President Obama Signs Historic Healthcare Reform Bill Into Law; House, Senate Begin Work On Minor Revisions

Huh? What? Damn. We know better than to doze off while reading Hollywood news.

Senate GOP: Parliamentarian Says Health Bill Must Become Law Before Fix [Plum Line]

A new ‘Wizard of Oz’ could make its way down the Hollywood road [LAT]


it used to be easier to tell the good witches from the bad ones.
i’ve only been waiting for some forward motion on this since 1994.
YAWN. i finally became an israeli citizen for my inevitable psychotic break and cardiac bypass–free! why has israel accomplished caring for its sick citizenry from word go 60 years ago? it certainly didn’t interfere with it’s military budget.
usamerican motto: we’re fucking retarded, but we’ll get there!
got HOPEtm ??

Those shoes are more Sen. Vitter’s style.


i heard larry “i’m not gay” craig has them in yellow.

@baked: In sequins, naturally. Yellow patent leather would be too klassy.

its been fun hanging out with the PUMAs over at talk left as they breathlessly report every tiny setback as the end of the legislation.

this is theater. if they didnt know it would pass we would not be where we are.

@SanFranLefty: Hey SFL, I see where your Mayor McDreamy is announcing for Lt Gov to run against LA City Councilperson Janice “should have been Mayor instead of her dope of a brother” Hahn. I hope she crushes him.

@Dodgerblue: Yeah but if he wins then he is done running my City into the ground and we get a new mayor a year early.
Lite Guv – A purely ceremonial post with no responsibilities. Perfect for him. He already said he likes the position because he wouldn’t have to move to Excremento.

@Capt Howdy: I’m keying off somebody else’s observation that if the House passed the Senate bill, the news would immediately shift from process to actual details: Here’s what it really does.

This whole reconciliation/nuke option crap would then become a footnote, even providing political cover for fixing things like the Nebraska giveaway. (“We need to pass these amendments now to correct the handful of mistakes before the law is implemented.”)

Instead, the Demrats are treating us to still more sausages. All Repugs need is the merest hint of uncertainty to drive another news cycle.

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