Play the Stinque Bracket!

So our first thought for a poll this week was tying “March Madness” to Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck, but hey, we already did the Wingnut Bracket last year. Apparently we also did a real pool, because Mellbell has kindly set up the Second Annual Stinque Bracket for your casual-wagering pleasure.

Being omniscient, we already know the results. But being wise, we’re not telling you.


Um, can you have a score of 87 in basketball? Or is it in even numbers always?

Just askin’, you know. Curious mind and all that.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Yes, you can have odd-number scores because of 3-point shots and one-point free throws.

Whether the score gets up to 87 on either side depends upon whether the game is more defense-oriented and/or whether the team has lousy shots.

Other rules of basketball

Ok, I’m In. I have shamelessly ripped SF Lefty’s “greatest bracket name evah”, since she has apparently forgotten about it.

Using her name and Barry’s picks, I will have my vengeance for last year’s humiliation.

Oh sweet sweet revenge.

@Barrington Chadsworth IV: Bastard!

/I had forgotten. We’ll see about THAT!

WTF, why am I not able to select the radio button to join the board? Chicken, are we?

/humbly slinks away, befuddled by yahoo!’s inner workings/

@Nabisco: It’s past the deadline by now (first game tipped off at 12:20, I believe), but there’s always the second chance bracket (starts after the first round).

OK. out of 12 entries…

8 have KS-KY as the championship game (same as black eagle)
8 have KS as champ (same as black eagle)

Leftists are such sheeple.

Remaining stinquer picks

2 KY
1 Syracuse
1 WV

@Barrington Chadsworth IV: I’ll cop to watching the Barack-etology clip on ESPN, but not until after I’d made my picks.

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