Return of the Welfare Queen

Lazy state residents are contributing to the number of illegal immigrants in South Carolina, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer said during a Republican gubernatorial debate Friday, living off public aid rather than working.” [TheState]


You mean like ditching your actual job and hiking the Appalachian Trail?

I wonder if any of these tea partiers will see the irony of discussing those dirty Mexican invaders at at a Mexican restaurant.

Those lucky duckies, the poors. With their watermelon and fried chicken, and being afraid of ghosts and all.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:

Fabulous Fab wrote all that incriminating shit using his work e-mail? What. A fucking. Idiot. He may have connections and faincy degrees, but he ain’t got The Smarts.

/related/ A colleague of mine just went to work for Goldman two weeks ago. It’s quite odd: he’s so nice, and they’re so eeee-vil. Then again, it’s always the nice quiet ones.

@Original Andrew:

A feeling of smug entitlement leads one to do many, many foolish things; c.f. the dating career of any gorgeous gay dude.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I’d be pretty careful about ordering the menudo.

@Dodgerblue: “All of our co-meeda tonight has been prepared by what people or by Mexicans with papers, even them Mexicans from Gwatamala. Ain’t that right, Pay-dro?”

“Es verdad, Sr. Pinche Cabron.”

“Whas that , Pay-dro?”

“Et means you are my good friend.”

The sad part? This is actually an *improvement* for Lt. Gov. Bauer on the “saying fucktardedly racists shit” front. His last remark essentially compared the unemployed to wild animals…

And if anybody wonders why they haven’t impeached Mr. Appalachian Trail – well, Bauer would be governor then. God only *knows* what sorts of stupid shit he’d do.

@al2o3cr: It’s a wonder he finds time to say these asshole things, what with all the schlong-gobbling at highway rest stops on his schedule.

It never ceases to amaze me how these same people can tolerate the wasting of trillions of dollars and the death of hundreds of thousands of people in useless wars. Footballs made of 100,000 dollar bundles getting tossed around and “lost”. Corporate welfare that rips the heart out of the country. Yet the thing that gets their ire is that somewhere, somehow, a poor person is getting some free shit on their tab.

Until I got to the last part, I honestly thought he meant that because people were too lazy to do the jobs illegal immigrants are hired to do, they’re contributing to the problem. Like, as in rich people too lazy to mow their own lawns.

@RomeGirl: A Republican politican criticizing rich people? Hahahahahahaha! Girl, you’ve been hanging out with Euro-commies for far too long.

Did he mean “non-white” state residents are too lazy . . . ? Gotta cover all the bases.

A Hispanic woman district attorney, Susana Martinez, is running in the New Mexico GOP gubernatorial primary. She of course is in favor of the “I H8 Mexicans” law in Arizona, willfully ignoring the fact that she too could also be asked for papers once it goes into effect. If she had more money, she’d be the one to look out for on that side, although an oil company gave her $100k last week.

Most native New Mexican Hispanics whose families got here between 1540 and about 1848 (end of Mexican-American War, Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago) feel no kinship with the Mexican immigrants and some are actually in favor of the Arizona law. Martinez could exploit that feeling amongst traditionally Democratic native Hispanic voters in here in the northern part of the state (who would also ask “When did her family get here? Who are they?”). I guess they don’t hear the hatred oozing out of on the local talk radio or in the comments on newspaper websites toward all Hispanics, immigrant or not.

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