Day Fifteen — Showdown

Well, we’re down to the last weekend — at last.  We are done with the figure skating.  (Admittedly, last night’s show was pretty damned good.  But still: NO MORE FIGURE SKATING.)

A quick check of the medal count shows USA-USA-USA with 8/12/12 for 32 total, for the lead.  Zee Germans are a very efficient second with 8/11/7 for 26, followed by Norway (7/6/6 — 19), Canada City (8/6/3 — 17), and the Fightin’ Putins (3/4/6 — 13).  Looks like U.S. Americans are a pretty safe bet for grabbing the overall W.

But Canada’s got a solid shot at taking the most gold medals.  They’ve got two shots at curling gold (including tomorrow afternoon for the ladies — 1800 ET on CNBC), and of course men’s hockey — following on from a comprehensive victory for the wimmin last night.

Speaking of the fellas — tomorrow’s semifinal between USA and Finland is a legit reason to bust out of work for a few hours (1500 ET on the Mothership — live, coast-to-coast, in a stunning act of sanity).  Canada and Slovakia go later (2100 ET on CNBC, after curling).

Elsewhere, one last go-around for Lindsey Vonn (goodbye Shin of Destiny, hello Fickle Finger of OW OW OW) and Apolo Ohno in these games, and perhaps ever.  And the big fellas of four-man bobsled get their first runs in tomorrow, with the final on Saturday.

(Private to Manchu — stay strong, brother.)


Well, technically there is more figure skating (the “Exhibition Gala” tomorrow), just none that counts.

Also, no hockey spoilers for people who, astonishingly enough (and this is directed at NBC, not you, CB!), just can’t drop what they’re doing at three in the afternoon to run to a TV.

i watched the little girls ladie’s free program last night. gorgeous to watch, except USA USA USA got robbed or the well deserved bronze, because they had to give a metal to the canadian with the recently dead mother.
hey, i lost 3 old dogs in the last year, who i loved more than my mother. no one is giving me a metal for carrying on business as usual. and she reminded me of celine, except oafy.
we were fucking ROBBED. agree?

att: spelling and grammer nazi’s: i am truly deeply sorry.

T/J I think that now bloggie and I can claim the most dismally corrupt state govt. They can’t even manage incompetence competently. Paterson will not seek election on account of stuff and shit and the hush-ups of aides and such as.

ADD. It’s horrible. Domestic violence and bullying. Ugh.

@Benedick: I have to hand it to you guys in NY, I thought no one could top California for sheer government incompetence. But you won gold, fair and square.

@Dodgerblue: I think we have redefined incompetence.

@Benedick: OT: Your humble correspondent has the first quote in this NYT story today.

@Dodgerblue: Congrats, you “front group for the Teamsters,” you!

@baked: I thought both American skaters And the Canadian were better than the Japanese woman who got silver.

@Dodger: Kick Ass!!!

@SanFranLefty: Aloha! What’s the daily mai tai report?

@dodger: have yet to have a Mai tai. Mr SFL and I both got a wicked sunburn on our backs while snorkeling. Saw an Obama hula guy bobblehead at the ABC store that I’m going to have to buy for my car dashboard.

@Dodgerblue: A guy I rode the lift with yesterday told me about this story and the coalition. Good work, bud.

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