What Color Is Your Escape Chute?

Ladies and gentlemen, the inevitable Apple Daily animation.


@Walking Still: Keef was even more chicken when he left out the home greeting on his show tonight.

Whoa! This flew under the radar–the Mexican Supreme Court legalized marriage equality today.

¡Viva México!

@Original Andrew: This flew under the radar

So did Ted Stevens!

Comedy equals tragedy plus twelve hours.

Just realized that smirking grin on Steven Slater’s mug makes him look like Michael Kors’ little brother. Maybe he’ll get a gig as a guest judge on Project Runway. His experience in designing uniforms can’t hurt.

@Original Andrew: “Stop Gay Married Mexicans from streaming across our Sacred Borders!” Coming soon.

@redmanlaw: It’s way mind-blowing, and the Court’s vote wasn’t even close, with 9-2 in favor.

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