Everything Rick Santelli Knows is Wrong

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We wouldn’t normally take the trouble to note a CNBC shouting match, but we particularly enjoyed this exchange:

Liesman: Rick, you’ve lost enough people enough money by now.

Santelli: Why don’t we put that to a referendum? Let’s put it on our website right now. Who lost you more money, Steve Liesman or Rick Santelli. Put your money where your mouth is.

Liesman: Rick, you argued interest rates would be higher, you argued for the crash of the dollar, Rick. Rick, you had everything wrong, Rick. There wasn’t a single thing you had right.

It was Rick Santelli, you may recall, who originally inspired the Teabaggers. Over — no, not AIG, not the stimulus, not even Obama — the federal mortgage bailout.

CNBC’s Liesman to CNBC’s Santelli: “You Were Wrong About Everything” [Media Matters]

Rick, you are the living incarnation of the word smegma.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: My college roomie wanted to start a frat called Smegma Anus Canine.

I love how the anchor babe is saying “all right, All Right, ALL RIGHT” in that I’ll-pull-this-car-over-if-you-don’t-shut-up-just-see-if-I-don’t voice

“Pull the tape!”

Uh oh. Be careful, gentlement. That’s Jon Stewart’s own Batsignal.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: “Roll 212”.

Don’t know why, but it’s always 212.

The expression on her face is the freeze frame says it all: oh, please, dear god, give me the opportunity to take a nasty shit on this asshole’s face.

@nojo: One can visualize what would be depicted on the frat rings.

This is a beautiful thing.

BTW, where’s the money honey and Jimmy “Buy Bear Sterns!” Cramer? Seems they are a lot quiet since the whole debacle blew up and when Jon Stewart ate Cramer’s liver live on national TV.

Rick Santelli is a partisan douchebag and nothing he says should be taken seriously by anyone. He’s a part and parcel with the imbeciles who brought on the financial collapse by playing cheerleader for the Bush administration’s disastrous financial and regulatory policies, and he’ll be among the first to start pushing revisionist financial history once the current administration digs us out of this economic mess. Hell, you can already hear his type bloviating: “Actually, I think the economy got better despite TARP and the stimulus. It was the inherent entrepreneurial dynamism of our capitalist system that pulled us out of the recession, not the misguided efforts of our government.”

They’re setting us up for the next bubble so they can reap the rewards of both the bubble and the bailout.

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