Maru Has a New Gig

The girlfriend writes from Osaka to tell me about a new advert she saw:

Don’t ask me what’s on offer – I don’t know. Damn cat probably outearns me ….


I dunno, you could probably do that.

Call up the Coca-Cola company and see how much they’ll give you for a film of you sliding nude into one of their 6-pack cartons…

Hell, I’d give you 15 bucks.

UQ is a wireless ISP in major Japanese cities…….
40 Mbps downlink. $40/month. Argh.

@metasonix: Thanks for the answer … I know Japan and South Korea have wildly faster intertubes than we do, and I hear about it for weeks when she gets home.

True, but similar data networks are coming soon to NA, but not as cheap.

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