Appeals Court to Orly: Pay Up, Bitch

“We have fully considered Taitz’s arguments. We find them unpersuasive and therefore affirm the district court’s sanctions judgment.” That’ll be $20,000, please. [Washington Independent]


Five cents, please. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES. [/lucy]

STINQUER TRAVEL ALERT: Chicago Bureau to Jamie Sommers –> I’m in Phoenix starting Tuesday, ending Sunday. Spring training, among other things. You around?

Back on topic — it was a per curiam order. None of the three judges wanted to sign their name to a published opinion. SOUNDS LIKE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!!!1!

What did she think was gonna happen when she closed with “If you and your family would like to enjoy luck, money and good fortune now and forever more, forward this brief to as many friends as possible.”

Clearly this will have to go all the way to Interplanetary Intergalactic Space Court.

I can’t wait until Orly is assaulted in a supermax by a huge lesbian neonazi with a swastika tattooed on her face.

Don’t most courts charge interest on fines? Or do they only impost interest on attorneys’ fees payments?

@chicago bureau: They don’t want to be stalked.

all the states i know of do. everyone gets a piece of the vig.

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