatever they had.

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