It’s Never Too Soon


Why is Carly Fiorina’s not-MSNBC ad showing me a picture of Barbara Boxer’s head next to George Washington’s? Is it because he left the Presidency after two terms? Do the ad folks realize that there’s probably only about 1-2% of voters who would get this reference? Is this from the same geniuses as those who brought us the demon sheep?

Thanks, Daily Beast. Now I feel downright tasteful in wishing him a safe journey to the Series of Tubes in the sky. Cue rimshot button, plz.

@SanFranLefty: I wouldn’t have grasped the reference if you didn’t mention it, and I’m actually familiar with the backstory.

As it stands, all I see is George giving Barbara an affectionate chin rub. Get a room, you adorable politicos!

“I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.”

Looks like TPM also got in on the hot Political Plane Crash Roundup action. But not nearly as delightfully as Teh Beast.

@flippin eck:

I forgot he was Mr. “Series of Tubes”. Wow. That’s all I call the internet nowadays, the tubez.

Farewell, Mr. Tubez. We hardly knew ye…

@nojo: No one does tacky and tasteless like Tina B.

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