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Leather Huaraches
White feet only
Men’s Dress Huaraches White feet only
Don Juan Huaraches White feet only

Natural Leather Huaraches
White feet only
Chubasco Guerrero Huaraches White feet only
Sanuk Huaraches White feet only
Jackboots Preferred by politicians

If John Carpenter is looking for another (bad) sequel to Escape From NY then why not do one called “Escape from Arizona”?

We need to blast Public Enemy’s “By The Time I Get To Arizona.” Also, TJ – “Decision Points” is the worst name EVER for a presidential memoir, and the jacket photo looks like the cover of a community college course catalog.

On the same note of racism, happy Confederate Memorial Day, everyone! The state guvmint here is out today (but not those of us in the Ivory Towers).

Actually, I think that by law and statute all Southwestern politicians are required to wear cowboy boots to prove they’re “authentic.”

@Serolf Divad: And bolo ties. Don’t forget the bolo tie.

@Serolf Divad: In rural counties here in Cal, local lawyers come to court in cowboy boots.

@Serolf Divad: I’m kinda shopping for some new boots, a basic leather Wellington with a Vibram sole, for summer wear. The Wellington-style western boots I have now are lined with Thinsulate and Gore-tex, which are awesome for the winter when I wear them 2-3 times a week but I can’t wear them past April.

Tip for buying western boots: I like the Vibram or other non-skid sole so that I don’t slip on the ice or snow. Also, a traditional smooth cowboy boot sole is an accident waiting to happen in the mountains. I once stepped in a water slick fallen aspen and slipped and fell. They are terrible for ankle support, but sometimes are just what you need.

I don’t wear bolo ties anymore, but I only wear regular ties about 4 or 5 times a year now anyway. My collection includes a scorpion in clear plastic that I got at the Gallup NM flea market for 50 cents.

The Know-Nothings were virulently anti-immigrant, too. And probably its no coincidence that it was the Papist immigrants they hated and feared.

Is there some connection between Catholic teachings on birth control and the fact that the leading export of the predominantly catholic countries seems to be people?

@redmanlaw: You should post a photo of the scorpion tie.


Heh – that reminded me; check this out. Public Enemy meets Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – was a mashup *years* before the word really entered common usage. Done by a (formerly) local group here in Columbus, The Evolution Control Committee.

All one has to do is rename fascism “patriotism,” and Real AmeriKKKans are all for it.

And how’re they gonna pay those goons to wander around shrieking that they wanna see people’s papers? Last I read, AZ’s budget was so FUBAR they were trying to sell their state capitol to the highest bidder (?).

And yielding true evidence that there is a huge hole in the space-time continuum, Tom Tancredo opposes the AZ legislation.


I though Tom loved stomping on illegals. Looks like the libtards got to him, too! Freedumz!

If only there were some historical parallel of police thugs screaming to see people’s papers that Arizona’s racist, nutcase oldsters could relate to.

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