Drill, Barry, Drill

Fulfilling his pledge to implement the 2008 Republican platform, Obama opens 167 million acres of ocean to offshore oil drilling. [NYT]


I hope that Exxon never ever names a tanker after Barry.

And after their beaches are destroyed, their sea life emperiled The Man can say “that what you wanted? How ’bout some more nuclear power, bitches?”

I discovered today that I’m getting about 450 MPG equivalent on my ride into work. Bicycle MPG calculator. It’s a pretty rough calculation, but an interesting statement on bicycle efficiency that could be easily extended to any lighter-weight trend in vehicles in general. It takes energy to move mass, and more energy to move it fast.

@IanJ: Now imagine if you were the size of a classic Grey alien, about three ft tall, maybe 60 lbs. You could really be zipping along with the same amount of energy expended.

I cant figure out what the strategy is. are they trying to attract some middle of the road voters in the fall and 2012?
are they just trying to piss off the base?
does he really think this is a good idea?

cant decide which of these reasons I like less.

@Capt Howdy:

He’s taking away the arguement of the other side. Their response to “Green Energy” has always been “Drill, Baby, Drill”. Opening up this territory appears bipartisan and has the added value of making his critics seem mendacious.

This is the strategy here, I believe.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Yeah, it’s just a continuation of his center-squatting, begun when he lurched to the middle after the primaries. People are acting Shocked!, but I recall campaign chatter to this end back in the day.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head:
I agree that it might not be all that crazy with the republicans in fuck-and-then-eat-their-own mode to try to attract some indies and even republicans who are repelled by what they are up to
@nojo: yes
anyone who is surprised by this was not paying attention.

Seems to me Obama is confounding the pigfuckers. he has proposed allowing the driling, basically, in Dixie, the land of cotton, where old times are not forgotten. He says he will let them drill in front of the beaches of only the reddest of red states, which probably has your Boehners and assorted confederate pigfuckers shitting themselves with rage, because they don’t want oil drilling off their coasts, they want it way off in Alaska, fuck the caribou and salmon and that shit.

Its kinda funny, the northern boundary that was proposed was the northern boundary of the State of Delaware, which marks a line sometimes called the Mason-Dixon line. he he he.

It seems it might be kinda reminiscent of Lincoln putting the union cemetary in General Lee’s front yard, right Mike?

My headline would be “Obama proposes allowing pigfuckers to pollute their own beaches.” You wanna drill, OK, fucker, I’ll let you drill, in Myrtle Beach, and Savannah, and Ocracoke, and Hatteras, and Cape Fear, and Hilton Head, go ahead, you wanna drill so bad, go for it, tough guy.”

@Prommie: My point, as well, Mr. Prom. “Don’t like cap and trade? How ’bout I put a cap in ya ass?”

I pity the fools.

of the zillion or so comments I have seen on this today this is the most insightful.

@Prommie: It’s brilliant, really. Can’t wait to hear the howls of my Republican cousins on Hilton Head and Sea Island when they have to remove tar from their feet after walking on the beach.

@Benedick: It’s a little belated, but thanks for recommending That Hamilton Woman all those months ago! There was so much to love, and the closing lines? Just wow.

This is a terrible idea, but Barry has basically always sucked on Energy. He defines “green energy” to include “clean” coal, corn-based ethanol, and nuclear.

Just another case of bad policy = good politics.

@Prommie: They’re getting it in Alaska, too, because the polar bears don’t have enough to worry about.

This is a foot in the door. It’s not like it’s going to stop or be limited to the pigfucker states. Anywhere there’s carbon to be dug up and burned, we’re gonna go after it, ultimately.

@mellbell: Isn’t it? I have kissed you in two centuries. Wow. The Kordas made srsly good movies. And a justly famous finish.

@redmanlaw: There is some thought that he’s doing this to grease the skids for the climate bill. Actual drilling would not occur for years.

@Dodgerblue: HuffPo says the federales agreed to do something about Boosh rules that let Western gas development sleaze by the NEPA process. All the hunting and fishing mags I get were totally against that shit because of the effects on habitat, even those who also advised readers to BUY GUNS because of the LIBERALS in the past couple of years.


@redmanlaw: Yeah, we sued the feds over that. Showing once again that hunters and fisherpeople are natural allies (pun!) of enviros.

@Dodgerblue: Oh, the hunter and the godless, tree-hugging, pagan, Commie Prius-driving urban liberal homosexual gun-grabber can be friends . . . Oh, the hunter and the godless, tree-hugging, pagan, Commie Prius-driving urban liberal homosexual gun-grabber can be friends . . .

@Dodgerblue: Allies with benefits?

@redmanlaw: I do try to grab my gun daily.

@redmanlaw: Gibson SG, the most badass guitar in the biz.

@redmanlaw: What, no love for the Subaru-driving tree-huggers?? Not all of us are powered by smug, thank you very much…

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