Joe Lieberman Undermines Our Caricature

Just when you thought you’ve had enough of the Connecticut asshole, he comes back with yet another asinine — wait, what?

In an exclusive interview with the Daily News, Lieberman told me that his commitment to repealing DADT is twofold. First, allowing gays to serve openly fulfills the bedrock American promise of providing citizens with “an equal opportunity to do whatever job their talents and sense of purpose and motivations lead them to want to do — including military service.” Second, and no less important for a lawmaker whose commitment to national security the Pentagon can’t doubt, is that “When you artificially limit the pool of people who can enlist then you are diminishing military effectiveness.”

Well, dayum. We’re not taking back Joe’s two Golden Anal Pears for Asshole of the Year, but this certainly complicates his threepeat.

On ‘ask,’ Lieberman answers the call: An exclusive chat about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell [NY Daily News]

Give Joe time – his ultimate Anal-Pear-worthy quality is that he can change from a normal person into a megadouchebag at the drop of a hat. After all, if he was just an asshole 100% of the time, it wouldn’t be NEARLY as annoying. Anyways, there’s still *plenty* of 2010 left.

And in our Google Contextual Ad of the Day, I’ve got a buff dude from looking at Droopy holding an “I’m So Happy” sign.

We do like to bitch about the Senate, but the fact is that if it weren’t for the Senate, we’d have the Federal Marriage Amendment sailing on it’s way towards ratification today, for one example.

Lieberman’s got a handful of positions that aren’t completely horrible. None of these, however, in any way impedes big business’s ability to fuck us up the ass at will with a red hot poker at their whim.

I’ll admit that I hadn’t really paid all that much attention to repealing DADT–I’d much prefer action on ENDA and repealing DOMA–but then I read that Gore Vidal interview in which he flatly stated that we’ll be living in a Pakistan-esque military dictatorship soon (“they’ll be the only ones who can hold it together”), and I realized that I’d rather have a fully integrated military than one that’s desperately trying to keep millions of unemployed young men busy by building camps to eradicate The Hummuhsekshal Problem.

But never fear, there can be no doubt that Joe LIE will do something turbo-douchey soon to reclaim his status.

@Original Andrew:

Exactly – for example, he could support DADT right up until there’s actually a bill, then threaten to join the Rethugs in a filibuster.

Oh wait, isn’t that pretty much how he got the award *last* year? :)

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: I’m sure it’s just indigestion. He probably didn’t chew the baby he had for lunch carefully enough.
And no, I won’t feel bad if he’s really sick.

Oh come on, there’s nothing surprising about cynically choosing one single liberal hot button issue to support, in an effort to be able, laughably, to say he is a democrat. It makes me hate him more. I’d be a little surprised if he were to, say, come out boldly in favor of, oh, something basic, something he is sworn to uphold, like the Constitution, when it comes to torture, wiretapping, due process, you know, fundamental human rights and international law. That would suprise me, this is a cheap and easy one, for a fuckwad trying to masquerade as a democrat in Connecticut.

@ManchuCandidate: @FlyingChainSaw: Normally, most of the time, in most circumstances, I tend to believe that people are all flawed, and we are all bound by a common brotherhood and sisterhood of shared humanity, such that in the end, I would never wish death on someone, but Cheney, yes, Die, Motherfucker, Die, painfully.

@FlyingChainSaw: Remember, I have come up with the idea of the “Discrete grave pisser” device, I want to put together and market a kit to allow us and those like us to actually pee on the graves of these bastards, it would be a simple little device, something that goes over the penis, and a tube that snakes down and comes out the bottom of your pant leg near your shoe, so you can just casually stroll, for example, up to the grave of Reagan, or Cheney, and just let it flow, noone is the wiser, but you know, you know, you have pissed on their grave. Ballantines.

@Promnight: Oh, yeah, case of Ballantine for this guy. Post coming up.

@Promnight: I’m with you. It’s cheap and painless for him to propose this. He also signed off on the letter to Museveni. Neither will cut into his earnings from drug and insurance companies.

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