A Teabagger Fable

Bill Hemrick loaned Tea Party Nation fifty large to bring Sarah Palin to their Nashville convention. Nice Mr. Hemrick.

Bill Hemrick said he also wanted to play with TPN’s political action committee toys after the convention was done. Reasonable Mr. Hemrick.

Bill Hemrick said TPN founder Judson Phillips “backed out of the deal, and even barred Hemrick from attending Palin’s speech.” Angry Mr. Hemrick.

Bill Hemrick said Judson Phillips also wrote a nasty email saying Hemrick was not “reputable” or “trustworthy.” Very angry Mr. Hemrick.

Bill Hemrick is suing Judson Phillips for $500,000.

Happy lefty bloggers.

Tea Party Convention Backer Sues Organizer [TPM]

More suckas lining up to get ripped off:


“There is a moneybomb coming up for the SAM (“Second Amendment March” in D.C.) on April 7. We are trying to raise $50,000. I’m givin’ $25.

“Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCyCwJisC8Q


# RML Says:

March 31st, 2010 at 10:31 am

That $50K will buy a lot of fake lesbanians in bondage gear. The adult entertainment industry thanks you.

If RW dumbasses are just giving money away then where can we can in on this action? I’d like to make some money without doing any real work or exchange of goods/services as my plans to win lottery jackpots haven’t gone anywhere and I’m sure others would too.

Loaning a TEA Party leader $50,000 and getting upset because you never got your money back is like loaning a Republican congressman your under-aged boy’s penis and then getting upset because it somehow wound up in his mouth.


@mellbell: Boy, I haven’t seen much today on the mass shooting in D.C. last night.

@redmanlaw: Haven’t had time today to read any of the articles, but it’s very out of the ordinary, even for DC (female victims, multiple drive-bys, etc.).

Hey Nojo, thanks for the Rocky & Bullwinkle graphic. R&B are my profile pic in the Book of Faces.

Meanwhile, GOP Rep. Todd Tiahrt of Kansas, self-proclaimed deficit hawk, blames Obama for 22% payroll jump at his office.

@SanFranLefty: I am informed that is what gay women were called in Lubbock, Texas while Mrs RML was growing up there. It’s actually “lesbainian”.

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