Mega Whale vs. Tiny Sailboat

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So, our neighbor asks while we’re desperately wondering what the hell to do about the Morning Blather, have you seen the video with the whale jumping onto the sailboat?

Guess that answers the raging debate over whether the earlier image was Photoshopped. NB to “graphic design professional and Photoshop user” Fred Gates: Better luck next time!

Caught On Tape: Whale Crashes on Boat [CBS]

I’ll bet Fred’s a fan of the “fake” moon landing theory as well.

O M G.

VOTE FOR ME AND IF I WIN I WILL IMMUNE YOU FROM ALL STATE CRIMES FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE! (Except violating a citizen rights this would be a special punishment )

Or, you can see a short video here.

Def green screen.

@karen marie: That is so complete in its lunacy it almost becomes poetry. I found See why dental is not in most plans a tooth aches hurt more than a back aches and no teeths depresses people particularly plangent. I have not seen the video. I’m not sure I’m quite strong enough as I’m having a heat pump installed. I don’t think it would be good for Catt, given his current state of – shall we say – mind? to watch the video. He’s imperious enough. But I shall forever be grateful for the linque. And I thank you.

“Harassing the whale”? Srsly?

@karen marie: BTW. Did you see that it has spawned? Jr seems to share the same strange obsession with traffic stops.

Since I seem to have taken it upon myself to brighten everyone’s day here is a recent post at TFLN; a site that is not afraid to bring us the real news.

when i came out to my mom, it was over brunch. i was eating a banana. not exactly my smartest breakfast choice.

@Benedick: Swerving all over the road is a human right!

@karen marie: The uniform needs epaulets, an insignia cord on one shoulder and a cross strap or two if he wants to be taken seriously. Dress parade gloves would help, too.

The still say the boat owner had it coming for having the Saint on his sail. It offended the whale’s aesthetics.

@mellbell: Under US law, its harrassment to approach within 100 yards, and to do anything at all which causes the animal to react.

@mellbell: Yes. Those two had been warned off before for getting too near whales.
Hope the whale is OK.

@Mistress Cynica: It had to get some nasty lacerations, but, the skin is think and the blubber layer underneath is thicker, so hopefully all is well.

@Prommie: @Mistress Cynica: Guess I’m just not understanding the mechanics of this. A whale isn’t exactly a stationary object. These people may have been in the wrong, but is it entirely unheard of for a whale to approach a boat?


Y’know what they both need? An endorsement by Oily Titz. They can form the “can’t write English worth a damn” PAC or something. :)

@mellbell: Having just seen a few pods of Orca whales on my recent vacay, I was appalled at how many boats hound them–they’re like paparazzi. But at least the professional whale watching tours, though numerous, know to follow the the marine mammal laws (no going directly in front or behind them or within 100 yards to their side, kill engines within 200 yards, etc.). It’s the stupid private boaters flagrantly ignoring the laws who are probably the biggest threat.

ADD: Again, I’m speaking from my extremely limited encounters over the course of a few days, so take this with a sizable grain of salt, but the whales (at least the pods I saw) were very predictable in their route and traveling almost single file over a mile’s length. I’m sure there are occasions for a surprise encounter, but for the most part it seems like you would have to be a moron not to know where they’re going and stay out of their way.

I was hoping the whale was taking down Carly Fiorina on one of her yachts. For more revenge of the cetaceans, I recommend the adventures of Orky in Carl Hiaasen’s Native Tounge.

@mellbell: You should read the sad tale of this whale, it took to following boats, it was lost and liked company:

There is a website for the whale, its name was Luna.

@karen marie:

Education: 13 3/4 years

From the looks of the website, I’d estimate that about 10 years of that was spent repeating the third grade.

@Benedick: Junior is a socialist. He’s all about free car insurance, socialized medicine and education.

Because “after all theses are our children.”

As for the traffic stop theme, I’m guessing he and/or pop keep getting pulled over for minor traffic violations and then get ticketed for failure to have insurance. They’ve probably taken a few of the tickets to court and heard the officer testify in cop-speak that it was a “routine traffic stop”. So now, they’ve got their panties in a bunch over it. Interestingly, though, they don’t want to do away with mandatory insurance laws, but require the state to provide it for free.

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