Because 1.5 Percent of Americans is a Force to be Reckoned With

“Democrats are considering a plan to delay tax hikes on the wealthy for two years because the economic recovery is slow and they fear getting crushed in November’s election. It could mean a big reprieve for families earning $250,000 and above annually.” But Geithner kiboshes the sellout. [The Hill, WSJ]


See, this is why we need Chainsaw to run for public office. “Skullfuck the rich,” indeed.

@Capt Howdy: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! WHY? Apparently no one loves him or he wouldn’t be out of the house with that thing.

TJ/ Does anyone else here use the Stinque Search or Google and have all kinds of issues — like links leading to the wrong thread? I’m guessing it has something to do with the sidebar comments, but I’m finding it easier to just go back and click each thread in reverse chron order rather than using the search engines. User error?

I think I’m the only guy I know who likes Tim Geithner. The guy was put in the impossible position of helping the country avert an economic depression in 2009, pulled it off, and now at every congressional hearing he testifies before he bears the brunt of tooth gnashing, spittle spraying, shameless demagoguery from a gallery of assemebled crooks (of both parties) who enabled the very fiscal policies that created the financial disaster he was tasked with fixing. Every time he testifies it’s like watching Carrie being bathed in pig’s blood at the school prom (except Geithner doesn’t have the power to light the plcae on fire so he just sits there and takes it).

Yeah he may have been too timid with corporations, yeah he may have given the banks too much, yeah he may not have roasted corporate executives over a spit like we wanted. But the consequneces of a depression would have been utterly catastrophic for this nation and the world.

@Serolf Divad:

except Geithner doesn’t have the power to light the plcae on fire

too bad that

Unrelated: best description for Breitbart and his buddies at Faux News EVAR:

“the gang who can’t hate straight”


@Serolf Divad: He is a piece of fucking shit who claimed Fed had no authority to regulate the mortgage pipeline that was sprewing toxic waste to the tune of $3 billion a month from Lehman’s origination subsidiary alone. If there were justice, he’d have his arms torn off and be beaten to death with the wet ends.

@Serolf Divad: I agree with your first paragraph. He did an important job a helluva lot better than the Bush assclowns.

However, I fear the consequences of the problems created by your second paragraph. I even more fear that the Obama people are happy to keep him where he is precisely because he is Wall Street’s friend. He is perfectly situated to eviscerate the opportunities to bring some sanity back to finance from the financial reform bill.

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