Times Square, 7 AM

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of the True Blood shrine I walk through every weekday morning to get to the S train from the 2/3 line:

Been up since mid-June …


@JNOVjr: I’ve seen the premiere and the subsequent episodes – you’d think they’d stop telling me to watch.

@blogenfreude: The idea that Breibart would get pleasure from sex and drugs almost makes me want to give them up. Almost.

At least he didn’t mention rock and roll.

@blogenfreude: Oh, ouch. Good play, sir.

Edit: Oh, and the facts that that clip was clearly edited to be as defamatory as possible, and that the irony will elude most people is really, really unfortunate.

@JNOVjr: The editing was problematic, agreed, but it’s Breitbart. And he was drunk, they say …

@blogenfreude: Hm, I think I worded that kinda funny. I think it’s great that it was edited like that; I think it’s unfortunate that some people might not realize his own tactics are being used against him. Still, I can’t really think of any context in which the stuff he said wouldn’t make him look like a jackass.

@JNOVjr: Hey – that knife cuts both ways, as we just demonstrated. Let Breitbart come forward with the unedited video to demonstrate he’s not a total assclown. Bring. It. On.

The Montgomery BART/MUNI station is covered in an almost suffocating manner with advertisements for the Monterrey Aquarium. It is wrapped around the tunnels when you come in off the street through the escalators. You feel like you’re going under water into a reef. It’s actually quite cool.

I’m going away for a few days, but if it’s there when I’m back I’ll take photos and add them to the new Street Art tag that I created a few days ago for the Stay Puft mural.

@SanFranLefty: Saw a NatGeo special about that aquarium … just a stunning achievement. Wish I could come out and see it.

@blogenfreude: Back in May, John Amato did a panel with Andrew Breitbart as part of a benefit for the Charles Mingus Youth Arts Foundation.

At least one of those things is not like the others, although we may have a rare Triple Dissonance Play on our hands.

@JNOVjr: Since I know Somebody’s Mom watches Tosh, may I correctly presume the tip for that video?

I’m kind of hoping he keeps his mouth shut. I don’t know if my brain would be able to properly process all of the stupid.

Aw man. The Monterrey Bay Aquarium is one of those places that everyone needs to visit before they die. California has way too much cool stuff. What’s Pennsylvania got? Philadelphia and Centralia. That’s about it.

You are absolutely correct. I’d actually forgotten about Latarian, though, until The Boondocks did their episode on him.


Assclownage needs no proof. Assclownage is like shame: You wear it on your face.

@blogenfreude: It’s a really interesting place. I’m kind of anti-zoo (unless it’s an attempt to keep an endangered species alive, they’ve got good QOL, etc.), ant-circus, anti-stuff like that. But the Monterey Bay Aquarium is different in many ways.

Most of it is about educating people about how important the sea is to all things, and they try to make you feel a connection to this wondrous place so that maybe you’ll change your attitudes and behaviors. There are seriously some thought-provoking displays and education going on there — and they’re like, “Hey – this is YOUR BACKYARD!” even if you’re not local.

I had no idea that there is a canyon off the coast of Monterey that is larger than the Grand Canyon in AZ. That’s pretty amazing. And I have to admit, I went all stupid on a docent who was talking about deep-water sea feathers and how difficult it was to keep one alive in the aquarium. I asked (in an amphitheater), “So, how many sea feathers died before you were able to keep one alive?” I’m still searching for a mind-to-mouth filter. I guess I would have been content with seeing the footage of sea feathers from an ROV rather than one in a tank, but that’s just me.

Meh. Ramble. Ramble. But this aquarium is awesome in so many other ways — they use fresh water from the bay. The show how they keep the pipes clean (heh) by using “pigs.” I dunno — they break it all down. And there’s a lot of outdoor space where you can just sort of soak in the environment and information and imagine what lies beneath and vibe. Nice.

@blogenfreude: @JNOV: Four more words about Montery Bay Aquarium’s awesomeness : sea otter web cam.

@flippin eck: <3!!!!!!

If you ever have a chance to kayak on the bay, you get up close and personal to wild sea otters. The sea kayaking place is north of Monterey proper — it's not those folks tooling around the bay in open neon plastic kayaks. Here you're in a real kayak, skirt and all, and you don't really go out into the sea, but you go around the wetlands. And the otters are there checking you out, rolling around, doing their otter thing. You get to see pickle weed. I dunno. It's just a pretty cool experience. :-) Thanks for reminding me.

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