Daniel Schorr, 1916-2010

Journalism Legend Daniel Schorr Dies At 93 [NPR]

Man. I’ve been waiting for it, but I was hoping he’d keep holding on somehow. I always liked his commentary on NPR.

I already knew today sucked, I just didn’t know how badly. I’ll miss your Saturday AM commentary, Dan.

/more nooz/

If anyone needs to practice their “surprised face,” here’s your daily Cathoholic Church ghey secks scandal.

Three gay priests in Rome have been caught visiting gay nightspots and having casual sex in an undercover operation conducted via hidden cameras by a journalist from Italian magazine Panorama. The story, leaked by e-mail yesterday and states that video footage will be made available, is the latest in a series of sex scandals that have caused embarrassment for the Vatican and the Catholic Church, which forbids priests to have sex and considers homosexuality a sin.

Sounds hawtter than anything Sean Cody can come up with–can’t wait!

Off with the cassock and on with the cock ring!

@Walking Still: And George W. Bush still walks the earth.

@blogenfreude: And Rove and Darth Cheney. And, for that matter, an overflowing handful of dipshit mouth-frothing commentators.

I, too, knew this day was coming, but I am still so sad. His institutional knowledge and history was a gift to all who had ears to hear. I will miss him! I hope he tortures O’Rielly et al from beyond!

@Original Andrew: Oooooo!!!! Three gay priests in Rome have been caught visiting gay nightspots and having casual sex… Fancy gays going to nightspots and getting it on! I bet they drink cosmos they’re so fancy.

@Benedick: @Original Andrew:
i can’t wait for the video. aren’t you dying to know what they were wearing? are “sporty” turquoise belts and gingham shirts involved? or did they stick with brocade? this is what i want to know.

rest in peace Mr. Schorr and thank you.

In case you missed it elsewhere:

Me and Daniel Schorr used to go drink beer and shoot rats at the dump. “Partner, let’s get a six pack and go ventilate some fucking road signs. Ol’ Danny’s gotta cut loose, get me some Rebel Yell and some goddamn tacos and take a leak by the side of the road with the truck runnin’ with a beer in one hand and my . . well, you know . . . drinkin’ and drainin’ at the same time.”

Yup, Dan Schorr was hell of a man.

Loved him. What a great career. How many left who can say they were on Nixon’s list? Apart from Catt?

I just heard.


@Benedick: Heinz Alfred* Kissinger is still alive, and you can bet Dick never fully trusted him, what with the accent and the Tribe membership and all.

*His real name!

@Nabisco: But Dick was cool with the War Criminal part, of course.

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