Judge Vaughn Walker of the Northern District of California lifted his temporary stay of his decision last week that ruled that Prop. 8 was unconstitutional.  The stay will be lifted as of August 18 at 5 pm. Gay and lesbian couples had been lined up since early this morning at City Hall in San Francisco and Santa Cruz in anticipation of the announcement that the temporary stay would be lifted.

Chambers of commerce, event planners, caterers, restaurants, and hotels in California’s most beautiful and beloved locales let out a big sigh of relief at the thought of the money to be spent by gays and their guests at local nuptials.

Right wingers had their talking points lined up since early this morning about how heterosexual marriage will be destroyed by this lifting of the stay by the evil homosekshual San Francisco judge.  A handful of Yes on 8 supporters were outside San Francisco City Hall along with those waiting to get married, and their fashion choices demonstrated how desperately they’re in need of gay assistance.

Bibs out of signs? For real? Well, it was a little drizzly this morning, so it will keep them dry.

Tommcatt, let me know when you want to come to EssEff and have me do the honors for you and Mr. Catt.

Compare the four H8ers with the queue of people for licenses:

Joe.My.God. has a live feed of the crowd at City Hall.

Stinque Legal Eagle DodgerBlue tells me that no doubt the H8ers will be running over to the 9th Circuit [SFL editor’s note: located about five blocks away, through the (ha!) prettiest part of the Tenderloin and mid-Market area] to get an emergency stay, so the window of marriage (if any after the 18th) may be small for the gheyz if the 9th grants the stay.


Photo of the response of couples waiting at City Hall to the news the stay was lifted.

Perry v. Schwarzenegger Final Stay Order [PDF]

That’s what I get for reading the last line first: He says “stayed until August 18”, I think uh-oh. But right before, he says “motion for a stay is denied”.

Wahoo! No weddings today, but Walker only gave the haters 4 court days to run to the appellate court and then to the Supreme Court.

@nojo: The 64 million dollar question, which Dodger raised to me this a.m., is whether the 9th Circuit will grant an emergency stay, and now, if this week lag time gives them enough time to grant it. I don’t think they’ll grant an emergency stay, in which case Justice Kennedy hears it.

YAY! C’mon 9th circuit, don’t be a killjoy. Love the pic of Sulu and friends.

I’d have to say that us hetros have been fucking up marriage pretty well without help from teh Gayz so worrying about the sanctity/sanity of marriage isn’t going to be affected if the Gayz marry.

I will protest though when Rick Santorum sues for the right to marry his dog.

@Mistress Cynica: I didn’t want to make baked cry like I did with the picture of Phyllis and Del.

Post updated at bottom with a link to the PDF ruling.

Oooh, interesting, Walker’s language on pages 4 and 5 about the proponents’ lack of Article III standing to request a stay OR to appeal may give the 9th Circuit a handy out, and would also limit Walker’s decision to CA versus theoretically having a decision that impacts the entire 9th Circuit.

@SanFranLefty: He’s very smart. Gay people are like that.

Love this…

Because proponents filed their motion to stay before the court issued its findings of fact and conclusions of law, proponents do not in their memorandum discuss the likelihood of their success with reference to the court’s conclusions.

Premature ejaculation!

@SanFranLefty: That man–and his clerks–know how to make a record and write an opinion. After dealing day after day with the total lack of rational thought or dicourse in the public sphere, it is balm indeed to see logic ruthlessly applied and to watch specious arguments cut to ribbons.

@Dodgerblue: Uhm, have you met people from GOProud?

@SanFranLefty: Wow. Proponents do not have standing because they’re not the officials responsible for marriage. Nor have proponents shown personal injury if the ban is lifted.

In English: The Ick Factor is not legally binding.

@nojo: He has given the appellate courts about a dozen ways to deny a stay without having to embrace, you’ll pardon the expression, gay marriage. Very, very impressive.

@rptrcub: Is that like the Log Cabin Repubs? No, thank you.

@SanFranLefty: There’s a fascinating backstory here: The ruling sez that the proponents, as citizens, have no standing to appeal a case brought against officials of the State of California.

Dodger can correct my civvie understanding of these things, but Citizen Intervention is an express right in certain federal laws — a right frequently challenged by conservatives.

Hoist yer petards!

@SanFranLefty: Good news!….I think. I’ll leave it to you legal eagles to keep the rest of us posted on the minutiae while I start thinking about what I want to wear to Tommcatt’s wedding.

@Dodgerblue: GOProud is WAY worse and recently advertised an event featuring Mann Coulter as the guest of honor.

@flippin eck: You may have a couple of weeks to decide. I think it’s too early to do the Snoopy Dance of Victory

.@rptrcub: Ugh.

@flippin eck: Start checking Southwest last-minute flights from Midway to Oakland (or LAX, depending on the Catts’ choice of locale).

@SanFranLefty: I took the Southwest 8:25 flight from Midway to LAX yesterday. Flippin, I live close to LAX and can pick you up for the ceremony. Mexican beer is on me.

@Dodgerblue: Silly, it’s never too early to think about what you’re going to wear to a fabulous event!

ADD: And thanks for the invite! I just may take you up on it…

@SanFranLefty & @Dodgerblue:

That’s one of the more interesting legal theories I’ve read–that the Prop 8 proponents don’t have standing, ergo there can be no appeal. Thoughts?

@Original Andrew: How extravagant an affair do you think we can collectively dream up before Tommmcatt gets wind of things?


I remember watching a gay wedding show on Bravo a few years back, and one LA couple had Merv Griffin productions produce their cost-is-no-object-wedding; let’s just say that I can imagine quite a lot. All it takes is a MasterCard and a dream.

@mellbell: Are you kidding? Elephants, Indian dancers, seven-course reception dinner served on a yacht, fireworks, and that’s just to start! Tommcatt’s going to stumble back to find himself squarely in the middle of the Ultimate Fantasy WeddingTM courtesy of our obscenely grandiose imaginations.

@Original Andrew: It could have legs.

@flippin eck: I saw a male belly dancer once. He was lewd beyond belief. Maybe he could bring some professional colleagues.

@Original Andrew: Walker relies on a 25 year old abortion case called Diamond v. Charles 476 US 54 (1986) in which abortion providers challenged an Illinois law that criminalized doctors not providing “abortion education literature” to patients prior to performing abortions. They sued the state and at the district court level, a doctor intervened on the state’s side, arguing that he had an interest in the statute as a pro-life pediatrician. The district court enjoined the law and struck it down. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed. The state did not appeal and the intervenor appealed. [sound familiar?] The state submitted a “letter of interest” to the Supreme Court saying they weren’t appealing but their arguments were the same as they had made at the lower court’s, and the intervenor could go forward arguing for the state.

SCOTUS said no way, the intervenor didn’t have standing under Article III of the Constitution “case or controversy” requirements which requires that a party have suffered an injury or threatened injury from another party in order to have standing to litigate in federal court. (There are other requirements to get into federal court, but right now standing is the one we care about).

So if you compare the facts of Diamond to Perry v. Schwarzenegger, it would lead one to believe that there’s a stronger case here that there is no standing because the state didn’t even defend at the lower court level and is not appealing or filing letters of interest.

Cases decided on standing annoy me, however, because it’s often done when the court wants to take an easy way out and punt it back down to a lower court (or punt it out the court doors). For example, in Newdow v. Elk Grove, the Pledge of Allegiance case a few years ago, the Supreme Court punted on deciding on the merits and held that the father didn’t have standing to pursue the case on behalf of his daughter because he had joint custody with his ex-wife.

@flippin eck: All I care about at a wedding is that they have an open bar.


So much of our legal “system” seems no better than chance, so since it managed to spit out a just ruling this time, I’ll be perfectly happy if there’s no appeal even if it is due to some BS technicality.

If this case gets to the Roberts Court, the only question will be which extermination camp to which we’ll be dragged off.

This is awesome: Girl plays dead for Google Street View

@Original Andrew: I don’t think it would be that extreme, Walker’s opinion was written for Justice Kennedy – it extensively quotes Kennedy’s opinions in other cases and adopts Kennedy’s legal reasoning.

We went through almost the same situation at the state level in Andersen v. King County. The lower courts ruled in our favor, we had all of the facts on our side, it went to the WA State Supreme Court, and then they promptly issued one of the most anti-gay legal rulings in our nation’s history. They validated every anti-gay legal theory ever espoused, such as there is no discrimination since gay men and women are free to marry anyone of the opposite sex, that the legislature was rational in banning marriage equality because that somehow promotes straight marriage, that children somehow benefit from gay marriage bans (children currently being raised by gay men and lesbians don’t exist apparently) that there was no animus towards gays and lesbians even though the “debate” included assertations that we all died young and ate feces. That “ruling” (judicial lynching) was issued by now notorious heinous bitch queen Barbara Madsen, who has since been elevated to Chief “Justice,” despite the fact that she’s a hypocrite, a fraud and a despicable slanderer and liar. Madsen, I might add, had scored a perfect 5 out of 5 on the SEAMEC rating guide, and flat-out lied on the candidate questionairre about supporting GLBT rights. OK, I’m gonna stop now, I’m ranting. Suffice it to say, an appeal that reached the current monsters on the US Supreme Court would be a fiasco.

That WA state ruling was so horrifying, that the four dissenting justices actually wrote that future generations would feel shame and regret from it, which is almost unprecedented language to use in a legal dissent. It was a traumatic legal gay-bashing beyond belief.

@Original Andrew: All it takes is a MasterCard and a dream.
Story of my life.
@flippin eck: My cousin (or more accurately, his bride) had fire dancers, as well as fireworks, at his wedding reception. Very dramatic after dark. There was also face painting for the kids, leading my catty side of the family to snark about it being a carnival and to ask where the pony rides were.

Hi guys, been at Disneyland all day, celebrating Mr. ‘Catt’s birthday! Stoked about the ruling and….

What? Is there food on my face? Why are you all looking at me like that?

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:

No pressure, Tommmy, but you may come home and find a fiesta en your casa (and pants).

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Oh haaaiiii! We’ve been making plans all afternoon for you. Belly dancers? Chocolate fountain?

HOLY SHIT — I just found a possible jurisdictional wormhole.

(1) Walker pwnz H8. Says that stay is in place for two days to allow for argument on stay issue.

(2) H8ers file notice of appeal to 9th Cir.

(AT THIS POINT: Jurisdiction passes to 9th Cir. from N.D.Cal. Walker’s actions from this point are, technically, out of bounds.)

(3a) Briefing on stay, and argument. Walker (without subject matter jurisdiction) extends stay until ruling which he is no longer allowed to make.

(3b) Original 48 hour stay expires.

(AT THIS POINT: absent a stay from 9th Cir., everything is formally FAAAABULOUS.)

(3c) Walker again gets his ultra vires on, extends stay to next Wednesday.

Did I miss something here? If not, then by immediately kicking it upstairs, an argument could have been made that H8ers sought the stay from the wrong court, which screws them.

(Boies and Olson apparently didn’t press this point. Which probably means I am horrendously wrong. But still.)

@SanFranLefty: @OA Definately a hooker bar.

Trouble is, I’m having trouble getting Groom #2 to buy the damn cow. All of a sudden it’s all cold feet and ” but I already feel married”.

Heh. Guys are all the same, right?

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: I bet he never asks for directions, either. Typical.

I have one word: elope.

@Original Andrew: I’m just curious. If you’re a vampire, or some other variant of the undead, why would you need to take your shirt off? Because you need to catch some rays?

Dude, just listened to The Informers being badly read TWICE. Best vampires ever. As hilarious as they are scary. And as scary as they are gross. And as gross as they are hot. And a mind bending construction to boot. A whole lot of fun to read.

@chicago bureau:

I learned all this once, but I can’t reconstruct all the minutiae. I don’t think the District Court loses subject matter jurisdiction over the stay issue.

IIRC, the bottomline is that the 9th Circuit and the Supreme Court both get one clear shot at staying the District Court decision. If they don’t do it quickly enough, the District Court decision goes into effect.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:

Could we just use a cardboard cutout?

@Benedick: True Blood vamps doff their shirts to fuck. Which they do. Frequently. But not, I must conclude now having finished the first season, with other vamps.


Alcide, played by my sugar-lipped, love-stud, future-hubby, Joey, is very much alive, but I cannot say more due to SPOILERS.

True Blood really is thinking wo/man’s pron.

@Original Andrew: I find myself very willing these days to forgive Alan Ball for later seasons of Six Feet Under.


My favorite character on SFU was Brenda’s mom, and she was hardly on the show at all.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Okay so I did a little research on your predicament, and apparently you’re supposed to withhold sex to get him to the alter. Who knew?

@Walking Still: The haters filed a stay request with the Ninth Circuit this afternoon.

@Dodgerblue: Do you have a copy? Or does a stay request say anything other than Pretty Please?

I’m wondering whether the proponents address the argument about Standing. Or what harm is sure to befall us if Tommcatt wears the wrong shoes.

/pokes head in on way to graveyard shift at the salt mines.

Took off from work a little early to take my buddy to dinner in ABQ. Poor dude is staying there for radiation treatment for cancer so I figured a plate of ribs and some onion rings would do the man some good (he’s not fried from the rayz yet). After that we went shopping for reloading supplies. Would not mind a martini but I gotta crank out a memo.

When you know something is going too far: the sporting goods megastore we went to has classes on various outdoor skills and equipment. This weekend is “Rangefinders: How do they work?”

And yes, the ribs were damn good.

@SanFranLefty: Eight cents a PDF page? This is justice?

@redmanlaw: We’re a step ahead of you — SFL sent the PACER info for the appeal of the stay.

Apparently I can sign up with my credit card, and if I spend less than ten bucks in a month or quarter, I don’t get charged. So maybe if Friday’s slow, I’ll have a look.

@nojo: But mine saves you the 88 cents, ese.

I filled out the date on my memo as 2019. Wonder if I’ll still be up late then listening to jazz, letting the dogs out and writing on bankruptcy and foreclosure in Indian country?

@redmanlaw: No, no, no — we had that one already. The Feds gave it up for free.

The new one is the appeal of the lifting of the stay, filed this afternoon by the Prop 8 proponents. I’m curious whether it addresses any of the arguments in the document you linked to.

@nojo: @redmanlaw: Either of you guys still up? I’ve got a fucking bat in my house and I don’t know what to do.

@Mistress Cynica: Don’t they echolocate? I’d think that it would figure out what an open door meant.

you think SULU wouldn’t make me cry???
and i’m hysterical over the ass whomping you are inflicting on me and the dodger on the scrabble board.

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle:
mr. ‘Catt, you are a lucky lucky man!
did you propose yet tommie? details, i want details.
if the milk is tasty enough, they WILL buy the cow.
stop eating asparagus. ’nuff said.

are you still in miami? get out of there before you start wearing white shoes, your pants up to your nipples and eating dinner at 3 p.m.

@Mistress Cynica: Sorry I missed this. Easy to get rid of them. Open the windows in the room, turn off the light and close the door. It’ll be gone in minutes.

@baked: I met the ultimate princess. My cousin is merely a princess-in-training being all first generation royalty and such as, though we have high hopes for her twin daughters. However, her childhood friend flew in from LA for a couple of days accompanied by her cute little foofy poodley, shih-tzuish doggy who – make sure you’re sitting down – SAT ON HER LAP THE WHOLE WAY.

Yes. Doggy always sits on her lap (she left her infant son home with the help but who am I to judge?) and do you know why? Because the dog is a registered service dog. And do you know what kind of service the dog provides? Anxiety. She HAS to have the dog with her AT ALL TIMES. And when the cabin crew got all Bitch Please about it she THREATENED TO SUE. Apparently it is against the Americans With Disabilities Act to ask what service the Service Animal provides. So she silences all signs of mutiny among the hoi polloi and feeds Foofy liver snaps while flying over the square states that litter the middle of the country. I was, as you might imagine, all kinds of impressed. I have in my time worked with many princesses (occupational hazard) but Nikki had earned her Louis Vuitton the hard way. Naturally I thought of you. Not because of the princess part, though I’m sure you’ve sent back a plate of chicken or two in your day, but because of the Service Dog angle. I imagined you sitting with Bella on your lap for your next flight to the Holy Land of Hotness.

Anxiety: It’s good for what ails you.

BTW. I think that unless this ruling is challenged and moves to the higher courts that it is meaningless. Am I wrong? Marriage being legal in CA means nothing, practically speaking. It adds a layer of protection for hospitals but not much else. You can’t file joint state returns, for example, without also filing separate federal returns. So it’s more expensive, not less. I daresay I’m missing something but it seems to me that letting this remain in CA lets everyone off the hook. Couples can ‘marry’ but the marriage brings with it almost none of the benefits that marriage should.

i am so impressed with this news, as you might imagine. my mind is reeling. i could get my docs to instantly sign anything confirming i’m anxious. would i have to give up my pills? would bella be entitled to the seat next to me? an in-flight bone? your cousins shih tzu? my precious shih tzu, bernie, died on the flight back to T&C. well, he WAS 17 1/2. still. they rerouted my kids through frankfort for some reason. hmmm..
how many service critters would be accepted? i need 4, including a rat.
no, i NEVER send back food. anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant does not send back food. the stepmonster has never eaten a meal in a restaurant that hasn’t contained the body fluids of the entire staff.
news: bella is sleeping/napping in a CRATE!!! ta DA!
i have to run to the imorans today for the 6th time, one of us is fucking retarded. glad you’re home safe and sound and now i must resume panic over being left here alone for 20 days. arranging weaponry, collecting hurricane provisions and weeping.

@baked: Don’t say that mom doesn’t look out for you. Bella might need her own aisle but whatevs. I would invest in a trainer to teach her the Long Down. Naturally none of my dogs do it (I get the side eye from them) but they don’t need to fly. Of course you don’t need to give up your pills, my darling. I’m shocked at such a suggestion. Your pills demonstrate A NEED. You have Acute Flying Anxiety, or AFA. This condition can only be helped by keeping giant dogs nearby at all times.

Good news re crate. Restful, no?

re giant dogs
i’m not over Sergio. i shed tears EVERY DAY. i don’t love Bella any less for it, but he was just so special. i adored him in a way that i never loved a dog before. has this ever happened to you or anyone else? his unveling is coming up (oh, do shut up) next month. i will find the perfect piece of limestome to paint myself. i’ll say what rat wrote and taped to his crate when we left jerusalem: “my name is (was) SERGIO. i am (was) a sweet and gentle boy”
wanted to share that…now i’m hysterical.

@Benedick: There is a fair amount of truth in what you say.

There are material benefits to us in California from this ruling. In general, it gives same-sex married folks a club to beat up on dickheaded behavior that doesn’t respect their relationship. However, domestic partner status accomplished some of that already. It is also fair to note that symbols matter, and the symbolic power of marriage is not to be sneeezed at.

The ruling, if it survives, will provide the underpinnings for bigger game. At a minimum, it will be used to persuade any Court considering a challenge to DOMA. It won’t be binding on any other Court, but it would be part of the conversation.

It would almost certainly take a Supreme Court ruling to establish a nationwide, constitutional right to same sex marriage. That’s how the fight over interracial marriage played out.


has this ever happened to you or anyone else?

if you mean being totally goofy over a dog. yes. I am in love with Ghost. he is special. I have had many dogs in my life and I loved them all. I have two now and I love Daisy. but Ghost is a special creature.
he endured such pain and horror. he was abused to the point that he still wont let most people touch him. but his spirit that shines out of his eyes in undimmed.
when I finally got his trust and love it was a major emotional moment for someone who does not have that many emotional moments.

also, I find myself thinking to much about when he wont be around any more and it pains me more than I can tell you. that also is an experience I have never had with a dog.

@Benedick: I srsly thought about calling you, Batman. Instead, I called the 24-hour emergency vet clinic, figuring someone there would know about animals. (Mr Cyn, traitorously, is out of town. Yes, I will hold it against him.) They Basically said what you and Dodger said. Still it was in the upstairs hall, so I had to crawl around, staying well below its flight path–and wearing a heavy hoodie sweatshirt and rose gloves, just in case–and close all of the doors to the rooms, after herding the cats downstairs to safety. They were much excited as you can imagine–it’s a bird! it’s a mouse! no, it’s both!

LOVE the princess story. Baked, you could def. pull that off. My heart goes out to you over Sergio. My cat Gwydion is one of those special creatures that you know is the animal love of your life. He has influenced me more profoundly–and entirely for the better–than any human I could name.

@baked: We call them Magic Dogs and have been blessed with two: both wire-haired dachshunds. They just connect in a way that other dogs don’t. Not that one loves them less but with a Magic Dog it’s just different. The ashes of our second Magic Dog who died too young are outside the dining room under a red-twig dogwood that is in its second bloom this season.

@Capt Howdy: I know too well what you mean. I kept our first Magic Dog alive long after it was clear he needed to go and I’ve never forgiven myself for it – though he did.

@Mistress Cynica: I rejoiced to find a bat in the house recently. At least some are still alive. Bet the cats were excited. The open window/closed door works very quickly.

@Walking Still: But interracial marriage was legal federally, wasn’t it and the problem was with the states? Sort of the opposite of the present situation.

@Benedick: @Mistress Cynica: @Capt Howdy:
magic dogs. yes. he was magic. cyn, i know just what you mean, he influenced me for the better in all possible ways. and howdy, i’m already thinking of 4 month old bella’s 10-12 year life span, same as sergie’s, who lived 9 years and 3 months. i was unprepared, i never for a second thought he wouldn’t see 10. benedick–too young. will someone please tell me why a giant fucking tortoise lives to be 150?
i said to rat, i’m going to die young, the good die young. he said, too late.


[Edited to improve (?) intelligibility]

Prior to the Loving case, marriage was pretty much a State thing. The Feds were hands off in determining who could or could not marry. Basically, whoever the States said could marry got the juicy Federal benefits associated with marriage. For a lot of questions (age, cousins marrying, etc.) this remains the case.

Loving established the principle that States couldn’t deny marriage rights for interracial couples. Only following this decision, did the Federal benefits of marriage go to interracial couples in States that had previously barred such marriages.

DOMA was the really radical change, in that it puts a whole bunch of Federal law restrictions on the effect of States’ same sex marriage laws. Post-DOMA, a “special” category was created, which would not receive the full benefit of marriage as a matter of Federal law. It is difficult to overstate how vile and mean spirited this action was. I put it in a category with the Fugitive Slave Act as an extrordinary Federal action to prevent a State from protecting its citizens.

In addition to the civil rights issues so eloquently articulated by Judge Walker, DOMA raises a bunch of issues regarding the Federal government’s ability to impair the power of States to give full effect to marriage rights in same sex marriage.

If you look at the Prop 8 fight as a legal circus, think of the DOMA fight as a full blooded (and potentially bloody) three ring circus. Judge Walker’s opinion will be front and center in the civil rights ring. The Federalism nerds (like me) will also be enthralled by some of the other rings.

TJ/ Lib radio host Stephanie Miller and RML crush object came out on the air during this morning’s show.

Sorry, future husbands!



@Mistress Cynica: OK, you got a 20 gauge shotgun and some 7-1/2 birdshot? Good. First, have a couple of drinks to steady your hand then find your shooting muffs, a flashlight, some duct tape (camouflage, of course), a spatula, a plastic bag of some kind and some Formula 409 or other spray cleaner and some paper towels . . .

blah, blah, blah

. . . then spackle and paint to match.

@redmanlaw: Don’t you hate it when that happens?

@redmanlaw: Rachel ruined everything for me.

did you happen to see last nights show? the lead segment about the curious intersection of the for profit prison system and the AZ immigration law was very interesting.


@Dodgerblue, nojo: Is there a name for straight cats who like gay women (besides “really bad at picking out girlfriends”)?

ADD: “Lesbro.” That works.

@redmanlaw: Lesbro wins!

For me, this is an improvement. I used to have an unerring taste for rebounders.

@Walking Still: Did you hear about the prisoners who sprung the joint down in Arizona? They got a little help from one guy’s cousin, who also happens to be his fiancee. She’s got bigger fish to fry, but it’s still creepy.

I should talk actually.
the truth is I always had it for straight boys.

please see the Maddow link a few comments up for good coverage of this.

@Capt Howdy: That was an excellent report, not least for a local TV station Committing Journalism.

For the others: Profit Prisons stand to, um, profit from an increased population of Incarcerated Illegals. And at least two major advisers to the AZ Guv have strong financial ties to the industry.

Suddenly everything makes sense.

@Capt Howdy: Kind of my point. That would explain some of our fashion sense. “Hey, nice shoes. Vibram soled and you can wear them to the office and to clean the yard? Sweet!”

BTW – did I tell you guys that Mrs RML had a shoe related injury? The outside half of her foot slid off her shoe and the arch hyperextended downward, resulting in a sprain on top of her foot. She’s on crutches and mad that she can’t wear shoes she likes now.

@redmanlaw: That would explain some of our fashion sense.

Unless you’re from Eugene, in which case it applies to everyone.

@redmanlaw: I happen to be wearing such shoes now, some Clarke’s chukkas I’ve had for several years.

@nojo: I like lesbians and I drive a Subaru wagon. But don’t tell me I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

@redmanlaw: Squeak! Squeak! Squeeeeeeeeak! Squeak!

@Capt Howdy:

You mean that in addition to being hateful racist douchenozzles, the RW loons pushing all this might also be trying to make mad cash off the suffering of others? I am *shocked*! ;)

and it would have worked if not for those darned kids.

@Dodgerblue: Oooh – administrative law. ONIAL. Looks like Sandra Bernhard. Does she do “Me and Mrs. Jones” at faculty karaoke?

@redmanlaw: The photo doesn’t do her justice. She was a keynote speaker at the big Cal State Bar enviro boondoggle last year, talking about the Supreme Court. Men and women alike were crazed with lust.

@Dodgerblue: @redmanlaw: @nojo: Welcome to the world straight female Stinquers have inhabited for decades.

@Walking Still: Thanks. I try to understand, I really do, but I don’t really. The OH just called me an asshole when I tried to explain my ‘thinking’ on the subject. I’m just going to have to settle for being pretty. Again.

@Mistress Cynica: Aaaaa-men! But luckily Jon Hamm is still straight….for now.

@flippin eck: He plays baseball in a weekend league here in L.A. that a friend of mine plays in. For whatever that’s worth. We know a gay sports fan, do we not, Flippin?

@mellbell: I hadn’t heard about the cousin angle.

The pathetic thing is that, should they tie the knot (noose?), they’ll have more legal rights as a couple under Federal law than any same sex couple.


Your basic point (that current Federal law is even more fucked up for same sex marriage than it was for interracial marriage) was right on the money.

I just can’t help getting into the minutiae. Then, on this subject, I start ranting.

@Dodgerblue: Wait, you’re missing the important point here: You can take me to your friend’s game and I can watch Jon Hamm play baseball?? Tommcatt’s Ultimate Fantasy WeddingTM weekend just got fantasy-er!

@flippin eck: Yes, that is exactly correct, so long as a) there is a game and b) he shows up.

@redmanlaw: I saw that in my RSS feed while I was searching for bat removal tactics at 1 AM, and I have to say it did not improve my general frame of mind. However, the Oregon Dept of Wildlife assures me I have nothing to worry about.

@Mistress Cynica: “Did somebody say *Bat* removal? Ooooh.” – The Joker

@flippin eck: Even I’d be in for that one, although that would ipso facto cause problems for the gay/straight balance of the universe. Just ask Benedick.

@Benedick: We’ll have to find out, won’t we.

@Benedick: @IanJ: Back off–neither of you is allowed to try to get Jon Hamm to switch teams!

@Benedick: Pitch. He threw my friend a curve ball. My friend hit it.

@Benedick: I believe the key question here is whether he’s a switch hitter.
And flippin eck is right: you gays need to stop being so greedy. Just let us have one hot straight man. Is that so much to ask?

@Mistress Cynica: Aaron Schock isn’t good enough for you?

@Dodgerblue: Cheap “I’d hit it” jokes coming in 3, 2, 1, . . .

@Mistress Cynica: You’ve still got John Stossel and Steve Doucey.

@Dodgerblue: Ba-da-boom! He’s here all week, folks.

/ off to drive Mrs RML to a rosary out of town. Laters.

In re guys who love lesbians — count me in that. AND I, too, rock it in a Subaru wagon.

I have never met a lesbian that I did not like (or, at least, appreciate) right from the jump. But I can’t tell that they are gay, usually, for at least a few months (or until I witness something blatantly obvious). Hell: when I first got into Sleater-Kinney, it took me a month to put two-and-two together.

@chicago bureau: I didn’t know about Christina Hendricks for the longest time.

Oh HAIIII!!! I’ve been in hell for the past 10 hours, am having my first martini, will probably have a second to wash down the NyQuil I’ll be taking around 9 pm.

@flippin eck: Wait, wait, Jon Hamm! Plays baseball with Dodger’s friend????

@Dodgerblue: When the FUCK were you going share that tidbit with us? Daaaammmn. Do you think your friend could get Cristina Hendricks to show up at a game and so that way Flying ChainSaw would show up for the TommCatt’s big fat ghey wedding?

@chicago bureau: If it’s any consolation, my ghey boy friends sometimes tell me I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. Or am I a lesbian trapped in a straight woman’s body, per my lesbian friends? I don’t know, I assume whatever they’re saying is meant to be a compliment? I just try to like people and get along with them and not judge them on stupid shit like who they fuck or the color of their skin or how much money they make – I only judge them if they’re a big fucking asshole and/or think Sarah Palin is the Second Coming of Our Holy Mother Mary.

@baked: Your misery is over, new game is starting. Do you have any new photos of her highness Miss Bella to share with us? Send them to me in the back of class and I’ll post them this weekend or next week as our moment of Ahhhhhh!

And it’s okay that Sergio was your Magic Dog. It doesn’t mean that you love any of the other fur babies less, that you loved the Magic Dog differently. I haven’t been brave enough or capable of rearranging my schedule enough to see if I could get another Magic Dog or near-Magic Dog.

Sergio loved you so much, and you were so lucky to have him in your life. Ditto that wacky blind shitzu who was smuggling drugs behind his eyeballs according to TSA. And now you have a horse who thinks she’s a lapdog. It’s all good.

@SanFranLefty: Well, we don’t get HBO and I’ve never seen Mad Men, and I didn’t even know who Jon Hamm was until I saw his picture on this very website: http://www.stinque.com/2010/04/15/draft-jon-hamm-for-u-s-senate/ .

@Dodgerblue: and hell to the yes that is one of my best Stinque posts to date, pre-World Cup Hottie madness, but Mad Men is on AMC, so really there’s no excuse for not seeing it. Even if you have the most short bus of basic cable, you get AMC.

I’d bet dollars to donuts that while you’re watching the Dodgers lose to the Giants on FOX on Sunday nights, Mrs. Dodger and the Dodgerettes are in the other room watching Don Draper on AMC.

Jus sayin’….

it’s 3 a.m. and i’m laughing my ass off from this thread. nothing in the comedy clubs i haunted in my youth to flee the home of step-beard du jour beats it..why am i up. i have developed sciatica from trying to lift my widdle puppeh. i may never ride a horse again, but the pain killers are FABulous!
i won’t forget this thread either. if i need a laugh, all i need to do is picture our mistress in a hoodie and garden gloves bat chasing. or the princess on the plane. aren’t you boys paying attention? it has long been established that lefty, cyn and i are gay men in womens bodies. which explains so much about our hanging at this joint, and some of my marriages.
i’ve never seen mad men…what am i missing? i’m A&E sunday night with criminal minds and the glades, which i’m very attached to.
dodge, one of us must take lefty down. that last game was embarrassing.
bless you lefty and howdy cyn and mom for your touching dog tales, i’m moved. you help me so much in so many ways get through my days…as do all of you. i thank you sincerely.
i’ll send you new Bella pics, den mommie. the problem has been trying to get shots, she now sees the camera as a toy and charges me when she sees it come out. but it’s an ongoing project that will produce shots as i am a stubborn somnabitch. now to catch up with new threads, i don’t always post, but i ALWAYS read them.
kisses to the stinquers…long may we laugh.

one more thing to share re tommie’s fantasy wedding…

i have mentioned our former prime minister, michael missick, who is running for re-election while under indictment for massive corruption. how does that work?
anyway, a couple years ago he and his bride to be, lisa rae, had a wedding here that was filmed for “platinum weddings” ever see that show? to have your wedding on this show, it must cost in the million(s) dollar range. they had a wedding planner that is best remembered for screaming “more purple!” throughout the episode. before we moved to silly creek on the south shore, we lived on the north shore, right down the beach from the happy couple. we were walking sergio and noticed new drapery around the beach bed near the waters edge. it was lavender. so i started shrieking MORE PURPLE! MORE PURPLE! only to discover THEY WERE IN IT. my friendly neighbors glared daggers at me.
BEST PART: they are divorced now. why? it seems there was a BITING incident. yes, they were both treated at the clinic for BITE wounds they inflicted upon each other, front page news here. i’m still laughing. will look for linquey. can’t wait to report on the corruption trial, it’s an entertaining island.
fun fact: i’ve seen bruce willis a million times, but never wearing pants…he wears sarongs.
he’s very cute.

@baked: That story is all kinds of excellent. Also hilarious. I’m surprised it hasn’t been filmed.

@baked: Excellent. Are they from South Carolina?

@SanFranLefty: The Dodgerblue ladies take up a lot of big-screen time watching Top Chef, Project Runway, that dance show that isn’t Dancing With The Stars, and the makeover show with the Jewish woman who hasn’t had a nose job (thank you) and the gay guy with very blue eyes. I have to say, I’ve watched the latter a couple of times with them and the hairstyle guy is a genius.

@baked: Darling, I insist you rent the first 3 seasons of mad men immediately. New York and Madison Ave. starting in 1960, with a drop dead gorgeous lead who acts like a total jerk? It’s SO us. The period details are fantastic and the clothes amazing. Do it now.

@baked: I second Mistress Cynica. Get on Netflix now and start watching the first three seasons – you’ll get caught up to us soon.

Which reminds me, I missed last Sunday’s episode (past my bedtime), I need to get it off of iTunes to be ready for tomorrow night.

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty:
i’m making room for it on my crowded plate…my daughter is a huge fan…time to catch up. sounds excellent!!!
netflix? i’m on a rock with no mail delivery, let alone netflix!
i can stream it from itunes? the vid store doesn’t have it…

@baked: I get the current season via iTunes, as I did last season. Don’t know if you can buy past seasons.

@baked: You might be able to stream them through Netflix.

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