We Read Memeorandum for the Links

The site aggregator Memeorandum is the Blogger’s Friend, doing for commentary what Google does for news. And bless their hearts, they picked up on yesterday’s naughty Chicago Republicans post. Which, mirabile dictu, is still online, complete with plenty of lively responses from the gallery: “With this one photo, the part of No just became the party of Yes, Yes, Yes!”

The Female Century vs The Hetaerae Century & The John Edwards “Affair” [Chicago Republicans, NSFW]

The Poet Muses upon Breastsistes
By Tommmcatt

Bewbies are pretty, no matter the size,
And it doesn’t matter who owns the eyes,
That upon them do gawk, or who owns the prize
Pair of soft bewbies, that the eyes do apprise.

You can look at ’em small, you can look at ’em big,
And the shape of them there doesn’t matter a fig,
Those bewbies, they ‘ll see you dance out a happy man’s jig,
Those bewbies, we love ’em, straight out of our crib.

Conical, oblong, or shaped like a pear,
Glass smooth, or enlivened with soft downy hair,
Perky, or heavy, a burden to bear,
Gentle, sweet bewbies, so pleasant, so fair.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Why do I have the feeling that Prommie will want this carved on his tombstone? Epic–thanks for sharing your gift.

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