We Always Suspected Mr. Ranger

While we may fret about the potential desecration of Warner Bros. cartoons, we really don’t care what the studios do with the Hanna-Barbera catalog, which, while certainly a staple of American childhood, wasn’t necessarily a beloved staple.

(Do you remember the Jetsons for the gags or the gizmos? Case closed.)

We will grant that there was worse Saturday-morning fare to be consumed — anything produced by Filmation comes to mind — and we count our blessings that we escaped before the Product Tie-In Apocalypse hit the airwaves.

But Hanna-Barbera cartoons as classics? Well, no. Except for Harvey Birdman. But that was a meta afterthought.

Yogi Bear movie site [via Buzzfeed]

I wonder why cartoons changed… oh right. Raygun loosened the rules on broadcasting.

The More You Know.

Whoever wrote that tagline needs to review their slang dictionary – “coming” in “bears”? ;)

@al2o3cr: I remember watching these Yogi Bear cartoons as a kid and now I think I know what explains everything, you know, besides the influence of Jonathan Frakes on TNG.

Obligatory comment that’s probably expected from me complete.

Hanna Barbera cartoons are fair game for bad movies. I will never forgive those responsible for the travesty Hollywood inflicted on Rocky and Bullwinkle.

@Capt Howdy: The thought was appreciated, though.

@homofascist: It’s Friday. Standards are lower.

@mellbell: He could still run as an independent.


Wow. Good to know that there are at least 3525 complete fucking lunatics in TN. (I’m assuming Basil voted for himself, although that isn’t 100%…)

@mellbell: Stormy, Basil, even good old Katherine Harris…all the good ones leave us. *le sigh*

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