Does This Make Kardon DJ Jazzy Jeff?

“It’s official: Sidney Harman, the businessman who made his fortune selling stereo equipment, has secured a deal to buy Newsweek from the Washington Post Co. and will announce the deal later Monday afternoon.” [Ad Age]


WND or Newsmax ownership would have been a lot more fun …

Piece of shit speakers. My set’s in the closet.

Early days stuff was nice. The early Citation amps were big advances for their day.

Fresh Prince was nothing without Jazzy. Well, except for cute. And maybe now a El Ron Hubbtard? I dunno.

But I gotta own that Philly connection. Jazzy Jeff, Overbrook High, 1983ish; Will Smith, Overbrook 1986ish.

Update: Sidney Harman is 91. Turn it down!

Less Amusing Update: The missus is Jane Harman, CA-36 Demrat.

TJ/ Soooooo, remember that recent trip down Memory Lane? Well, Hunter banned baked for (I’m sure) no good reason, so I decided to try to find said comment worthy of banning.

I’m sure y’all remember “Sooo, About that New Job at Wonkette.” Well, all the comments went *poof*. What’s even more surprising is that the Wayback Machine only has one day listed for 2008 at Just one.

Hmmmm…now IIRC, on April 14, 2008, (LOLKENLAYNEISADICK) announced that Wonkette was, ahem, going solo, so I thought that maaaybe the comments were lost after selling Megan out in the peaceful transfer of property power.

Ummmm. No. Once again with the help of Wayback, I was able to pull up a pre-peaceful transfer of power post from October 27, 2007, the last post Wayback has in its archives, and the comments are intact.

So, yes, there is a five-month gap of dates on Wayback, and yes, it appears that all of the comments on Megan’s posts gave gone poof.

What this means, I dunno.

Google cache couldn’t even help me out. Sooo, about those disappearing comments at Wonkette. Any ideas how we might find them?

@JNOV: Wonkette remained hosted on Gawker’s platform for months after Ken bought it. It was eventually migrated to a WordPress installation.

The old Gawker-based comments were lost during the migration — only the posts and layout made the trip. Ken then implemented a third-party commenting system, similar to Disqus.

If the old Wonkette comments exist anywhere, they’re still in Gawker’s database. The Wayback Machine only takes occasional snapshots of websites.

@nojo: Yes, our old comments from the weekend of April 18, 2008 still exist on Gawker’s servers. I was able to find some choice ones (only mine, natch), but I’ll only include this:

JNOV commented on Sooo, About that New Job at Wonkette

“@edemacated: heh Comments to 1,000!1 Srlsy, tho — we’re almost up to 18K page views.” 08:09 PM on January 20 , 2008

Is there any way to find baked’s comment if she’s been banned by the Evil Empire?

ADD: And what did you say that was so funny?

JNOV commented on Sooo, About that New Job at Wonkette

“@nojo: *snort* Yeah.” 06:58 PM on January 20 , 2008

@nojo: The Wayback Machine only takes occasional snapshots of websites.

Yes, but Wayback was taking shots from every two to 10 days (although there are some gaps of over 20 days), but a gap of five months? Nothing for January 2008 at all? Nothing? I dunno. Smells off.

@JNOV: I strongly doubt that Ken would have bothered to deliberately zap the archive, if that’s what you’re implying — he wasn’t at all ashamed of his decision.

And honestly, having been on the receiving end of Megan’s Displeasure, I have to admit he may have had a point.

@JNOV: I’m sure Escehlon scooped it up for the NSA. I’m surprised some of us are actually were able to get or keep government employment.

Still in Montana. Forward my mail if I’m here any longer. Pleased to say we did not have to run for our lives today, although I can say that a shitty judge will make you work harder than a shitty lawyer on the other side. Also, local counsel must be suffering early stage dementia or no longer gives a fuck, so I had to push her out of the way and do cross exams I didn’t expect to do, but I like cross, so it was OK.

Running on peanut M and Ms and Coke Zero, although I had an awesome ribeye earlier tonight. Took more than two hours to come down after court.

there is nothing worse than a shitty judge. scream their name in the club, that’s what i do.

thanks hunee, not surprised you couldn’t find it, but dis–a–POINTED!
i was banned before he finished reading it, would have been amusing to revisit…oh well. i watch my P’s and Q’s now. er..more so. mostly.
will my rapped knuckles here go on my permanent record?
ps all i remember of it was that the banning was for good reason. can you find the post from the jezz where the conversation was trouble with breast feeding? i merely suggested that if they couldn’t figure that out, perhaps they shouldn’t be passing their genes down. they chased me with torches and pichforks. hahaha!

t/j StinqueSport

Lefty wins again! by a considerable margin this time. dodger and i are stunned. so are you starting the new game? our scrabble game keeps me anchored. how long has it been? over a year, i’m sure……

@nojo: Yep.

@baked: Heh. I’ll see about the Jez post later.

@redmanlaw: I know!

(About the NSA, not the trial thing. Remember, I play a doctor on this board, such as.)

careful sister, you can get banned instantly from the jezz by saying “Yep”

(see: jamie sommers)

@baked: Yep. ;-) I haven’t been there for quite some time. ::shrug:: Got a new home now. Again, ;-)

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