This is how I like to see my tax dollars spent:

And hey – it’s only 3 light years tall … road trip!



I think NASA uses false colors to make photos like this seem more awesome to the public.

Note to Cynica: Sen. Lindsay Graham had a full-on Southern hissyfit over the Demos possibly working on an immigration bill without him, and is now holding up the climate bill he’s been working on with Kerry and Joe Lie.

@Dodgerblue: He’s just pissed because if they do an immigration bill first, then all the anti-immigrant teabaggers will start ranting again about him having teh ghey. Lindsay is such a fucking drama queen.
[ADD: Just got a bingo in our game!]

@SanFranLefty: Lindsay is such a fucking drama queen. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

@Benedick: It is when he shuts down the entire Senate because he doesn’t get his way.

@Dodgerblue: Lindsay needs to retire from the Senate and just hang out with his BFF Cindy McCain.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks, I couldn’t remember if he was in the closet or not. The Repubs have so many, it’s hard to keep them, er, straight.

A bingo, eh? My letters look like the name of that volcano in Iceland.

I have a 4 inch refractor, an 8 inch dobson-mount newtonian reflector, and a 4 inch maksutov-cassegrain. I love the stars.

The stars in this photo have four refraction spikes, that means the hubble has four supporting vanes for the secondary mirror.

Telescopes are like guns. They are beautiful, precision instruments, and I love what I see through them. I want to take them all to New Mexico for the big Stinque desert gathering.

@Dodgerblue: I can see hints of color through my telescopes, most nebula are greenish, some hints of pink, I would not be surprised if these are the real colors, just enhanced.

Food Pron TJ: Mr. SFL is making blackened sardines with garlic, onion, and tomatoes for dinner. Yum.

Oh, and those of you watching teevee on PDT, tune to 60 Minutes. Mr. SFL may appear in the background of photos or images on the story about the Bay Bridge.

@Promnight: You are awesome dude. Much better than car engine talk.

@SanFranLefty: We have cold asparagus soup, black beans with salsa fresca, and fennel tangerine olive mizuna salad on the menu tonight. Plus olive bread with truffle mushroom spread. Eat your heart out!

@Blogenfreude: That is an awesome picture. Reminds me of something, though…

@Pedonator: Ah, its all just to see the faint fuzzy amazing far-off things out there, to catch the light, the light waves-particles that are millions of years old when they reach the lenses and mirrors of these telescopes, its amazing, but just a hobby.

@Pedonator: We had Tofu Surprise. See prev thread.

@Promnight: OK now look. If RML adopts me can I come to you for the school vacations?

@SanFranLefty: For a long time now, I’ve been wondering how much a Z is worth in a Polish Scrabble game. Do you happen to know? Hey, maybe it’s a negative number.

@Pedonator: fleshlight, flashlight, whatever gets you through the night ….


I’m sure there’s a Polak joke in there somewhere, but it’s beyond my non-existent joke writing abilities.

Anyway, what’s curious is that, according to Wikipedia, the “Z” is worth 1 point when it is not accented, and is the highest valued letter, at 9 points, when it is accented “Ź.” It is also the only letter worth 9 points.

@Dodgerblue: It’s amazing how those guys can shout their sieg heils with dicks in their mouths.

@Serolf Divad: An accent on a Z? Why not an umlaut on a N?

@Serolf Divad: Many thanks for the Wikipedia link. Now, why didn’t I think of using a search engine, duh? Fascinating stuff – maybe these Scrabble statistics for the various languages will turn out to be a Rosetta Stone for linguists in the unimaginably distant future (always provided of course that something resembling H. sapiens [ha!] is then extant).

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