PalmGate: Sarah Palin’s Organic Teleprompter Revealed!

We were deeply suspicious when the rumors of Talibunny’s cribnote palmistry broke out last night, especially when the evidence on hand revealed at best a suspiciously demonic symbol.

But with AP photos coming out this morning, HuffPo has the proof: Not from the Q&A session, but Sarah Palin’s Teabagger speech that preceded it.


Budget Cuts


Lift American Spirits

Nice touch crossing out “budget”. That really is how her mind works.

So we guess we should take back the nasty things we said about HuffPo and ThinkProgress jumping to wish-fulfilling conclusions. Hey, we also gave Balloon Dad the benefit of the doubt until the evidence was irrefutable. We’re fools for fact-checking.

Palin’s Tea Party Crib Notes [HuffPo]

Meh – everyone needs a few hints when speaking. Her ideas are what frightens me ….

@blogenfreude: Maybe, but this picture was taken during her speech that she had on paper on the lectern. Also, who needs those hints? I could’ve remembered to check those talking points off the list and I’m not, nor have I ever been accused of being, a right winger.

Shit, I thought they repeated that every morning in the shower, in their prayers five times a day and during sex with underage boys.

Programming note: Apparently someone around here watches Sport, so CB will host a liveblog for a Sporting Event at 6 p.m. ET.

@blogenfreude: My original take last night was that the speech itself had plenty to poke at (such as “divine intervention”), and even if true, the palm-reading was something of a diversion.


@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Correct. She can’t even remember her own bumper stickers? That was a stump speech last night, something any politician can do in their sleep. And she had paper at the podium, for chrissake.

But I’m still amazed at some of the coverage. Folks are shocked — shocked! — that she might have been fed the Q&A questions in advance. Well, Mr. Teabagger said as much up front, when he declared the Q’s were from the TPN website. Why wouldn’t he share them with Palin beforehand? They’re putting on a show for paying customers, after all.

Bottom line: No, the palm-reading isn’t a Damning Indictment. But quite literally, it’s the only news from last night. Nothing she said, or how she said it, was fresh for her. Happily, however, we now have a fresh meme for the caricature toolkit.

Now who is this person? Does she talk through Sport games on Fox?

@nojo: For profit patriotism. It’s a beautiful thing. BTW, I so admire your restraint in not swallowing this at first gulp. Kudos.

Nice touch crossing out “budget”. That really is how her mind works.

If I’m reading that palm correctly (har, har, har) she originally wrote “budget cuts” but instead decided on “tax cuts.” This basically sums up the dangerous GOP thinking that has mired our nation in so much debt. Cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes… the budget cuts will take care of themselves… you know… once we’ve bankrupted the country.

@Serolf Divad: Wasn’t that the stated strategy? Cut taxes, and spending will be forced down until the government fits in Grover’s bathtub?

Problem is, as you noted the other day, Repugs lurve their earmarks as much as Demrats.

@nojo: And, as we here in NY pay in more than we get, Alabama is exactly where I want my tax dollars going …

@blogenfreude: Yeah. I never took seriously Pat Buchanan, who was running on Hitler’s platform, because he couldn’t be elected. But maybe she could. Could overt fascism come to the US not, as in the Roth novel, through Lindbergh, but from this idiot spawn of a moose and a snowmobile?

I don’t believe it. Might I venture to suggest this is the Left version of the Right teleprompter?

@Dodgerblue: When Obama was elected I thought the age of an electorate stupid enough to elect W was over. Now, I am sure that age is not over.

@Benedick: I checked the AP photo site before posting, and short of paying for the hi-rez version of the image, I can sufficiently confirm HuffPo’s work. (Unlike last night, when the evidence was literally sketchy.) I’ve also seen another angle posted on a wingnut site, so the fact is established and accepted.

The meaning, of course, is up for grabs.

@Dodgerblue: Palin is unelectable to high office. Period. But teasing it sustains her marketability among the gullible.

@nojo: Moose-spawn cockteaser. Now, there’s a great name for a band.

@nojo: The meaning, of course, is up for grabs.

You are going to have to gay marry me sooner or later, big guy. Let’s just do it now. You are so high rez to me.

Flipped to Fox looking for any live NOLA coverage, but they’re replaying Teabagging Talibunny speech. Palm scribbles plain as day.

They even say Caribou Cribsheet meets Bumblerella Barbie could lift American spirits by becoming our next president. By the end of 2012, imagine her reporting for podium duty – she’ll be a walking, talking tattoo.

Remember that Reagan was at one time mocked as a washed up B-movie actor who spent years on the rubber chicken circuit with GE corporate sponsorship making noise about the threat of Communism and what was right with America. He built his base on the sly and rode that train right into the Governor’s mansion in Cali and from there went on to flip the switch on the destruction of our nation, in part by unleashing an ugly fury.

Palin has Fox, which is worth billions in free advertising and, worse, shoots this shit straight into the minds of its adherents. Our guys will respond by saying, “Gov. Palin has a lot of valid points and we believe we can work with her in finding solutions to thse major problems facing our nation.” They don’t want to work with you, they literally want to see you burning in hell, you fucking Democrat dimwits. Our leadership is too fucking stupid to see this coming.

@redmanlaw: No sale. Saint Ronnie won two elections as California governor. By 1980, he had a generation of conservative politics behind him.

So yeah, maybe Palin will be a force in 2028. I can wait.

@nojo: That was 50 years ago. Times are different now. Acheivement takes time, while fame can be manufactured over night. Who ever heard of these Jersey Shore people and their catch phrases six months ago? Who ever heard of Palin (well, besides Wonkette readers) two years ago? I did see on a link from a gun blog I was reading earlier today that some clown said that the Tea Party Movement was over and it has been transformed into the Palin wing of the Republican party.

@redmanlaw: Jersey Shore audience: 3.6 million

Fox News audience: 3 million

More broadly, I haven’t seen any indication that Palin’s appeal spreads beyond her core audience. That may be enough to tip a GOP primary, sell books, and put butts in ballroom seats, but even the teabaggers will desert her if she pulls a move like endorsing her runningmate.

@redmanlaw: And while yes, times are different, Reagan also primaried Jerry in 1976. Point being, by 1980 he was a well-proven quantity, and anybody sneering at the actor wasn’t paying attention.

Palin has won one, and only one, statewide election — in a state of 686,293. She didn’t run in the 2008 primaries, but won instant fame for reading a canned speech days after being plucked from obscurity. Her endorsement in NY-23 was a bust, and Scott Brown kept his distance.

Sully or someone nailed it the other day: Palin is the political Madonna, expert in drawing attention to herself. She can certainly draw a crowd, but there’s yet no evidence she can win an election.

@nojo: True, but it made for a great set-up:

Doc: Tell me, “Future Boy,” who’s President of the United States in 1985?

Marty: Ronald Reagan.

Doc: Ronald Reagan?! The actor?!

All of you radical, left-wing, politically correct whackjobs mocking Palin for this whole thing just don’t understand. You see, she was using those cribnotes satirically. She doesn’t actually need them, she was just being the maverick she is by making a point about all of the other politicians that the mainstream media loves so much that do.

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