Let a Thousand Mashups Bloom

We imagine everyone else in the known blogosphere is doing the exact same thing.

George W. Bush memoir set for release on Nov. 9 [CSM]

That is Arthur Ashe’s favorite picture of him! He’s gonna be so tickled, you guys.

I have Jay-Z’s Black Album + the Beatles White Album (the Grey Album) and Jay-Z + Metallica’s Black Album (the Double Black Album).

This is not a man that anyone wants to remember. Too soon, W, too soon.

This one’s sure to cause a bookquake.

I’d pay $1 to see someone rip his arms off and beat him to death with the wet ends. This book, no.

By the way, worst name EVER for this book. It makes no sense, and makes the marketer in me cringe. It should have been called Legacy (RomeBoy’s idea).


Yeah, talk about dry. I’ve seen powerpoint presentations with more interesting titles.

@RomeGirl: How about “I Know That at Least 28 Percent of You are Rubes and Will Buy This Piece of Shit I Never Even Read, Let Alone Authored.”

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