Rand Paul’s Worst Nightmare

Silly us, we missed a graphic opportunity with the Morning Blather. Consider it rectified.

Cats That Look Like Hitler

if my cat doesnt spot digging and pooping in the damn plants we may have to come up with a final solution.

@Dodgerblue: Heh.

@Capt Howdy: Our final solution? No more houseplants. The cats know who’s boss.


WaPo decides that it’s OK for the US to arrest anybody, anywhere unilaterally

I didn’t think the whole Wikileaks / Afghan War thing really meant anything, but the way the neocons are hyperventilating about it makes me wonder.

I also wonder whether the WaPo would be nearly as stoked if other countries applied its logic: indict Shrub and Cheney under seal and then extraditekidnap them from the US without the DOJ’s blessing. I suspect not.

T/J: Washing machine vs. brick video. Awesome. If only there were some gratuitous nudity in it, it would be perfect.


saw that earlier. couldnt stop watching it.
strange and hypnotic.

that appears to be the edited version. for some foreplay go here

@Dodgerblue: I find that strangely disturbing. I know there’s plenty of machine torture pron out there (can I get anyone a tall, frosty glass of liquified iPad?). But it actually looks like it’s…suffering. And yes, I realize I’m anthropomorphizing all over the joint.

Actually, they are cats that look like Groucho pretending to be hitler.

@FlyingChainSaw: What’s the secret word of the day?

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