The Magnificent Joe Queenan

He’s my favorite critic, period.  “In the new movie “Inception,” Leonardo DiCaprio burrows deep into the subconscious of a self-absorbed plutocrat to plant a powerful idea that will change the world. If the technology used in “Inception” were available in real life, Mr. DiCaprio might burrow into the subconscious of Hollywood plutocrats and plant these paradigm-altering ideas: Stop making movies like “Grown Ups,” “Sex and the City 2,” “Prince of Persia” and anything that positions Jennifer Aniston or John C. Reilly at the top of the marquee.” [Wall Street Journal]


Is this Joe the same guy who wrote for Spy?

He is bang on. I’m fucking sick of movies where developmentally retarded feebs passing as adults are heroes.


@ManchuCandidate: Yes, Queenan’s in the Authoritative List of Contributors in my gorgeous coffeetable Spy book.

Can we burrow into Sarah Palin’s mind (?) and implant the idea that she is incapable of speaking, writing or otherwise attempting to communicate concepts and must therefore cease making any efforts to do the same?

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