The Best Political Assholes on Television

CNN hires RedState’s Erick Erickson. Keep him away from John King’s Amazing Screen of Wonder, or he may fondle Florida. [Washington Monthly]


@ManchuCandidate: Hey, you should take the opportunity while recovering to read Spin by Robert Charles Wilson. Wow!

if I need another reason to never ever watch cnn . . .

@redmanlaw: Were you the one who recommended Moon? Because damn, you were right.

I’ll look it up. Right now, my abdominal muscles are tightening up again so my guts physically ache (I feel like someone put an overtight Shatner girdle on me) so concentration is hard.

@nojo: And why didn’t Maaattt Daay-mon get a nomination for “The Informant”?


it might have been me. it think its one of the best films of last year.

did anyone see Julia and Julia? I am curious because I just saw Doubt. what a performance. if her performance in Julia is better than her performance in Doubt . . . .

@Capt Howdy: I thought Streep’s performance was about a step and a half short of Dan Ackroyd’s legendary portrayal, almost a fucking cartoon. Prom should see it cuz he likes cute redheads.

I also thought Moon was awesome and may have said so here.

@ManchuCandidate: Be strong there, pal. I felt like my skin was getting sanded off for a few days this weekend with a low grade fever and bronchitis. Spent yesterday in a stupor, back at the office today but not really cranking out the hours yet.

@Capt Howdy: Full agreement. Bowie’s kid done good. Very Silent Running, for those of us who go back that far.

Silent Creative Partner and I also like it because that’s exactly how we shoot video for his stage show — in camera, no greenscreen. (SCP plays multiple parts in his vids.) Of course, lacking a motion-control unit, we have to keep the camera locked down…

@nojo: Freddy Mercury . . . we’ll always miss him.

@redmanlaw: Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will you do the Fandango!

(Break for violent head-nodding.)

This is the same Erickson who recently called retired Supreme Court Justice David Souter a “goat fuking child molester,” referred to two sitting U.S. senators as “healthcare suicide bombers,” praised protesters for “tell[ing] Nancy Pelosi and the Congress to send Obama to a death panel” (he later backpedaled on that one), and described President Obama’s Nobel Prize as “an affirmative action quota.”

Not much crazier than the shit Pat Buchanan says … these people are why nothing substantive will ever get done.

I dont think I agree about Pat. he is old school. back when they used to say shit like that and then work together to get stuff done. if not him at least the people he used to work with. Ericson is new school. never give a inch.

in Doubt, a cartoon you start out hating and end up admiring.

@Capt Howdy: Buchanan constantly screams about how white people are becoming a minority … that’s one of their biggest fears. They hate women, gays, atheists, other races, anything different. They are damnably to be blamed.


fair enough. I still think Ericson is next gen though.


Ah, sucks. But stick to it, eventually you will feel better. Cramping is the worst though.

@Capt Howdy: Next gen, of course, but the bigotry at his core is the same. And who can forget this gem?

Erickson calls Michelle Obama a “marxist harpy wife.” In a blog post headlined, “Is Obama Shagging Hookers Behind the Media’s Back?” Erickson stated, “I assume not. I assume that Obama’s marxist harpy wife would go Lorena Bobbit on him should he even think about it, but I ask the question to make one simple point: Barack Obama, like Elliott Spitzer, is a creation of the liberal media and, as a result, could be a serial killing transvestite and the media would turn a blind eye.”

Oh, hai, guys — here in Phoenix, we have some actual DEVELOPING HARD news: Mittens is going to do a book signing at the Borders at the Biltmore Mall Thingy (it has a cutesy name, I forget what it is), over on 2400 E. Camelback.

I would go over and jeer, but I am ON VACATION. My enjoyment overcomes my vitriol. Sorry.

@chicago bureau: C’mon, where’s your sense of fun? You and JamieSommers should be liveblogging that shit!

ADD: Is “Camelback” the only street in Phoenix? I feel like it’s the PHX equivalent of Peachtree St. in ATL.

Phoenix is one giant suburb. It’s LA without the personality.

BTW — SFO 0:1 OAK after 4 innings of unofficial spring-training Sport. Starting pitchers already out.

@chicago bureau: The Santa Fe Opera fielded a team this year?

@chicago bureau: Mr. SFL is an A’s fan, so he’ll be pleased.

@redmanlaw: @nojo: Never a fan of either Queen or Freddie. That particular song is a part of the soundtrack of my youth, sure, but it only really took on relevancy when it was used as a comedic device in WW.

@chicago bureau: I love spring training, because there is still a chance the Pirates will stay above .500 at least until JuneMay April.

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