Loni Anderson is 65

And I am officially old … [D-Listed]


… and only now does it occur to me that she was born on the day of the Hiroshima bombing ….

If we’re going there…

The Official Iggy Pop Shirtless Aging Timeline. Because it’s not always about Keith.

@nojo: At last – someone I look better than w/ my shirt off … what is he – 81 years old?

I actually give him props for integrity. Not that I wouldn’t want the best seat in the back of the room.

Looks like a cross between Angelina, Courtney Love and a shrunken head.

@blogenfreude: No, no, no! Hiroshima was 8/6/45. Sheesh.

ADD: Um, today for us East Coast types.

@blogenfreude: My first thought.
@nojo: Oh holy sweet baby Jeebus. Was marginally attractive 35 years ago, and now?

It’s the cheek implants doing her in.

Supposedly aging naturally? Sophia Loren. She’s currently 75, but she was 73 in this picture. We’ll give her a pass on the hair dye…

@nojo: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I think I’m more amused by the open jeans! WTF? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

@JNOV: Yes, but it’s tomorrow in Japan right now, so DO THE MATH!

@blogenfreude: So, wait. The date in [EDIT] US history books isn’t the day we did (one of) the most fucked up things in history? Why don’t we use the Japanese date, then? That would make more sense and be more, I dunno, right.

No need to yell, there. If I could do math, I’d be a physicist.

@JNOV: Because that would be looking at things from the perspective of the Japanese versus the US ‘Merikens…

@SanFranLefty: Well, that’s just dumb. GREAT! My birthday is fucking Nuke Hiroshima Day. Great.


I always had the hots for Bailey over Jennifer.

And she (Jan Smithers) HAS aged quite well. She just absolutely killed me in those tight designer jeans, sweaters and those big glasses….Mmmmmmm.

{/lustful 80’s reverie}

What..wha happened?… Where am I?… Who ordered the veal?!?

Another vote for Bailey over here.

@JNOV: Hope you had a fucking blast today. Hi – yo!

Thanks. I’m here all week. Drive the veal safely. G’night!

@JNOV: At least it’s about 65 years ago – I think the Japanese will remember even if we’re a few hours off …..

@pinkoscum y @redmanlaw: These days, they’d make her get her nose shaved. Ugh. Not sure how old this is, but Jan is looking pretty good.

@redmanlaw: Yo, Baby! Yo, Baby! Yo!

Man, I didn’t do shit. I took my boy to Inception, played with the neighbors’ dogs, cat and fish (fish don’t cotton well to tank tapping — I can’t believe I’m pet sitting this whole effin month!), napped, and just vegged. Nice day. :-) Thank for sprinkling some pixie dust on my wall, RML. It made my day!

Thanks to all youse guyz who came around. It made me feel pretty darned good. ::smiling::

ADD: Oh, ugh. Just got the joke. Boo! y Abrazos!

@blogenfreude: So, are we cool? Sorry I got the real date wrong and tried to correct you when I was the one all fucked up. I blame Texas school books. I just didn’t want it to be on my birthday, ya know? Apologies, Bloggie.

where’s the groan button?

glad it was a happy one Jnov! i was victim of computer crash yesterday and couldn’t sing to you! inception is playing here, i’ll see it on your recommendation…..
::happy dance:: i’m getting an iphone today !!! the facockta earrings were nice on my bday, but today is Really my bday.
bummer about being born on Hiroshima day, but it made you a blast!!!
where IS that groan button…i was born july 20th, moon walk day. why i’m spaced out all the time.

BLOGGIE, it looks like my trip to nyc will be in sept., when rat goes to israel for 3 weeks. i’m NOT staying here alone. so unless i have booked reservations–you owe me dinner!
and BENEDICK–i’m not leaving new york state without a stinque up with YOU!

ADD: loni anderson..OH MY FUCKING GOD
CYN, pass the brain bleach STAT
where did i leave my walker….

@nojo: @nojo: @blogenfreude:

I saw Iggy from the front of the stage, in about 95. He literally bleeds from his veins just from jumping around – they’re insanely close to the surface of his skin. Plus, he got down on his knees and sang “I Wanna Be Your Dog” to my date, and she was the only gal not going insane for him.

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