Bitter Puppet Blames Puppetmaster

Paragon of personal integrity Joe T. Plumber lashes out:

“I don’t owe him shit. He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it… McCain was trying to use me. I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.”

Oh, and Sarah Palin is a sellout, Birthers and Truthers need to get a life, and Barry’s not such a bad guy for a socialist.

Too bad Demrats can’t get shit done, or we’d really enjoy this.

A few minutes with Joe the Plumber [State House Sound Bites]

I learned something today: chatroulette. Never heard of it before. And I wish I still hadn’t.

OK so all the OH’s nieces and nephews were here yesterday with all the kids for a celebration. I love them all and now love them even more when I found out that the kids have a word for us: we are the GGUs (pronounced gee-gee-yous) aka, the Great Gay Uncles. I was pretty impressed.

Oh yes and meanwhile this dolt seems to be still with us.


And… to the surprise of no one here… Goldman Sachs helped Greece make their own Chewco to hide debt from EU.

@ManchuCandidate: Been following this for a while now. It’s unclear what the EU could do to a gangland bank for helping a country cook its own books – and using the scam as an opportunity to loot the country at the same time.

He said he actually likes Obama, in some ways. “I think his ideology is un-American, but he’s one of the more honest politicians. At least he told us what he wanted to do

This is pretty curious coming from a guy whose current fame is based upon a lie: claiming before the cameras that he was about to buy a business that made $250,000 in profits and Obama’s tax policy would hurt him personally.

GOP rhetoric and propaganda is all based on a series of false and misleading assumptions about economic reality in America. And “Joe” has served as a mouthpiece for those lies from day one.

If this keeps up, one might get the idea we “regular joes” are just dust in the financial winds…

@FlyingChainSaw: Right, the Greek government was a willing participant in this scam. They sold every national revenue stream they could think of for quick cash. Hey Chicago Stinquers, hasn’t your Mayor tried this also — parking meters etc? How’s that working out for you?

Apparently, the guru who that in Chi-town came to Toronto to do the same thing because the city is desperate for cash.

@Dodgerblue: That kinda shit makes as much sense as selling, say, both of your kidneys, you know, for the quick cash. That will work out real well for about a week.

@Prommie: @ManchuCandidate: @Dodgerblue: The Republican governor of Indiana, that blankety-blank so-and-so Mitch Daniels, leased the Indiana Toll Road to a foreign entity for 99 years for a large sum that is increasingly looking like a mess of pottage (a handful of beans). He also privatized, a la the state of Texas, the administration of the state welfare system, and I believe that worked out so badly that it’s being taken back by the state (although I’m not sure about that because I’ve had to quit reading the news in the hope of staying sober so I can take care of myself and my invalid husband). Except for the twin spirals of codependency and a high tolerance for alcohol corkscrewing me into alcoholism, I’ve been pretty much an ant all my adult life, but said husband is a thorough-going grasshopper so we’d really be sunk now were it not for Social Security and Medicare. Thank God for FDR and LBJ!

@lynnlightfoot: May they rest in peace, except for that VietNam thing.

I was thinking this morning of the parallels between VietNam/Laos and Afghanistan/Pakistan. Hey, Kissinger, got any ideas? But check this out: the Pakistanis can fight back.

Previous overshare is the result of two weeks of round-the-clock caring for a chronically ill person who is suffering from an additional acute illness of some kind that has rendered him virtually bedridden and unable to get to the bathroom without help every step of the way about every two hours or less. We’ll be better, we’ll be better “just as soon as we are able.” May it be soon!

@lynnlightfoot: So sorry to hear this. I’d feared something was wrong. Please remember that this is the home of oversharing – myself excepted – and we’re always happy to have you here. Thinking of you and your husband.

Mr Lightfoot will be in our prayers.

@lynnlightfoot: Hang in there, sweetie. Your fellow Stinquers are here for you if you need to vent, or if you feel more comfortable, you can overshare in the sandbox. xoxo

Many thanks for your good wishes, my very dear Stinquers. My current mantra is Spring is coming, Spring is coming, as my neighbors, bless their hearts, shovel away the snow that keeps coming down. Actually, Mr. L is doing well enough today so that I could partially return the favor by clearing my neighbor’s side of our mutual driveway (and find the time to get on board here to complain).

I haven’t yet mastered the fine points of using the sandbox, which is too bad, because I could talk to Stinquers and other friends there. Maybe that will happen this spring, like other good things: snowdrops, winter aconites, crocuses, daffodils, and the native wildflowers in the woods.

@Dodgerblue: Yes, about the Vietnam thing. I don’t dare think about LBJ too long because that tragic error of his makes me so sad for him and all of us, Americans and Vietnamese and others, who were dragged in and through with thousands upon thousands upon thousands winding up dead or maimed or crazy. And of course, “none so deaf as those who will not hear” or heed or learn from the past. Yes, indeed, let’s fight some more wars where our enemies are defending their own turf, fighting on their own turf, where our allies on the ground often wind up as collateral damage. As for Kissinger – I better not get started.

Overshare is what we do here.

I hope Mr L feels better.

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