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Son-of-Potatoehead Ben Quayle, last seen enjoying his imaginary children, is back with an ad that proclaims he was “raised right”. And with the news that he was a significant contributor to a Naughty Blog, we really can’t disagree:

The idea behind Dirty Scottsdale was simple: Solicit photographs of Scottsdale club goers, post them online, and comment on the appearance and behavior of people in the pictures.

“We are looking to bring you the best trash this city has to offer,” the site’s original description said.

[Founder Nik] Richie said Quayle wrote under the alias “Brock” and launched a popular standing feature called “Brock’s Chick” in which he documented his quest to find the “hottest chick in Scottsdale.” Quayle published eight to 10 blog posts on the site over three or four months, Richie said.

That must have been great fun — until Destiny called:

“He shut it down. He restructured his life knowing that one day he would run for public office,” Richie said. “He said, ‘I cannot have any involvement, and you cannot tell a soul I am part of Dirty Scottsdale because it would ruin any political chance I would have in the future.’”

Of course, he can always chalk it up to Youthful Indiscretion. Three years ago qualifies, doesn’t it?

Ben Quayle denies link to Dirty Scottsdale website [Politico, via Political Wire]

Ben Quayle is apparently as dumb as his father, not knowing that a Republican stands as much chance of losing his job over sleazy sexual dealings as he does of being killed by axe wielding munchkins jumping off-stage during a screening of The Wizard of OZ.

In fact, America likes sleazy, hypocritical Republicans precisely because they are sleazy and hypocritical.

he documented his quest to find the “hottest chick in Scottsdale”

Aww, what an adorable “meet cute”! I assume this is how he found the new Mrs. Quayle, right? I bet it’s their fictitious children’s favorite bedtime story.

@flippin eck: Shows that he’s sensitive to womens’ issues in a David Vitter kind of way. Besides, Republicans hate women, anyway.

Thanks for forcing me to imagine the kind of people who would peruse a site called “Dirty Scottsdale.” (huuuuuuuuuuuuuurl)

Of course, Dirty Scottsdale’s got nuthin’ on Nasty Newark.

How many “hot chicks” are there under the age of 55 in Scottsdale? I’m imagining a lot of Cindy Lou-Hoo clones.

@Original Andrew: Don’t forget Trashy Trenton!

I can imagine more boring things than Dirty Scottsdale, but not many.

However, I can’t help but notice that Benji looks be a paler version of Bobby Jindal – a Rainbow Coalition of Dweebs?

Someday, when we finally meet at a Stinque-up, I will tell y’all about the time I managed to insult Dan Quayle while we were serving Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. He took it in stride; Marilyn did not.

@Walking Still:

They should do a shirtless photo shoot. It’d be like one hideous Benetton ad.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Ahh, don’t tease us girl! Tell us!

I’m home with a terrible summer cold preparing for an arbitration and it looks like it’s winter here in Ess Eff with the damn fog so I need something to make me laugh.

Quaylette, not just a fucking retard but a fucking retard’s fucking retard.

Hackwork-related curiosity: Anybody familiar with DNA People’s Legal Services?

@nojo: Yes, and I believe there’s at least two Stinquers who are *really* familiar with their work.

@SanFranLefty: That’s what I was thinking. Back to alumni-rag layout…

@nojo: Now if you could figure out a way to do a hidden/coded shout-out to Mr SFL in the rag…

@SanFranLefty: None. They leave for Vegas as soon as they can drive.

@al2o3cr: This whole anti-mosque thing pisses me off. Muslim people got killed on 9/11, and I’m not referring to the guys flying the planes.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Just a laudatory reference I stumbled across while rubbing my nose in InDesign. Chinle, AZ, to be specific.

@SanFranLefty: It’s not the Main Rag in this case. The campus is scattered with them.

@nojo: I used to work there. Great place for an NDN law practitioner to punch one’s ticket.

Used to hang in Chinle as a reporter.

tj/ Working on a termination of parental rights case (relinquishment/abandonment). Last week I was on an intertribal child custody case. Where did this tribal court family law specialty come from?

@Dodgerblue: Seriously. First they come for the Muslims…

T/J: the Blago jury is deadlocked. No truth to the rumor that they sent out a note asking if his hair is also a defendant.

@redmanlaw: Dude, if word gets out that you understand ICWA, you will be able to stay well-stocked in new fishing rods the rest of your life.


No kidding. And the AFA fucktard referenced above has stepped it up to NO mosques being allowed anywhere, in true fascist prick style…

@Tommmcatt Cannot Be Arsed To Think About Sharon Angle: Yes, exactly. What do you ask a candidate like this at a press conference? ‘Are you smarter than your dad? Smart enough to do tricks? Can you fit your first in your mouth?’

@Dodgerblue: Blago didn’t do nothing wrong, and Fitzgerald was throwing a naive little hissy fit over some crude language and too-direct discussion of what is nothing but fucking politics. Keep in mind, the defense didn’t even put on a witness, and the prosecutors couldn’t convince the jury? The whole thing was a fucking charade.

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