Sharron Angle, Runnin’ Rebel

And here’s the Las Vegas Sun with the play-by-play:

In the warehouse of a family-owned clean diesel manufacturer in Sparks, Angle delivered a three-minute speech on her desire to permanently repeal the estate tax. When invited by the final speaker to stay and answer a few questions, she turned on her heel and rushed out a back door with a small cadre of staff members.

Reporters, including one who is six months pregnant, chased after her, calling out questions on unemployment benefits and other topics she has largely refused to address.

We’d love to say that’s a white Ford Bronco she escaped in, but life doesn’t always meet our narrative requirements.

Sharron Angle addresses media for 3 minutes on taxes then bolts [Las Vegas Sun]

[Video from the Nevada Democratic Party, via TPM]


Because apparently, the only thing that gets Joe Teabagger more upset than 1.5% of ‘Mericans having to pay taxes is 0.1% of them having to pay taxes.

I love the premise of the study mentioned in the article – apparently, if you’re 85 years old and megarich you buy your girlfriends fake tits and vacations because spending money (100% gone) is somehow economically preferable to investing it (where, if your accountants are idiots, you might pay estate tax). I want to know where I can get a job like that economist – even a weatherman has to be *close* to reality to keep his job, but apparently conservative researchers don’t…

Just got back from the oral arguments on the DOJ’s suit against Az. My prediction: the feds are going down like a Russian pianist on a crazy American actor.

(must run errands. brb)

She is clearly nuts. Why bother showing up to the press conference with questions. Show up in a Cookie Monster outfit and throw cookies at her and let the cameraman capture close up reaction shots. Fax stupid questions to her and see if she responds like, “If a zero tax rate for the rich is good, would it be better if they had a negative tax rate, like they get a dollar from the government for every dollar they make? What about it?”

@JNOVjr: What? The cookies? That’s easy but the suit is pricey and the travel expenses would take its toll. We have some local correspondents out that way, though, do we not?

@FlyingChainSaw: Actually…Now that I think about it, if we’re really serious about this, I probably know some people who could help us figure out how to make the suit as cost-effectively as possible. Though there’s still the problem of getting someone local to actually do it.

On a related note, there’s apparently a fad going on over at the college I will be attending this fall. It’s basically a more awesome version of bros icing bros. If you hand someone a cookie, they are then obligated to do their best Cookie Monster impression, and shove said cookie into their mouth.

@JNOVjr: Wow, people really do shit like this? If someone hands you a bottle of anything and demands you drink it, you need to grab them by the hair, straight arm them and break the bottle across their face.

Faxing the questions is legit. Let them say they’re correspondents and we’ll honestly post the answers in Q & A style.

@JNOVjr: I never thought your furry connection might come in handy. I will no longer mock The Furries.

I’m in Vegas, ostensibly for the Netroots Nations conference. Will report any sightings.

@Dodgerblue: Sightings of furries, fake tits, or Obtuse Angle?

Perhaps the press will avail itself of those second amendment remedies.

@FlyingChainSaw: If you think that’s crazy, you need to watch Yes Men.
@JNOV: Well, it’s not just furs, either. I know a couple people that are into cosplay, too.
@SanFranLefty: They prefer the term “Isosceles American.”

@JNOVjr: Still not down with cosplay. But you’re growing on me, kid…


Cosplay is entirely dependent on who and *what*.

Tubby balding middle-aged hairy guy + Sailor Moon == DO NOT WANT.

Hot woman in catgirl outfit? Well, nice to look at, but typically batshit crazy esp. if found at a con. May believe she’s a gay man trapped in a woman’s body.

Unrelated: Limbaugh doubles down on the stoopid – apparently, he came out of his drug-induced stupor just long enough to realize that he was well on his way to no longer being considered the stupidest, most racist idiot on the air. Well, fixed *THAT*! :)

@al2o3cr: LULZ! (Expect link-filled diatribe from Jr. in 5, 4, 3, 2…)

With apologies to Grateful Dead haters (and fans):

Fiend of a Dipshit

I lit out from Reno
I was trailed by ten press hounds
Didn’t get to tweak last night
My brain’s turned to ground round

Set out gunning
And spewing out slime
Fiend of a dipshit
Truth’s no friend of mine
If I can foam
And snarl and bite
No one gets to sleep

Got two reasons why I lie
Each day and every night
The first one’s name is ole Fox News
Beck’s my heart’s delight
The second one’s election babe
Cuz Harry I now trail
Got to find me hanging chads
Then I’ll send the Dems to jail

@Walking Still: I suppose I should clarify – I don’t hate the Dead (Cynica and baked – my fellow members of the Long Suffering Deadhead Spouses’ Club – can speak for themselves) – I just hate listening to three shows in a row in one afternoon. And Mr. SFL will sit there and say “There was no 7/22/74 but there’s a great 7/22/89” if I make fun of him. Flying Spaghetti Monster love him, it gets a little pedantic at a certain point.

All that said, “Friend of the Devil” is my favorite Dead song, in part because everyone from my favorite musician Lyle Lovett to Tom Petty to Train to Indigo Girls has done their version of the song. One Sunday a few weeks ago on KFOG’s Acoustic Sunrise, my favorite ginger/Jew-fro’ed DJ Rosalie played two versions of FOTD back to back. Mr. SFL and I nearly jizzed on ourselves. We are now campaigning her to play every version of the song they have at KFOG on Sunday morning August 1 (Jerry-Day here in Ess Eff and his birthday).

And yes, if you were going to ask, we have tickets for Jerry Garcia night for the Giants v. Cubs on August 9. I already have strict instructions as to who gets my Jerry bobblehead (hint: it’s not me, it’s a Deadhead in Jersey).

All that to say, well done. Manchu has set the bar so high for us in terms of song lyrics, but if you keep this up….

@SanFranLefty: Point taken. And, while there was no 7/22/74 Grateful Dead show, there was a damn fine one on 7/21/74. I’ll stop now.

@Walking Still: Jesus H. Christ on a balsa wood popsicle stick, I listened to what I think was that show last night because that was the only way he’d take the earbuds out of his ears for dinner. (That was the one with 37 minutes of space and drums?)


At the end of her speech, Angle whipped out a pearl-handled revolver, pressed it to her head and screamed to the crowd of stunned journalists and passers-by “any one of you faggots asks a question and the white lady GETS IT!” She then rushed out a back door with a small cadre of staff members, who were then comically chased from building to building by an army of roving reporters.

/hat tip to Manchu & Mel Brooks

@SanFranLefty: 37 minutes of space and drums describes a whole lot of Grateful Dead concerts, but that’s one of them, and it would make sense to roll it out on the anniversary.

I know the show pretty well because I reviewed it for The Deadheads Taping Compendium.

@Walking Still: Your compliance with the rules has been duly noted.



That is all.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Actually saw an iPad in the wild this week. Not telling mine, or it might run away to join the herd.

@nojo: They are a must-have for those of us in complete control of the universe.

@al2o3cr: Limbaugh would feel better if he had an iPad, I bet. He would feel empowered to make some rules.

@Tommy – Yes he has a non-snowflake avatar but what about the others who ignore you??

@JNOVjr: Honey, if you don’t think that bro icing isn’t a clever bit of viral marketing by smirnoff, then you have another think coming. Sometimes I worry about the kids today.


This Nojo’s absolute dictatorship thing is easier than I thought…

(Even easier when you run the blog.)

@nojo: @Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Wait, there are rules?

I hope it has nothing to do with international timestamps, unasked for references to bumper stickers on asses, or an apparently developing affection for dogs and puppies. Cuz you know, people can change.

Speaking of which, I have 2 Red Bulls in me and am about to head off for the airport for 24 hours of international travel. Is this going to be fun, or what?

Also, day 33 of no Prime Minister in Not Tibet. I wonder if they’re waiting for me?

@Walking Still:
Great. Now I’m going to have the “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil” version of that stuck in my head all morning. :)

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg:
Viva El Presidente! (h/t to the Young Ones)

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: … the feds are going down like a Russian pianist on a crazy American actor. OMG. That is my favorite simile ever! Are we referencing real people? Or is it such as? We all want to know. Moar.

@SanFranLefty: Mr Cyn’s birthday also happens to be August 1. I’ll leave you to imagine the horrors I have to live through.

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty: Wait, Mr. SFL and Mr. Cynica share a birthday? How adorable is that?

Mistress Cynica’s reference is, I believe, to the fact that Mr. Cyn shares a birthday with the famed inspiration for Cherry Garcia ice cream.

I could imagine it would make this time of year hell for a non-Deadhead (only eight more shopping days!)

@Benedick: Different Jerry. The Jerry of Ben and Jerry is Jerry Greenfield. The Jerry with the August 1 birthday is hippie guitar player Jerry Garcia.

Ben and Jerry filched Garcia’s name for Cherry Garcia Ice Cream, leading to a kerfluffle over misuse of rights of publicity and a settlement involving royalties going to charity.

@Walking Still: @SanFranLefty: @flippin eck: Yes, it is shared with his messiah, Jerry Garcia, and inevitably degenerates into drunken/stoned maudlin all night Dead sessions punctuated with tearful “today’s all about Jerry” remarks until I want to barf. Maybe it’s just because I can’t experience or even comprehend that kind of worship of music, but the WASP in me just wants to scream “Oh for god’s sake, get a grip. That display of emotion is SO unseemly.” Obviously, I’ll be upping my Xanax dosage for the occasion.
Don’t get me wrong, I truly love him, but Christ, that music crap’s annoying.

@Mistress Cynica: Grateful Dead. Make them STFU. Hint: it’s not music. It’s nostalgia for one’s youth. When one was young one was, of course, too stoned to notice. Plus, turn the volume to 11 and you will impress the geeks.

@Walking Still: I say with love.

@Mistress Cynica: This is absolutely hilarious…and also a beautiful illustration of the things we tolerate in the ones we love (with a little help from G&T, obvs).

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