Like Father, Like Son, Like Imaginary Grandchildren

Ben Quayle, son of the former vice president and Champion Speler, would like to be Your Next Congresscritter from Arizona’s Third:

As a part of his campaign strategy, Quayle has started to send out mailers emblazened with his slogan, “A New Generation.” In one of these mailers, Quayle poses with two young girls — one seated in his lap and another holding his hand. Below the picture of Quayle and the children is a quotation by the candidate: “My roots in Arizona run deep. My grandparents and great grandparents lived in this district. My parents and all of my siblings live in this district. Tiffany [his wife] and I live in this district and are going to raise our family here.”

Aren’t the girls cute? Oh, by the way, they aren’t his. Ben and the Missus are childless.

In campaign mailer, Ben Quayle discusses raising a ‘family’ by posing with girls who aren’t his [Think Progress]

Well, he approved the proofs… ;)

I’d hit it. I won’t make a baby either.

A lot of candidates pull that shit here. There are always a few candidates every year who put up campaign signs with large pictures of their families to show that they can breed. John Huppenthal is one of the worst offenders. I’ve seen his two girls grow up as he has campaigned for one office or another over the years.

The breeder signs, as I call them, always come out among GOP candidates whenever the opponent is *ahem* single, no matter what kind of office is sought. Now, it’s catching to the Dem side. A lady named Penny Kotterman is running against a gay guy named Jason Williams and so she’s put up this sign.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: A friend (Dem, of course) who is the first openly gay member of the OK House of Representatives has pictures of his three lovely daughters and umpteen grandchildren on his campaign signs.

Dammit, you had to post at the same time, noj.

@rptrcub: Satan 10; accurate, loving Jeebus 01.


@rptrcub: SFL and I have been swarming it for the past hour.

@flippin eck: Why can’t everyone figure this one out?

@IanJ: It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma and packaged neatly for shipment on the USS Puzzlement…or it could just be that they have brains (and hearts) the size of walnuts.

I look forward to the debate that shows just how dumb this guy must be.

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