Stinque Congratulates California Republican Secretary of State Nominee Orly Taitz

On behalf of a nation of bloggers, thank you Flying Spag—

Hold on… What? Who?

Former NFL player Damon Dunn has won the Republican nomination for California secretary of state.

Dunn defeated Orange County lawyer Orly Taitz in Tuesday’s primary, and will face incumbent Democrat Debra Bowen in the general election in November.

Dunn is a self-described “recovering nonvoter” who hadn’t cast a ballot in an election until 2009. He had said his failure to vote would help him reach out to other nonvoters and inspire them to get involved.

Well, folks, this is what it’s come to: Any other year, we’d be creaming our jeans for a candidate like that.

Dunn to face Bowen for Calif secretary of state [AP/San Jose Mercury-News]

Can Orly run as an independent in this race?

Well, at least she’s got her sanity.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s more than I can say for the people who voted for her.

I want the democratic process to either pick us miserably hilarious incomprehensible nuts, or competent policy makers. When it goes the middle road and nominates these mildly amusing but not disastrous jokers, like Damon Dunn, everybody loses.

@mellbell: When you get very far inland of US 101, it’s pretty much Dumbfuckistan here. Like Trans-Cascadia in Oregon.

between Blanche and Oily I needed vodka by 10pm.

@Capt Howdy: I can’t wait to hear her conspiracy theory about how the GOP rigged the vote or used CIA technology to brainwash ‘helpless peepilz wanting truth and having brain scramble’.

@Capt Howdy: Showed my neighbors and their boys your game trailer. Expect preorders.

@Capt Howdy: I’m still working on the choker. Why not just a tiara?

@JNOV: Son of RML says he is different from his peers because we never got him a game system. Just about everyone else he knows is in love with the idea of killing people on screen, he says. It really sets him apart at his school but he values the difference. (I wonder how many of those other kids have actually fired a Glock, or a laser equipped snub nosed revolver, or various rifles and shotguns as he has.) On the other hand, 56 kids loved his post of his design for a Class of 2015 logo he posted on FB so he’s not a total outcast.

So the limits of GOP kraaayzee stop about a half block before we reach Orly’s house, then? I suppose I should be relieved. But in some ways it just feel sad… and empty.

@redmanlaw: All of Jr’s gaming systems are really my gaming systems. It all started with a Genesis and The Lion King. I miss playing the 64. Controllers started getting a little too elaborate for my sucky fine motor skills with the Game Cube and the PS2 (HATE the PS2). The 360 is pretty awesome, but I do love the good old days of the 64 and Diddy Kong Racing.

I don’t think Jr played a first-person shooter until junior high, and he still isn’t a big fan of them. Each school night until high school he had a choice: 1 hour of TV, computer or video games, and he could divide the hour between all three if he wanted.

I absolutely LOVE video games, and the graphics keep getting better and better and better. That’s one of the main draws for Captain Howdy’s game — it’s fucking beautiful.

I still need to beat Ninja Gaiden…

Oh, new guitar song to learn: STP’s Pretty Penny.


Have you played Mass Effect 2? Realy superlative Sci Fi title. I’m going in for a second playthrough…

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Thanks! Yepper, artsy and the mathy sciencey type. Poor kid.

@JNOV: Uuuuh…You realize that the PS2 controller has just as many buttons as the N64 controller, right? The PS2 controller just has an extra analog stick…
@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Yeah, people keep asking me what I want to study in college and the most specific answer I can come up with is “art.” In other news, my mother keeps showing people my artwork, then saying, “Go here, people are talking about you. Go there, people are talking about you. Go here, people are still talking about you.” :|

@JNOV: No, it’s not that. It’s just that, like… I get the notifications from Facebook telling me that people are commenting on the post you made, so you don’t need to tell me each time someone says something else, you know?
@JNOV: Why?

@Capt Howdy: Hell, I need vodka earlier than that, every day.

@JNOVjr: Dude. I asked you if you got email notifications. Your answer was something like, “mumblemumblemumble.” You don’t believe me when I tell you you’re great; maybe you’ll believe someone else?

@JNOVjr: I think it goes back to the 64 – PS1 war in ’94 ish? Or was that the Dreamcast – 64 war? I was very resistant to any kind of CD type of console. Cartridges FTW! I’ve gotten over that prejudice.

@JNOV: It was the PS1. The Dreamcast didn’t come out until a few years after the 64 did. Anyway, there were a lot of great games on the PS2. You remember earlier when you were asking about that game I was playing when I was sitting under the hair dryer? The first minute or so of this video should give you some idea of what the series is about. This is the one I was actually playing, though. The main difference between the two is that the one I was playing is a turn-based card battle game where you card…things for each action instead of actually running around and shooting stuff. It’s hard to explain. In the original games, you would just walk around and hide/shoot people/whatever. In Metal Gear Acid, you do all of that, but you have to build a deck and have the individual card for each weapon, item, etc. that you want to use.

@JNOVjr: Nice art work, Jr. And if I didn’t tell you already, and even if I did, congratulations on your admission to the great college! I remember when you were knee-high to Leland and pet my doggy at a Cinco de Mayo party…sniff! sniff! (You can now excuse me as the silly old lady friend of your mom).

i think i congratulated you too, but i want to again. you are a brilliant and talented young man and we all anticipate a great future for you.

please someone remember SEGA. sega was to nintendo what BETA was to VHS. i bought them for bakette, who had no interest. (bakette, put the damn book down already, you can read all night. come kill aliens with your mama!!!) SEGA’s Space Harriers was The Best! mind you, this was the first time we could kill awesome space monsters at the end of each level. anyone?
god i’m so-o old.

@baked: Totally remember Sega – they made the Genesis! Love!

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