Fulfilling his pledge to implement the 2008 Republican platform, Obama opens 167 million acres of ocean to offshore oil drilling. [NYT]

Jim DeMint, July 17, 2009:

“Senators and Congressmen will come back in September afraid to vote against the American people,” DeMint predicted, adding that “this healthcare issue is D-Day for freedom in America.”

“If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,” he said.

Jim DeMint, this morning:

TERRY MORAN: So did you break him? And is that really how Americans want you to behave here in Washington, break the president?…

DEMINT: I did not want this to be the President’s Waterloo. But pushing through a massive government takeover of our healthcare system was certainly not a good idea.

Ummm, Jim? You won. Take it. It’s yours. “Waterloo” is second only to “Death Panels” as the defining meme of the healthcare debate. Stand proud.

Because your sudden reticence to twist the blade really confuses us. Unless you’ve heard something we haven’t. Are the Teabaggers not as powerful as y’all have been insisting? Has your private polling shown that fomenting treason isn’t such a good idea after all? Are you suddenly worried about the midterm elections?

Jim, Jim, Jim. You’re this close. Stop acting like a Democrat.

DeMint Lies: ‘I Did Not Want’ Health Care ‘To Be The President’s Waterloo’ [ThinkProgress]