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Just another day in the Eternal City…

An underground Second World War unexploded bomb was extracted and defused on Sunday after the evacuation of 4,000 people on the outskirts of Rome.

The bomb, of U.S. production and weighing 250 kilograms, was found near the Tiburtina train station during the excavations for the construction of the European high-speed railway set to connect Italy to the rest of Europe.

So here’s what caught our attention: Long-forgotten generations-old dangerous waste is still causing serious problems. Yet the waste we’ve produced since then — with plans to produce even more — isn’t measured in half-centuries, but half-lives.

WWII underground bomb defused in Rome, 4,000 people evacuated [Xinhua, via Miss Expatria]

maybe we need a 50s style documentary.

“It Came From Yucca Mountain!”

Yes, but have you been to Northern Nevada? Much better place than where it’s currently stored (adjacent to nuke power plants).

@RomeGirl: Where the Eff have you been, my favorite expat?

Did someone get the license plate number of that truck that hit me? I only saw the letters C-Y-N-I-C-A and a bumper sticker that said “Southern Ladies Do It With Butter”…

@homofascist: On a school night, no less! Did everyone wake up with their credit cards, driver’s licenses, underwear?

@IanJ: If not their own, then anyone’s.

The Chicago Crew sure knows how to entertain. I woke up the morning after my night out with them and (a) didn’t know where I was for 30 seconds, (b) worried that I had lost my wallet and phone because I couldn’t find either for 30 minutes, (c) couldn’t remember how I got home for the next hour. Now *that’s* having a good time!

@SanFranLefty: Hi doll. I’ve really missed all you guyses. Had a winter of my extreme discontent, followed by self-imposed kidnapping back to Rome. Am with my gaymafia and getting my sanity back due to lots of fresh mozzarella sandwiches and wine and gay, gay fabulousness. I’ve been lurrrrrking though, here and there. Really want to get back to writing on here, especially with the coup-by-decree that’s happening over here. It’s insane.

@SanFranLefty: I believe all crucial documents and undergarments are accounted for, but I definitely have some wooziness happening today and wouldn’t be surprised if the same goes for Cynica and HF. And the super-cute bartender we spent the evening all drooling over was a bit too young to claim/relenquish said undergarments, though he did comp us several drinks and a shot.

@SanFranLefty: I didn’t seem to lose anything but a little bit of dignity. Although the bartender was so young and yummy (and straight) that shameless flirting was required. All for Flippin’s benefit, of COURSE!

@flippin eck: Oh no, I forgot about the shot. That explains the dizzies.

@RomeGirl: Darling! We love you and have missed you and I hope we can get together in the not-too-distant future to wash away that discontent…

@homofascist and flippin eck: Wait, was this the same cute young bartender we flirted with when we were at the bar across the street from the sushi place? He was HAWT. And looked no older than 19.

@SanFranLefty: Different. This one looked a little more like he was in a band. Gorgeous arms (with tattoos!) and a delightfully energetic 23 years old.

@homofascist: Maybe that’s why I felt compelled to do a few shots of the high test cough syrup before bed last night. Stinque was gettin’ the drank on.

@redmanlaw: Oh, it was definitely a “my sion, you will dire” night last night–glad you picked up on the vibe!

@RomeGirl: Good to hear from you again and sorry about your discontent…but really, nothing the gheymafia and Rome can’t cure, right?

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: They basically missed the deadline for filing for the election, and then backtracked it by passing laws that make that not be an obstacle. Also, Berlusca’s trying to quash photos of him swinging from the trees with chippies by passing new privacy laws. It’s ugly.

@nojo: Hahaha, that you did.

@homofascist: Awwww. Love.

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