I’m Not Skating to Anything with References to Lady Humps

Johnny Weir excluded from Stars on Ice Tour because he’s “not family friendly”. Stars on Ice Tour excluded from our family because it’s too fucking gay. Except for Mom. [GLAAD, via ThinkProgress]


I’ll say it again – is it seriously possible to be “too gay” to be a male figure skater? Wouldn’t that be like having a football player who runs “too fast”?

I dont think its that he is too gay. god knows that would be impossible. I think its that he doesnt know his place. hes rowdy.

its always been a problem of mine too.
many people dont have a problem with gay people as long as the are quiet and docile and non threatening.

hes not. Im not.
its a beautiful thing.

I’ve said it before, but this second-class citizen thing gets old.

And right on cue, the Smucker’s Stars on Ice Tour invades with a banner ad. May 22 at the Sandy Eggo Sports Arena!

@nojo: I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to Bridgeport …

@Capt Howdy: That is so right. Get back in the closet so we don’t have to see you and we’ll pretend you aren’t there.

We confuse masculinity with Chuck Norris.

This was just another routine female teacher/ male student sex story until you read about the police officer husband.

anything “on ice!!!” should always be avoided.
except for brian boitano.

@Benedick von Trapp:
are you quoting from DADT?

“Get back in the closet so we don’t have to see you and we’ll pretend you aren’t there” (and we’ll know where to find you for sexytime)

and where are you now? is OH with you? how’s the weiner shnitzel?

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