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Andrew Breitbart, 3 weeks ago:

[ Media Matters Flash video not available. ]

LGM, today:

Remember how, exactly three weeks ago today, Andrew Breitbart claimed that he would “take down the institutional left within three weeks”?  I wonder how that’s going.  Before I left for the office this morning, I could still suffer through three hours of Morning Joe, and when I checked the website a few seconds ago, I could still reach Rachel Maddow’s blog.  (Nor are any of his blogs trumpeting his victory.)  How long do we have to wait before we can hire a tweeting-retracting mountain camel to start demanding a correction from him?

He’s like Giuliani – a small, angry man in search of a balcony (to paraphrase Jimmy Breslin)

Andrew Breitbart Has 12 Hours to Prove He’s Not a Liar [Lawyers, Guns & Money]

I wouldnt exactly call Morning Hoe part of the institutional left.

more like the should be institutionalized right. just MO.

I bet he HAS got something on us. Maybe Obama is appointing Michelle Malkin head of the INS and Breitbart has the memo.

@Capt Howdy: Was wondering about that Morning Schmoe reference meself … he is an epic ignoramus.

What is this “left” he speaketh of?

Dennis Kucinich?

What a maroon (Bitpart not the Kuch)

Not so much on topic, but just now I saw a FreedomWorks google ad on Kos, asking me to sign a petition against the awfulness of reconciliation. So I clicked the ad and filled out the petition. Now freedom works has to pay Kos for the clickthrough plus they have to suffer my childish abuse in the various fields of the petition form. I know, it isn’t going to bring down the institutional right, but I did it anyway.
Well, it was moderately douchey, so maybe it is on topic.

Pseudo-mystic friend of mine from high school posted a link the for the Alex Jones move “The Obama Deception” on el FB. I found a conservative writer who said TOD was a stupid piece of shit and stuck that in my comment. To be fair, I got to read about the suppressed role of giants and fallen angels via her link (provided for entertainment purposes only):

“The nephilims are the fallen angels. They had blond hair and were giants. Moses himself mentioned the Nephilims in Genesis so now we are turning to the Book of Enoch which reappeared in the 1770s and was originally winding up in Ethopia 300 BC . . . ”

Mean? I guess.

@Capt Howdy: Gotta love this comment:

“but there are gods. I. am annunaki. my name is Avaddon. i am over 10 feet tall in my soul formation. my physical body is not as large it will do. i will answer questions. but do not pose any of your xian bull crap. those are lies posed by angels.”

Hey, baby, wanna see my celestial giant?

you tube comments are always the best. usually you can countdown from the first comment on your fingers until there is a racist sexist or homophobic comment

I like this one:

FlamingoKicker I’ve always wondered why God would need “angels” at all? He is God after all. Isn’t he everywhere and everything that exists? so why would he need servants in Heaven? for what purpose? Filing paperwork?

Its Pat!

Briton is recognised as world’s first officially genderless person
A British expat who claims to have no gender is thought to have become the first person to be officially recognised as neither male or female.



Dude, you’ve been around long enough to know that there is no such thing as “on-topic” here. I once got wasted at a straight strip club and posted running commentary (don’t ask). So you are well within the bounds, if something that knows no bounds can be said to have bounds thereby.

Also, thanks for the idea. I am off to fuck with freedomworks!

@Capt Howdy:

Wow, it looks like that dude from Project Runway without the suit.


Yeah, the Alex Jones rabbit hole is pretty deep – one minute, you’re reading about a marginally crazy thing like 9/11 demolition, and the next minute David Icke is telling you that George Bush is a reptile in disguise, or that the world is going to end next Tuesday (for those just joining us, linky has been predicting the Rapture for “next month” since fall 2008).

The teabaggers may be loud, but they’ve by no means got the lock on crazee. :)

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