Crazy Is, By Definition, Unpredictable

First, it was Jesse Ventura.  It must be said: for an ex-professional wrestler, he didn’t do too poorly.  In fact, the dude has some facets that make me like him somewhat.  (Of course, in twenty years, he’ll probably be cranky as hell and go to the right of where, say, Tom Tancredo is now.  Crankiness is a symptom when you catch a serious case of Old.  But, for right now… he and I are cool.)

Now: it’s Linda McMahon, who may just be the next senator from Connecticut.  Lots of ways you can go with that.  To be charitable, we can say that WWF/WWE is a business that was actually successful during her reign (or, honestly, her co-regency with her husband, Vince).  Compare this to, for example, HP.

But to have this woman come out of, of all places, Connecticut?  It seems the Crazy has legs outside of the normal stomping grounds.  You get Rand Paul coming out of Kentucky.  Wins by teabaggers in Utah and (tonight, apparently) Colorado do not shock.  But Connecticut?  Where the best that Republicans could manage in recent years was Chris Shays? 

(Notably, she does have a handful of lib-friendly policies, particularly on the sexual stuff.  Maybe that fits Connecticut.  Maybe that fits her role in an organization with a surplusage of women with artificial surplusages.  I don’t know.)

The wrestling angle, though, for the moment, captures one’s attention.  Stage-managed and scripted, where the bad guys win only to the extent that it gets people riled up, setting up the ultimate victory of the good and pure (meaning, of course, not a good and pure person per se but an average Joe with tricks up his sleeves and a beer at the ready).  It fits the Republican mold circa 2010 quite nicely, don’t you think?

Maybe Ric Flair (pictured, above right) might run for Governor of North Carolina in 2012, just to test this theory further.  Will his stylin’ and profilin’ play in the suburbs of Charlotte and the Triangle?  He’s dipped his toe in this particular pool before.  Maybe he’ll jump all the way in.  WOOOOOOO!


Is that who Ned Lamont lost to? I don’t follow CT politics but for some reason, NYT sent a breaking news alert that Ned Lamont is a loser. Yeah, NYT. No shit.

TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Ned was running for Governor. And yes, that would be “was,” kids.

Dreadful dreadful company using its ‘athletes’ with complete disregard for basic human rights, leaving them crippled and impoverished, thrown out like the trash. If a lib can’t rip this harridan to pieces they’re not worth drowning in latte.

@Tony Blair Witch Project: I used the expression “as the Bishop said to the actress” in an email recently and the recipient did not understand it.

@Dodgerblue: You need camper friends. Break them in easy. Next time try Varda the bona homme!

@Prommie: Thank you for sharing.

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