Orly’s $20,000 Pyramid

Orly Taitz, whose role in our civic life appears to be making Michele Bachmann look reasonable, is a deadbeat.

You may recall — and really, who could forget? — that America’s Most Frightening Dentist owes The Citizens of These United States a cool twenty grand because of a Vast Judicial Conspiracy designed to thwart her efforts to remove the Schvartze Usurper from the Baila House.

Well, it turns out — we hope you’re sitting down — she hasn’t paid yet.

Oh, she’s fought it. She appealed the original fine to the Court of Appeals. Which denied her. She appealed the Court of Appeals denial to the Supreme Court. Which denied her. And now she’s appealing the Supreme Court denial to—

Wait, who’s left?

On July 20, Taitz posted a motion requesting that she be allowed to verify that it is, in fact, [Clarence] Thomas’ signature on the denial of her application. She’s also sent her request for stay to Justice Samuel Alito, though she said a clerk told her it had been returned because of a small technical issue.

“So, they’re playing a new game,” Taitz said Wednesday. “This cannot happen in the Supreme Court of the United States.”…

Taitz said she’s filed a motion with Chief Justice John Roberts asking that Thomas’ signature be verified. She’s also filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, she said.

Yes, we’re sure Attorney General Holder will get right on it. Or whoever’s left in the building after the entire department recuses themselves for lack of authority.

‘Birther’ movement attorney Orly Taitz keeps fighting legal battle, thinks Obama can’t be the president [Columbus (Georgia) Ledger-Enquirer]

Or she’s auditioning for her local theatre’s (Canada City spelling) version of “A Few Good Men.”

Lt. Weinberg: “I strenuously object?” Is that how it works? Hm? “Objection.” “Overruled.” “Oh, no, no, no. No, I STRENUOUSLY object.” “Oh. Well, if you strenuously object then I should take some time to reconsider.”

TJ/ It’s about damn time you guys finally voted with me on the Vox Box. Seriously. I was starting to worry about you.

Exactly. She should flash her tits at the General Assembly.

She hasn’t asked for Thomas’s birth certificate?

Funny – I was wondering what had happened to her just yesterday – I’ve been scarce around here b/c work is kicking my ass. She will, I’d wager, be in stir at some point.

Maybe she’ll give up if they let her pay in Ameros.

OTOH, maybe whatever planet she came from has some courts she could appeal to – just think, the Bizarro Supreme Court – I can think of four justices we could spare for it.

For some reason I really want to see Orly arguing before the Supreme Court. This should be the test case for cameras in the halls of the highest court in the land!

@Signal to Noise: Because it would be fun to see her melt down and call the Supremes fascist stooges for the kenyan usurper before pulling a revolver out of her asshole and attempting to shoot them and being subdued by court security officers.

@FlyingChainSaw: You’re pretty close. Right now she’s basically declaring a trahison des clercs, who obviously forged Clarence’s signature.

@nojo: I think she has a good case to argue that the supremes have been kidnapped by aliens from outer space and brainwashed into doing the bidding of the kenyan usurper. She lives near you right. Can you drop by and let her know we’re prepared to help her make this case?

ORLY! ORLY! ORLY! she MUST run for office. there is no one close that can bring this level of crazee. FSM, she amuses me. pay the 20 orly, bless your heart, and get on with it…pleeeease??? i..i..think i love you.

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