Always Low Standards

[People of Walmart, via RML]

Until you’re turned into Shark Fin soup by an Asian chef.

some people just LOOK like they need the shit kicked out of them.

@Capt Howdy: You know, his is the kind of face that invites softball bats.

He’s in the feminine hygiene aisle, right?

I’ve always wondered, “What sort of complete douchenozzle poses for a photo at Wal-Mart?” (most of the People of Walmart shots aren’t posed)

Now I know – *this* kind. :)

Don’t read the comments. Why did I read the comments?

@Mistress Cynica:

Suicide bombers looking for inspiration couldn’t do worse than reading the comments on the Seattle Times’ website.

Speaking of racist bigots, school suspends three white L.A. school teachers who added O.J. Simpson, RuPaul, and Dennis Rodman to a list of heroes for Black History Month and forced their students at a South Central elementary school to carry pictures of the three controversial figures in the school’s parade.

Iit makes him more of a douchebag, that he made sure he has that deniability, that excuse, “no, its about white SHARKS.” This is what makes it necessary to say to him, “be honest, say you are a racist coward” before you hit him with the bat. Or maybe after, when he might be more compliant.

That goes for all people who flaunt the stars and bars, and claim its “heritage, not racism.”

Sharks, like fundies and teabaggers, evolve slowly if ever.

@Mistress Cynica: Nothing’s wrong with RuPaul, IMO, nor is there really anything wrong with Dennis Rodman besides him fucking over the San Antonio Spurs in playoffs against the Houston Rockets in 1995 with his tantrums, but I suspect it was because they did it to belittle and mock Black History Month and the parade.

@Dodgerblue: Not all of the blacks of South Central have moved to Lancaster. There are still some there, though sadly there is a race war between the black and Latino gangs over who is going to control it.

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