Day Eleven — A Breather

Beyond the ice dancing finals, there really is not that much on the docket today.  Which is a good thing, because yesterday was nuts.  Not the least reason why is that USA-USA-USA v Canada game.  That lived up to the billing.  A positively frenetic game.

And it isn’t over for USA Hockey.  The wimmin positively embarassed Sweden in the semifinal this afternoon, 9 to 1.  Canada v Finland right about now on CNBC.  Right now, CAN 3:0 FIN in the late second period.  If that holds up, it will be USA v Canada — another headline matchup… this time, for hardware.

So some time for evaluation.  And the Canadians finally own up to the fact that — no — they will not top the medal table, notwithstanding their fancy-shmancy slogan.  “Yes We Can” is in a run for its money against “Own The Podium” as the worst empty saying since “Mission Accomplished.”

Meanwhile: Bode Freaking Miller has a matched set of medals to take home to New Hampshaah.  Maybe this will make him into something less than a prick.  Time will tell.


Whether it’s French or English, it’s still COC.

For these games, it is an appropriate one too.

And yes CB, VanOC really supremely fucked up by saying we will own it. They seemed to think (naively) that the hometown advantage meant something and being pricks would make Canada City a bunch of winners. What they failed to realize is that the rest of the world is pretty good and not exactly a bunch of push overs either.

We tried to shove a stick up the ass of a grizzly and arrogantly believed said grizzly didn’t have claws and wasn’t going to do anything about it.

@ManchuCandidate: But King Harald of Norway plans on donning the Norwegian Curling Team pants tomorrow for the semifinal round.

I’m watching US v. China in curling and still don’t understand any of what is going on. Mr. SFL is running around the living room with our Swifter yelling “Look at me, I’m on the U of O curling team!”

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