We’re Gonna Need a Smaller Boat

Today’s DC Tea Party box score: 300 (sez Dems), 2,000 (sez flack). You keep going to the well, the well runs dry. [Politico]


300 – 2000 its an understandable mistake.

2,000 out of a nation of 300 million+? Sounds like an overwhelming majority by conservatard math.

Since our nation now gleefully embraces extra-judicial executions, can’t we at least use the po-leese state for some good?


All I really want out of life is a Brooks Brothers suit and a custom made shirt with french cuffs. Everything else I ever wanted I have.

ADD: Except for rational good government and a sane electorate.

ADD: And whatever cool video game they are putting out next.

ADD: Oh, and good bishonen porn, because Mr. Catt won’t let me have it.

ADD: And decent, humane health care for all.

ADD: Oh, fuck it, let’s face it, I hardly have anything I want. I’d be cool to have a Brooks Brothers suit though, and a custom-made shirt with french cuffs.

I’m waiting for the FreedomWorks count – probably around 200 billion. :)

I’ve been at O’Hare airport since 5 PM, waiting for a 8:30 flight to PDX. Flight is now scheduled to depart at 11:56 PM, arriving at 2:09 AM. Then it’s an hour drive home. Poor Mr Cyn has to work tomorrow after coming to meet me. AND, because I wasn’t having enough fun, I left my rolling bag at the gate on the first of 3 gate changes. By the time I realized it and got back there–4 minutes, max–it was gone. I’ve stood in United “customer service ” (ha!) line twice for a total of 45 minutes, and walked all over the terminal with a very nice police officer. At least I have my laptop, though the power cord, two sweaters I really liked, my fave black skirt, and some expensive toiletries are long gone. Not to mention the bag itself, which was brand new and perfect. Letting go of attachments to possessions.
Other than that, great trip to Chicago. Stinquers here rock!! But NEVER under any circumstances fly United, esp from O’Hare.

This was definitely 2,000 peeps but they support health care reform, so it doesn’t count.

@Mistress Cynica: Lawd, child, let Mr Cyn sleep and reschedule for a morning flight and come stay with me tonight! I have bunnies, a couch, and extra PJs (all my toiletries are dirt cheap though)…oh and I have alcohol too.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant FloatingHead: My older brother once gave me a few custom tailored shirts that he had made for himself when he lived in Hong Kong. He is similar in build, not as tall, and still, god they fit good. Call me Second Hand Rose.

Oooh — turns out, there weren’t even 200 teabaggers littering the sidewalks in our nation’s capital.


I’ve never had one, but I always imagined custom-tailored suits would get you crazy tail.

And now it is too late to find out.

@flippin eck: I thought about that, but the earliest flight they have wouldn’t get me there until after he has to be at work.
As for alcohol–I don’t want to see that for awhile. At least until this weekend. Did I do a shot? I don’t remember that. We were, literally, overserved.

@Mistress Cynica: Okay, you’re welcome to cash in that invite whenever. And you wisely passed on the shot last night–ever the lady!

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: When I was young, I was kinda good-looking, but so socially backward, no idea how to even speak to a woman, as much as I worshipped them. And the more I idealized the romantic love I could not find, the more hopeless I was, as any woman who got close to me, I surrounded her with so many hopes and dreams and needs, and they ran screaming from my blazing incandescent need.

And I will never know what its like to be single, and have skills, have a clue, and its a mildly annoying recurring thought.

@Mistress Cynica: That’s like when Son of RML got his snowboard stolen. Ten minutes or less in the day lodge and it was gone from the racks. We carry and use cable locks for our gear now. Goddam power cords for a Dell run $60-100, and I guess the price for a Mac cord will also be annoyingly high.

@Mistress Cynica: Why are you on United? United blows big chunks of donkey snot. Yeah they make you play games on Southwest but they get you there.
And that so sucks re the bag. Well I guess the upside of HF getting so drunk that he forgot to give you the First Lady of Fabulousness bag is that it wasn’t in said suitcase.

ADD: Speaking of teabaggers, this article on Tenther teabaggers made me hit my head on the desk. Please, Wyoming and Utah, rip up the interstate highways, the dams that give you water, the tax write-offs for breeding like rats, and the other subsidies given to red states by the federal guvmint and the Sodomites in San Francisco.

WTF is wrong with people? Why is he mugging for the camera in his booking photo?


ADD: To quote Original Andrew, “DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!”
/off to bed with an Ambien

ignore previous comment, didn’t copy the thing i wanted.

barry at the bat is on my FB page…very cute.
how does one take a FB post and send from FB to stinque?

@baked: I don’t know that cute is the word I would use to describe it. It’s just kind of pathetic, particularly the delusion that Sarah Palin has any role in the health care debate.

@SanFranLefty: I know, I know. Problem was SW didn’t have a flight I could count on catching after the auction. Believe me, lesson learned. At least I had PLENTY of time to make my flight–finally got home in bed at 3:30 AM.


i’m easily amused. i thought the concept was original, not cute, maybe.
or that it’s a take off on CASEY had me enchanted. i wouldn’t call it pathetic, but silly. you would hate wanda.

@baked: I don’t, though! Wanda is clever. (Not in my top ten, not even top ten of comedies, but that is neither here nor there.) Meanwhile, “Obama at the Bat” is an entirely lame and ham-fisted attempt at satire.

@mellbell: Basically, it’s a sad mashup of Rushisms (“I want Obama to fail”), McCainisms (“Obama is a celebrity”), and Palinisms (“Everything can be explained with a sports metaphor”). Also, whoever made it is apparently irony-deficient, because the whole point of “Casey at the Bat” is that the crowd in Mudville wanted him to succeed (the same way that the American people want Congress to pass health care reform, despite what Rasmussen and Fox News say), and weren’t just stroking his ego.

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