May The Reality Distortion Field Be With You

While we’ve been preoccupied reading the Riverside Palin, basement-dwellers across America have been enjoying the saga of the iPhone 4’s antenna. (Short version: You lose bars if you hold it a certain way. You also lose bars if you hold every other cellphone a certain way.)

The best take so far appears to be from Taiwan’s Apple Daily (convenient nomenclature coincidence), best known for their Tiger Woods animations. We’ll let you have it raw, although we’ll be happy to annotate upon request.

Oh, and we’re quite happy with our own iPhone 4, thankyouverymuch. But since Steve wants to buy us a case for it, we’ll also be quite happy to take him up on it.


Mmmm, Darth Steve. It doesn’t exactly have the same ring. And to be fair, most phones aren’t so phenomenally stupid as to put their antennas out where people can physically grab and short-circuit them — they’re usually behind plastic. That’s what gets me about the iPhone 4 antenna debacle.

@IanJ: Definitely a PR debacle, jury’s still out on the tech side.

The one solid (more or less) stat from Steve’s presentation Friday: on AT&T, the iPhone 4 drops less than one more call per hundred than the 3GS. (Actual numbers not offered — could be 2 instead of 1, or 31 instead of 30.)

This certainly doesn’t help claims that the new antenna is incredibly better than before (although anecdotal evidence suggests it holds calls in trickier areas), but it also doesn’t support the claim that the 4 is a massive failure.

Me, I’ve got everyone trained never to call me, so the point is moot. I use my gadget for the data connection.

I can hold my Droid any way I want to …

Hey, did you guys see Inception yet? I demand that you all do so immediately.

I am dying to use my one-line comparison but cannot do so without spoiling it. HURRY!

@TC: Heading there right now, soon as Silent Creatve Partner gets in the damn car.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I have no idea what it is and will never see it, so you won’t be spoiling anything for me.

@TC: Stinque Remote Report #1: Movie tickets are fucking expensive these days.

@TC: Stinque Remote Report #2: The Keebler Elves are fucking perverts.


You should try LA. I dropped 15.00 a ticket to see it at the shitty Grove 14.

Apple Daily ALWAYS brings the good times.

@Lina: That avitar is pretty, you should try and keep it like that.

@TC: Stinque Remote Report #3: Tall beers for four bucks!

@nojo: Wait, they sell beer at the movies in USA?

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: A very satisfying mindfuck.

@Nabisco: No, but they sell beer after the movie.

@Nabisco: Go to the right theater and they do. Cinebarre north of Seattle has a full bar and full service while the movie plays (the waiters spend a lot of time ducking as they move between tables).

@IanJ: Wait, what, waiters?? I hope they use real yak butter, not the fake stuff.

I once smoked ciggies in a movie theater, but it was a cinder block building in a crossroads town in southern Ecuador, and we sat on folding chairs. Purple Rain, y’all!

Yes, this was some time ago…

@Nabisco: Haha! I was still in high school! But we got high in the theater, so, yeah. We were a bunch of punk kids.

@blogenfreude: Yeah. I’ve had penis envy too when I’ve needed to pee outside… :-P

@Nabisco: One of Chicago’s most beloved staples is the Brew and View, a double feature complete with a fully stocked bar. They put a lot of thought into the movie pairings too in order to make it as conducive to rowdy drinking and heckling as possible. The first time I went, the line-up was The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers. Good times.

I was a theater projectionist in high school and also as a college drop out back in the ancestral homeland. The projection booth had its own entrance in back of the building. My friends and HS girlfriend used to come by, hang out, drank some beer.

We always used to take beers to movies, just had to take care to open them at the right time and not kick the bottles over and hear them roll through the empty auditorium at the dollar movies.

@redmanlaw: Nothing like a raked floor for a never-ending rattle-rattle-rattle of shame. Particularly if you’re, you know, sitting way in back (and uphill) to avoid scrutiny.

@redmanlaw: Right, and if the movie bites big brown paper bags of emu shit, you can leave the cans half full to pitch at the screen on the way out.

@redmanlaw: @IanJ: My sister once dropped a full bottle straight through a bottomless cupholder in the back row. I felt bad for the cleaning crew, but not enough to keep from laughing.

@IanJ: As was the case for “Cyborg” with Jean Claude Van Damme. The rolling bottle of St. Pauli Girl was the high point of the movie.

@mellbell: Hilarious.

@FlyingChainSaw: Assholes were randomly launching half-full water bottles – 20 oz. and one and two liter jugs – into the crowd at the metal show on Saturday. Saw a dude take one in the back of the head like he was JFK. Dude. was. pissed. I was so wired up after the concert when we got home at 1 a.m. that I watched an episode of Biography featuring Buddy Ebsen when I was crankin’ on the G and Ts until 3 a.m.

/ back to drafting order granting preliminary injunction. Laters!

@redmanlaw: Wow. Nasty. If music sucked, you can always leave and wait in the parking lot to pound the fuck out of the band.

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