Liveblog XLIV

It’s violence, committee meetings, commercialism, and a pure hatred of all things Tim Tebow.  America, eat your heart out.  Literally.

It’s your Second Annual Stinque Super Bowl Liveblog everyone!  More commentary and hijinks post-jump.

1806 (ET) — Well, just got back on a drive from Saint Louis, for a Blackhawks road game.  Hawks fans arrived in droves all day yesterday.  It was a cool vibe, as you might suspect.  Something about Sport binds certain folks together.  It’s hard to describe, really.  Saints’ fans have the same mentality, as you know.

1817 — WARNING: the Internets are clogging up something fierce at the moment.  Technical difficulties are not limited to the refs’ field mikes.  Bear with us.  (ADD: Maybe it was just my computer getting balky for no good reason, momentarily.  All is well.)

1821 — I’m going to flag Carrie Underwood on the get-up she’s wearing.  Like, yuck.

1825 — Another foul — Dwight Howard and LeBron James remaking the Jordan/Bird McDonald’s ad.

1828 — Coin toss now.  New Orleans takes the first prop-bet possession.

1830 — And so, here we are.  Kickoff returned to the 23 for the Saints.


13:31 remaining — Three-and-out for the Saints.  Looks like Pierre Thomas is the go-to guy early for the Saints.  Doesn’t work.

13:15 — Peyton comes out firing, and gets a first down near midfield on the pass to Dallas Clark.

11:13 — Saints’ defense looks poor, with a show of blitz, leaving the short pass over the middle for an easy first down.

10:30 — Harper, in the Saints’ secondary, is playing well thus far.  He’s all over the place.

9:20 — Petyon’s in the zone now. Colts in field-goal range now after another connection.

7:34 — And the drive breaks down at the 20.  Field goal now, and it is good!  Colts 3:0 Saints.

ADS: Load-bearing Bud Light cans, Betty White getting tackled.  And the 30-seconds of Tebow.  Less overt than advertised — all the hype took the air out of the ad.  But the hype was the thing, really.

MORE ADS: Hyundai factory, and the 1986 Bears lose what’s left of their dignity.  And a dog takes revenge on his Doritos-eating master.  Uh, yeah.

MORE ON TEBOW: On further review, Tebow’s mom getting tackled is probably something that everybody wanted to do in the last two weeks.  Sly, James Dobson.  Sly.

6:22 — Reggie Bush on a nice third-down reception.  Yards after contact are sexy.

5:22 — Colston drops a couple.  Saints stall at midfield and punt.  Nice pin down inside the five.

ADS: A Russell Crowe vehicle, more Doritos — with a cute kid slapping a leech of a boyfriend.  And asteroid watchers prepare for Armageddon with… Bud Light?  God damn.

4:56 — Saints’ defense looks awfully porous.  Colts get out of jail and start the drive off right.

4:16 — Again.  Saints doing a lot of catching, and Colts are running rampant.  On passes mostly, mind you.

3:33 — This is looking really easy for Indianapolis.  Another first down on the run with Addai.

1:57 — Another Addai run for two — no, check that — thirty yards.  Saints have got to lock down on D if they want to have any chance at this.

0:36 — That was a clinical drive.  Pierre Garcon with a 19-yard touchdown reception.  PAT is up and good, for Colts 10:0 Saints.

ADS: Monty Burns smiles with a Coke.  Danica Patrick — she of all of one top-level auto racing wins — gets sly with the whole sex fantasy thing again for GoDaddy. Boring as fuck.

MORE ADS: A casket full of Doritos.  With hilarious consequences, obviously.  Bud Light gets crazy with the voice-modulators.  And Monster goes with fiddling beavers.  Why?  It’s the Super Bowl!


EVEN MORE ADS: Bridgestone saves whales.  There are some new sneakers out there that Joe Montana likes.  And a reworking of last year’s ad.


13:41 remaining — Saints get a bit of help on a late-hit call.  Saints have a drive going.  Finally.

12:40 — Tough run after the catch by Pierre Thomas.  And a gritty run for a first down on the next play.

11:50 — Brees to Colston.  Colston, in something new, does not drop it.  Another first down.

10:03 — Saints drive stalls after a Freeney sack on Brees.

9:34 — Hartley hits one from Fort Lauderdale.  Huge points for Who Dat Nation there. Colts 10:3 Saints.

ADS: A small community bands together to get the Bud shipment through.  Americans can do anything.  Also: Mark Sanchez cares.  Noted.  And Jay Leno shares dip with a dipshit.  (I meant Oprah, not Dave.)

MORE ADS: And there are the pantless Americans.  I’m so proud.

8:23 — Garcon has the case of the drops.  Colts forced to punt.  And here’s Reggie Bush on the punt return — much hyped in the run-up to this.  And…. fair catch.  Yawn.

ADS: Geez — Bud Light and disasters.  Seems to work for me.  Dove decides to go after the male demo, meanwhile.  And the Arcade Fire has to initiate a lawsuit for being a part of an ad for the NFL Draft.  I’ll do it pro bono.

7:20 — Saints putting together another drive.  I am intrigued.

5:20 — And another pass — Saints in striking distance now.

4:15 — Colston reception.  Saints now on the three.

2:00 — With the Saints on the one, they elect to run it to the two-minute warning.  Big 3rd & 1 coming up.

ADS: Guys resolve to do nice things to get a Dodge Charger.  And the ad geniuses behind rude-flowers-in-a-box decided that, because it worked so well last year, they’ll try it again.  Fail.

1:55 — And the third-down play goes awry.  Now what, Coach Payton?

ADS: Alice in Wonderland.  Helena Bonham Carter plays the Red Queen — obviously.  Kiss loves Dr Pepper.  And Puxatawney Phil has a better agent than we thought, on account of getting him out of that ad.

1:49 — Gambling Saints turn it over on downs.  On a run play.  Poor.

0:51 — Colts looking to go into the locker room.  Saints going to let them do it with all three timeouts.  But they do call one here.

ADS: God help us — a Harry Potter ride at Universal Orlando.

0:46: Oooh, looky here — the Saints will get the ball back, with one timeout left.  Punt return — mebbie — from Bush coming up.

ADS: Jim Nantz pitching a hand-held TV.  After that divorce, it looks like he needs the dough.

0:35 — No real return from Bush.  It’s at midfield though — the kick was off.

0:20 — Henderson on a pass, to the 30.  Preserve the timeout with the spike.

0:12 — Another pass, but they can’t get out of bounds.  Timeout is gone.

ADS: Intel geeks are so insensitive to robots.

0:00 — Field goal unit out.  And the kick is good.  Who Dat Nation is in with a shout.


RUN TO BATHROOM AD: Really.  Who needs a hand-held teevee?

KILL GO DADDY STINQUE HALFTIME REPORT.  Well.  I would say that the Colts dominated that half — particularly the first quarter.  Saints have to feel fortunate to be down only four.  And it looks like the under is a pretty good bet.  But, of course, the bet closed at kickoff.  So.

HALFTIME SHOW.  Subpar.  Must be said.  There has to be an age limit imposed.  Bruce pulled it off last year.  But that was because he was fucking Bruce Springsteen.  This was just horrid.

ADS: “The Back-Up Plan” confuses me, conceptually.

2020 (ET) — Who Dat Nation vs. Hoosier State, per Jim Nantz.  So there’s that.  Second half underway now.


15:00 remaining — Well, how do you like that?  Saints onside kick, and… VIOLENCE AND COMMITTEE MEETINGS!  The Senate should try that.  After all that: SAINTS BALL!

14:47 — Saints, after that, get a good start to the drive.  My God — this is getting rolling now.

13:25 — Drive for Brees et al is rolling.  Freeney is on the sidelines with his ankle.  This has all the looks of the all-important MOMENTUM SHIFT.

11:41 — Tough TD run for Pierre Thomas, running through three or four arm-tackles.  PAT up and good.  Game on!  Colts 10:13 Saints.

ADS: Another epic movie.  Megan Fox does her Megan Fox thing — she needs to be jailed before she does another movie, for the sake of society.  Volkswagen will KICK YOUR ASS.  Denny’s calls up the Hen Reserve Artillery.

10:15 — Joseph Addai is doing work right now.  He’s had a good game on the rush.  Colts to midfield.

8:20 — Peyton Freaking Manning.  Throws the ball through triple coverage to Dallas Clark.  Colts to the 20.

6:37 — Saints’ defense looking porous again.  Dallas Clark to the four.

6:15 — And Addai doesn’t go in untouched, but it might as well have been untouched.  PAT through, for Colts 17:13 Saints.  Peyton is unimpressed by Who Dat Nation.

ADS: Michelob Ultra — yawn.  Chevy Chase / Beverly D’Angelo need the money.  Bridgestone goes sexist again.  KGB is to bar trivia as chili dogs are to diets.

MORE ADS: “Bolero” isn’t just for ice dancers anymore.  Sleepwalkers can use it too… if they need a Coke.  E-Trade babies get weirder than usual.

5:23 — Reggie Bush on a nice run after the catch.  Saints at midfield.

4:00 — Lots of play action for Brees.  Seems to be working, sort of.  Another first down.

2:35 — Throwing short of the marker on third down.  Poor decision.  Field goal unit on, and Hartley… makes another one.  Pure.  Colts 17:16 Saints.

ADS: Hollywood is hot for the Census.  Google helps ugly Americans date French girls.

MORE ADS: That ad helped Kia… how, precisely?  Same for Round-Up — selling weed killer when there are no weeds poking through the snowbank.  Bud Select is Bud Light for people who think that Bud Light tastes too much like beer.

1:00 — First down, Colts.  It just looks like the Saints have no answer for the methodical drives the Colts are putting together.


AD / NFL PROMO: Arcade Fire, again.  I actually like the exposure.

AD: Now, MillerCoors knows how to make a Super Bowl ad.  (The baseball card shop in Lincoln Square guy was cool.)


14:53 remaining: Somebody up in the Saints booth must be having a medical emergency, because the defensive coordinator is obviously doing something else with his time.  Garcon to the Colts 45.

13:26 — And Manning wants to go on fourth and 2…. maybe a try for an offside call.  Nope — and they get it!  Complete to the 33.

12:00 — That fourth-down call was a throwdown to the Saints D.  Peyton knows that the Saints can’t stop him.  And he’s right, on this evidence.

10:44 — But the Saints do stop the drive.  51 yard attempt goes begging!  That’s gotta make the Saints real happy.

ADS: Gadgets!  And nuts and popcorn!

10:00 — Bush, past midfield.  And then  Thomas to the 40.

8:30 — The five-to-seven yard passes are working now for Brees, Bush et al at the moment.

6:40 — Not Pierre Thomas gets the Saints to the five.

6:20 — Pierre Thomas, to the two.

5:42 — Jeremy Shockey!  Played for the G-men, went bad, and is now back with a score!  Two point try… bobbled!  But, as it is, the Bless You Boys are up 5 — Colts 17:22 Saints.

ADS: Gamer porn.  Clydesdales are cute.

MEANWHILE: they’re reviewing the two point conversion.  Really, really close.  If it were me, the call stands.  But a fair challenge.  And… overturned!  Colts 17:24 Saints.

 ADS: Hey, America!  We’re Honda!  Our gas pedals work!  And chickens in the White House — but what else is new?

4:57 — Well, this seems to be it.  Peyton needs to drive the field to tie this up.  Can he do it?  Of course he can.  Will he?  We shall see — and it starts out well enough with a good pass to Garcon to make up for a false start.  And then Peyton Manning almost throws a pick.

3;50 — Another clinical drive by Manning, thus far.

3:24 — Noted: a complete lack of stupid penalties, save for a late-hit early on.

ADS: I think the Audi “Green Police” ad is the winner tonight.  The Charles Barkley ad?  Not so much.

3:13 — DAGGER!  PICK SIX!  SAINTS UP BY TWO TOUCHDOWNS!  Play of the game, obviously. Tracey Freaking Porter.  Colts 17:31 WHO DAT!

ADS: Doritos fails again.

MORE ADS: Book clubs and Bud Light.  Hyundai replay.  E-Trade babies again.

2:55 — Short pass underneath to Clark.  Not what is required.

2:30 — Another short pass, and Clark can’t get out of bounds.  Not what is required.

2:00 — Big pass to the Saints’ 30 for Collie.  Not over just yet.

ADS: Sneakers again, Danica again.  And Denny’s has dropped $7m on ads promoting free meals.

1:50 — These passes over the middle are stupid.  You don’t have time for this shit.

1:34 — A late hit call gives the Colts a respite from the stupid play calling.  Stopped clock, first and goal.

1:27 — Is it a good pick?  Nope — but it is pass interference on the Colts.

1:21 — Over the middle again?  Colts burn a timeout.  Peyton seems to know that this game plan isn’t going to work and tries to check the swing, but the ref said that he went around on the timeout request.

1:06 — Saints with a HUGE 3rd down stop.  And now — last gasp.

0:44 — BALLGAME.  The play calls for the Colts on that drive were just asinine.  Saints are going to take it!


WRAP-UP: A whale of a game.  That onside kick to start the second half was the game changer, truly.  What a win for the Saints.  Drew Bress played extremely well.  Pierre Thomas is probably the least-talked about star, but he did WORK for the Saints.  Joseph Addai, for the Colts, had a great game too. 

Waiting for a wardrobe malfunction on Bourbon Street.  That’d work well, under certain conditions.

And now, the trophy presentation.  Which will take a while given the white-glove treatment.  Len Dawson has to get some armed guards next time.  Sean Payton is fucking pumped up.  And James Carville is on the field there.  Drew Brees is your MVP.  Duh.

And that’s that for the liveblog.  Night.


Has it started? Is it safe to go shopping?

nojo: Not yet. But the pregame is on the final descent.

A five-hour drive from St. Louis is one way to knock out the pregame nonsense from your life on Super Bowl Sunday. A little over-the-top, but then again so is 20 hours of blather about football and related topics.

Missed Black Eagle’s gabbing with Couric. Probably just as well.

@nojo: No, the pre-game hostilities are still under way.

Pregame? Now? Then what have they been doing all fucking day?

nojo: I missed it, but there was probably a lot of your favorite CBS stars talking about the game and their shows. Maybe not in that order.

@nojo: I donno. I watched two old episodes of NCIS with my daughter.

Attention, America: I have an HDTV, and I’m not using it to watch the game. Please send the SWAT team to Stinque World Domination Headquarters, Sandy Eggo. I promise I’ll be back soon from shopping.

Is this Sport?

Is this like watching That 70s Show?

Too much pressure on Brees, not enough on Manning. And yes – I want to see those New Orleanians have something to celebrate.

Oh, cool! Baltimore’s playing!


TD Colts — receiver split the zone and Manning laid it right in his hands.


Oh, and BOO, COLTS!

@nojo: On NFLN’s coverage this morning (don’t judge me), the guy following the Colts was talking about them moving hotels yesterday. He said it was done so quietly they had everything but Mayflower vans. I actually laughed at that & I hadn’t even started drinking yet.

ADD: All these commercials are stupid.

JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Doritos, first. Honestly, the kid slapping the bastard was fine, but that coffin thing? God almighty.

i refuse to believe “Solomon Wilcots” is really that dude’s name.

TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Keef had a lot of fun with Garcon’s name on Football Night in America all season. There was a lot of opportunities to do that. Dude’s good.

I don’t even understand most of these commercials. That Tebow ad where he tackles him mom–was that what all the fuss was about? I couldn’t see how it was supposed to be pro-life. Until I saw him, I thought it was about the need for health care reform. FOF blew $2.8 million.

We have a commercial winner! I don’t care what comes on after this.

I am, of course, speaking of Lenoprah Dave. How did they get Leno to appear?

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: I’m holding out hope they’ll be another commercial in the 2d half where he appears and bulldozes Leno out of the room, taking over his seat.

Whoa, right in his hands and he dropped it. Makes up for the nice TD catch.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: THat would be too cool.

I am so fucking tired of bud. Um, the liquid kind.

Okay, so — do I watch Nature or holdout for the halftime show?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen — that was an Arcade Fire song underneath a promo for the NFL Draft. I feel ill.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: It gets old having 40 Bud commercials in the SB every year. I will give them credit for having one of the better ad teams, though. The use of the theme from Stripes during the human bridge commercial shows they really know who their audience is.

Colts defense breaking down. C’mon, Cajuns!

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Since I’m cheating by tuning in while pretending to work, yes, Lenoprah Dave was fuckin’ awesome.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Yeah. What can I say? I know my Bill Murray movies.

Meh, if the Charger is man’s last stand, he is truly fucked.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Who knew you could make such an incredibly sexist, offensive ad without Hooters girls?

4th and goal from the 2. Go for it.

Edit: I neglected to say: and make it.

@Mistress Cynica: Dodge is going to be very, very sorry.

ADD: And I really wish Danica would stop with the Go Daddy shit.

ADDD: Uh, yeah. If this doesn’t turn into a game in 17 minutes, I’m out.

A friend’s FB status: wonders how much “research” Pete Townshend did in preparation for the halftime show today.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Was he charged for that incident? Or was it viewed as a harmless eccentricity a la Lewis Carroll?

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: I finally got around to watching Woodstock a month back. I’m not sure I can handle the contrast.

Oh, and “Girlfriend has removed his spine” is a post-censor rewrite.

Was that Jim Nantz in the FloTV commercial? He who was just taken to the cleaners by the ex-missus?

And CBS has the new one up already.

Is that really Leno? Why not? He needs the publicity.

@nojo: Check out “Monterey Pop” if you haven’t seen it. The Who were awesome.

Holy shit. Bizarre Guitar is an actual store here in the Melrose District.

@nojo: If they had done it right, Leno would have been eating Doritos.

For the record, if I’m gonna see an Imax movie at all, it’ll be Tim Burton doing Alice in Wonderland.

TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Dude in a celeb divorce case actually gets sympathy. That’s refreshing. Even though Jim Nantz is almost as annoying as Joe Buck.

Hey guys! Elected to /not/ get up at oh dark thirty and watch the Game with a bunch of Marines; this is far more entertaining.

@Dodgerblue: Word. Now that Townshend is deaf and Daltrey can’t sing, who’s the blind guy in Half a Who?

Oh, and the coffee selection here is really, really poor. More Nescafe, Jeeves?

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Now if they have Palin in the middle during the second half, it’ll be one for the ages.

How many wrinkles can you count in HD?

Yeah, they’re mos def dumb and blind. This is painful.

JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: And shortening up the songs. At least the first one. Cut to fit. Poor.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Will they swoon?

Thanks for the VM, I didn’t know you could do that.

Hey look, Grandma! It’s the Beatles! Which one is John?

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: And he’s making Moon faces.

Pete didn’t even hit the strings on one of those sweeps of the guitar. Seriously. At least make a good show of it, fellas.

The Monkees also lost two members before they faded out.

Stay away from the brown acid.

Well, I am grateful to the NFL for ensuring that I will never see The Who live again. I’ve got 1984. That’s good enough for me.

You know, the Super Bowl doesn’t need to bring out geezers for this. I’m not asking for indie-rock superstars, mind you. (That would be lovely. Won’t happen, though.) But how about some guys who aren’t complete fossils?

Your Who-branded AARP membership card is available now!

@chicago bureau: Remember, he’s the punk with the stutter!

@chicago bureau: Well, you can’t ask for any sudden, drastic changes. So, next year … Nirvana!

@chicago bureau: These guys just suck now. Seeing Pink Floyd at Live 8 orwhateverthefuck taught me that you can age and still kick ass. They picked the wrong fossils.

Please with the fake-ass, special-effecty scream.

Are we smashing guitars tonight, boys? No?

“The National Football League thanks you for sitting through that crap.”

@nojo: Haha! He was barely even touching his guitar at the end.

The NFL thanks you for watching Bridgestone’s old spare tires.

@nojo: Yes, and Joni Mitchell has aged well. I mean, Roger was never that great of a singer, and Pete was pretty shitty, too. What made them especiale was song writing, Pete’s guitar and keyboard work, Moon’s drumming, and Entwhistle was just a cool ass dude. Tonight, they had none of that.

Arcade Fire on again in the background. Win Butler had better have put the royalties in his retirement fund. I care about the man.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: No video assist, either.

@chicago bureau: Less chance of a nip slip if your stars are wearing girdles.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Plus freaking 1. My laptop thanks you for the Nescafe bath.

ADD: I guess this is when everyone flushes their toilets in the US?

Nabisco: True. but at least nip-slips are mildly entertaining. Yes, entertaining on a sixth-grader level. But still entertaining.

Like I say in the updated post: the Senate should have committee meetings like that. Everybody screaming and pulling and grabbing. Ballsy move, Sean Payton.

@chicago bureau: Yep. I would have thrown deep on the next play when the defense was all discombobulated and whiny.

@chicago bureau: TJ according to AP article on Yahoo News the Dem. candidate for IL lt. gov has withdrawn his candidacy…there goes a whole lotta fucking fun.

More info on The Most Important Commercial of Our Time: Filmed Tuesday night in NYC. All three present, no tricks.

@iPrick: Oh, and we’ve launched a nuke attack on Iran.

Super Bowl Sunday makes a great news dump!

iPrick: Right at halftime, no doubt. Great fucking timing.

@nojo: @chicago bureau: Pope Benedict came out of the closet and will turn the Vatican into a continental version of West Hollywood. Ooops meant the Castro.

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to suspend logic. Like during that phone commercial. Dude shoulda just repeated what other dude said.

Like on Damages, Hewes wouldn’t have phoned that mystery # from her own cell. She would have had the # traced.

Will someone put this talking baby out of my misery?

@iPrick: With the young lads dressed like the Hitler Youth.

Oh fuck, now I’m watching the game. And I still haven’t figured out how they do those on-field graphics.

Gotta ready up for work. Make it a game, Saints. Remember: Nawlins has a Pennsyltucky boy at WR.

Shit. This is a good game.

Kinda like last year…


Nice to see Chris Guest picking up some change.

Damn. Lots of bands sold out for cheap beer. Should’ve held out for the smack.

I keep thinking XLIV is some new video codec.

Did Nantz just say “Bring on the porn?”

Seriously: Peyton is acting like the Saints D is not going to stop him. He’s right, you know.

(But of course it’s now 4th and 11. But still — that fourth down call was a sick move.)

@Mistress Cynica: Caught up with the Tebow ad, and yes, there’s much less there than meets the hype.

But FOF got some great publicity for their $2.8 million, so there’s more to these things than the actual ads.

On the other hand, that gay-dating service also got some great publicity, and they didn’t pay a dime.

I am lovin’ Beyonce’s dress in that ad.

That’s two gopher callouts I’ve noticed.

Whoa, a Pueblo looking drummer out at MonumentValley . . .

I totally disagree on “the Who sucked” thing. I thought the songs were well chosen and that they played the shit out of them (and even punk icons Green Day have a 2d guitarist to cover for Billie Jo, so there). I liked the nods to Mod with Zak’s shirt and even Roger’s jacket.

I was listening to the Who Live at Leeds (1970) today at the gym, which was a pre-Tommy peak for them. They are a much different sounding band these days for many different reasons: the loss of the unique contributions of Entwistle and Moon, Roger’s voice dropping in register and Pete switching from the wall of sound Les Paul guitar to the thinner more brittle sounding Stratocaster type. I have seen some shitty small venue concerts on the tube from them where they were listless, trying to find their center, pressing, but this show was quite good. They took the right approach in doing excerpts of songs. In homage to Moon, Zak wore the modified British flag shirt, played cymbal parts with the limp wristed style affected by Moon and even had his drums set up like Moon’s classic Premiere set ups of the 70s.

The were the first big rock concert ever saw, sadly, after the death of Moon. Based on what I saw at half time, I’d see them again.

And that was a valid 2 pt conversion, btw.

Yeah, bitchez

Great Who movies:

The Kids Are Alright
The Isle of Wright concert (same songs as Live at Leeds)

It took a moment to check the tape because they had to hide the porn in the instant-replay booth.

I must be drunk now b/c that screaming chicken in space made me laugh.

@redmanlaw: Who Live
At Leeds record, their best ever. They put some dreck in the CD to fill it out.

2 pt conversion!

Jeebus, can I get some fuckin defense in here?

@redmanlaw: That’s one site chore down for tomorrow.

I guess Sir Charles ate the woman who was previously shilling for Taco Bell’s “light” diet.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Those fucking colts can sure go down the field.

Dream Police. *spits* Cheap Trick opened for STP one time. I totally skipped the opener. My double GnT was blown into the air by the mosh pit for STP.


WHO DAT, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Manning will have to come from behind now.

hee hee hee

The pick — he was waiting for Manning to run that dog one more time.

@redmanlaw: Cheap Trick always gets a pass, at least since the Colbert Report theme.

Dude at book club: Arf arf arf, as in what a dog.

@nojo: That was about 15 years ago. Colbert was probably still in college.

OK, tighten up, no more stupid late hits.

Not that I’ve watched a game in a generation, but anything that remains interesting with 1:10 left is pretty good.


So do you think the entire NOPD is working tonight? And will they need reinforcements from the National Guard?



Guys — the offensive coordinator for the Colts on that last drive was an idiot. No passes to the sidelines. That was dumb.

That piece of dumbfuckery couldn’t happen to better guys. Saints in the second half were just awesome.


Great second half. Point spread obliterated !!

The ads sucked. The game was an unexpected treat. I ate posole across the street.

@Mistress Cynica: I just spoke to my brother in NOLA — looks like it’s gonna be Philly crazy down there.

@redmanlaw: I’d forgotten that ass. Makes victory all the sweeter!

Nice beads, Coach. Did you have to show your tits for that?

New Orleans is (Blue) America’s team.

Len Dawson still has his ABC Sports jacket.

@nojo: Somebody better save him or we’ll be here all night.

/lovin’ it

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: It’s gonna be crazy down there for the next 10 days, that’s for damn sure.

nojo: Yep. Wonder which big shot forked over the sideline pass to him.

TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: They’ll have to put on a new parade for them. Krewe de Whodat, perhaps.

@chicago bureau: Thanks for hosting the live blog, CB. Best super bowl party I’ve been to in awhile.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Right? I have to make a Mardis Gras hat helmet for my niece. I’d better get started.

I’ve never understood why Sir Saint has an ass on his face.

Colts coach namechecks Invictus.

RML, there is no way on earth the Who were heard live, they might have recorded it live yesterday, but no way that was live.

I am the biggest fan of the British Invasion bands ever, but the Who were always the weakest of them all.

The gave the appearance of sounding best on the 80s songs, because daltrey’s voice was already gone then, so it didn’t matter that it is still gone now.

That was the worst thing I have ever seen, and yes, Townsend was not even hitting the strings, and Daltrey didn’t even lip-synch well.

@Mistress Cynica: I had a nice 2006 merlot from Cali (forgot the name but I need to get more) and a Fat Tire with posole and green chili stew, plus homemade guacamole and chips. Skipped the martini.

@Promnight: We need a ruling from the judge – Dodger?

@Promnight: My college-rag satire-issue co-conspirator, who later turned neocon and helped found the campus wingnut rag, was a big Who fan. Libertarian rockers, it seemed.

And yes, vocals pre-recorded at a minimum. Close-up on Daltrey missing his sync doesn’t help.

@nojo: Flame me if you will, but Cheap Trick is a mightily underappreciated band, and they are still capable of playing their songs. The singer was a decent long haired pretty boy with a good falsetto, but their guitarist is one of the best, and still is, I think of him as Satch from the Bowery Boys because thats what he used to look like.

I am going to go further, and say that The Romantics are one of the most underappreciated bands, they never stopped playing, they play bars in Detroit to this day, and in, I am not sure, 2006, or so, they released a new original album that had a song on it that is one of the best rock and roll songs I have heard come out in the last 10 years, of course, I don’t know the name, it was ignored and never heard, I heard it one night on Underground Garage with Little Steven, and could not believe my ears.

Tracy Porter has the Lombardi Trophy etched on the side of his head.

To clarify, what’s left of the hair on his head is in the shape of the Lombardi Trophy, “SB 44” and the Superdome.

@Promnight: G Eye Joe doing “Dog Show Disco” on the Sirius heavy metal channel was the coolest thing I heard today.

Just saw the Dying Matador sketch from Your Show of Shows and have never laughed as much. “I’m allergic to mustard.” Bliss.

@Promnight: I’m sorry, you but lost your street cred with me when you gushed over The Killers. ;-P

Ah, the drinking, I split a bottle of Chimay, blue, with Mrs., just because I felt it was necessary to have a beer, then a Tanqueray martini (by “a tanqueray martini,” I mean, a shaker of Tanquery martini).

Kept it light with thee food, a spicy guacamole, to start, simple, but I don’t like a heavy, all-avocado guac, almost half fresh tomato, is my preference, and lime juice, garlic, mashed to a paste, a teaspoon of very finely diced onion, and I shredded up a fresh thai red chili.

Next, a seafood salad, raw tuna, cooked shrimp, both diced, with diced sweet red peppers, thin-sliced green onions, another of those thai peppers sliced into the thinnest shreds, and a sauce of equal parts mashed avocado, sour cream, and cock sauce.

@nojo: I was checking out the one on, when my eye was caught by the Mardi Gras FAQ question in the side bar: Q. “Is there a lot of nudity at Mardi Gras?” A. “That depends on what you mean by ‘a lot’.” Even better: a woman in the comments inquired whether it would be safe to bring her 9 month old baby to Bourbon St for the parades–“just the street, not the bars or strip clubs.” Glad we clarified that. General consensus: OK during the day–except Mardi Gras Day–but not at night. So nice to see valuable parenting tips.

@Mistress Cynica: I think the one I’m watching is directional. I think that because I keep changing the direction.

@nojo: I expected more mayhem. It just looks like a regular Saturday to me.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Y’know, I wasn’t expecting mayhem. These folks are veteran partiers.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: @nojo: They’re going to be drunk for the next 10 days. Pros know the importance of pacing yourself.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Seek out some live Killers, and watch the lead singer, and, dare I say this, think to yourself, “Freddie Mercury.” Now, Queen is another band I would lump with the killers as “whitest white boy music ever,” But Freddie had that something, and so does this boy, and I know he is a mormon, but apparently only because his stepfather gave up the booze and stopped beating him when the stepfather went mormon. I is sorry, I think the Killers are fantastic, I am surprised, really, that not one person I know who I consider hip and smart and with it, likes them. Yet so many like Greenday, pure recycled trash.

The heart over the head … I like this Superbowl.

@Promnight: Never a Queen fan, myself. Agree with RML and Dodger’s comments in re the Who/Leeds etc. I look forward to the halftime tape.

Oh and ZOMG, Aints it is!!

(So, Jamie, at last we meet on the same side of the field. XLIII was still pretty sweet, wasn’t it?)

@Promnight: I saw the Killers live on some late night show — SNL? Pfft.

Freddie Mercury: There Can Only Be One!

@Nabisco: Don’t you have some lives to save or something? :-P Did you tell the Marines I said, “S’up?”

@blogenfreude: I don’t like football, and I liked this game.

Certainly wasn’t intending to watch, but then I thought, what the hell, white noise for weekend hackwork. Then the Lenoprah Dave ad came on. Then I ignored it some more. And then the Saints waltzed down the field.

Another reason I didn’t want to watch: With all the NOLA hype, I didn’t want to suffer through a loss.

@Nabisco: The only scene in any teen movie that’s ever hit my button was the dudes rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody in a Pacer.

Here’s the Romantics doing “61 49”, thats the song, its pure grungy garage, maybe you have to like that kinda thing:

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Positive reviews from Entertainment Weekly, MTV, Rolling Stone, Sun-Sentinel, Radar Online. OK review by the Sandy Eggo paper and Chicago Sun-Times and the Daily Mail were extremely negative.

Everyone commenter under 48 I read wanted someone more current such as one of the various rap gentlemen, Lady Gaga or Beyonce. They also all know the NFL won’t be going there for fear of nipple slips.

@redmanlaw: I still remember an MTV veejay creaming himself when he read Led Zep’s Live Aid playlist: “THEY’RE DOING STAIRWAY!!!”

I also remember how Stairway didn’t work out too well.

@redmanlaw: Well, let’s see. I started reading Rolling Stone when I was 13. I let my subscription die in 2007.

MTV? Pfft.

EW? You’re kidding, right?

Sun-Sentinel? Who?

Finally the Daily Mail gets something right. Rag.

Can’t argue with Chi Town.

But I really don’t care what others say — I know what I heard, and I know what I saw, and I fucking love The Who. Well, The Who They Were.

@redmanlaw: See, that doesn’t help. If people continue to give positive reviews to these dead man lip syncing shows (no matter what age or relevance the band), that’s all we’ll see at halftime. It’s the musical equivalent of a sitcom clip show.

Oh, hey — I sent a band I like a cover of one of their songs I recorded. And they wrote back and said nice stuff! ::nerdgasm happy dance::

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Really, you expected the song titles to scroll up, followed by an 800 number to call.

The fuckin’ WHO, “Sparks”, Isle of Wight (1970), from when Pete wore white jumpsuits and work boots and played the shit out of a Gibson SG in front of a wall of Hiwatt amps.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Its worse than a clip show, its insulting. There is a special place in hell for the band that recorded “Won’t get Fooled Again” lip synching “won’t get fooled again.”

For we obsessed, the NYT already has a story on Lenoprah Dave:

Steps were taken to contact Ms. Winfrey, who agreed immediately, Mr. Burnett said, and then Mr. Leno. Mr. Burnett said he spoke with Mr. Leno’s executive producer, Debbie Vickers. “She asked if this was for real and then she laughed for about 10 minutes,” Mr. Burnett said.

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: It sounded like the promo for your local classic rock hits station, promoting “Who double-play Thursday lunch break.”

@redmanlaw: I am with you, esse, for then, but now, these people we see, this is not them, those guys in the Isle of Wight. The Stones, its still them, you know what I mean?

@JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: Here’s Metallica doing a song 27 years old a couple of weeks ago en Santiago, Chile. Still sounds pretty thrashy to me.

“Four Horsemen” (co-written by your boy Dave Mustaine)

I don’t watch CSI or listen to classic rock stations, so I miss all the overkill and misuse of old music I still love.

@redmanlaw: I’m not saying they can’t rock because they’re old. I’m saying they are old AND can’t rock.

Here’s PF at LiveGeldorf:

Hey, I am so proud of myself, the Tebow ad was a “Tempest in a Teabowl.” Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget to tip your waitstaff on the way out, I will be here Thursday through Sunday for the next two weeks.

And there’s these old bastards still kicking it with a young fellow named, Derek Trucks. This is probably the best recording of “Can’t Find My Way Home” there is.

@Promnight: @JNOV sez hit Vick in the head witta battery: I’m inclined to trust you two and Dodge, all of whom I hold in the highest regard. Reports of not only lip synching but botched lip synching disturb me, as do claims that Pete missed a strum.

However, I will be watching tape tonight – which Peyton surely won’t be doing – and make my decisions then.

@redmanlaw: I don’t even need to watch that clip without seeing it in my mind’s eye. Pete was both the Punk and the Godfather, let’s see what we see tonight.

@JNOV: since I didn’t make the SB/pancake get together this morning, I may not see your fellas until tomorrow.

From the Stinque Abroad bureau, subcontinental desk: I simply can’t watch the Half a Who. No seriously, I can’t. I have to allow the stream to buffer for something like ten minutes in order to watch an uninterrupted twos.

But in those two minutes? Aging rawkers pretty much going through the motions, but the kids old men are alright. No lip syncing (you can’t plan the missed harmonies in the first chorus of “Pinball Wizard”) and Zack totally works the Moon rhythm. Do I want a hat, half jacket and glasses just like Pete? Why yes, yes I do.

But I’m disappointed that Pete didn’t do a big FU and play “Uncle Ernie” (Zack on vocals, natch).

@Nabisco: Fiddle About, ese, a child molestation ditty.

Zak’s tribute to Moon:

Moonie’s “Pictures of Lily” drumkit. c. 1966

Zak’s Super Bowl drumkit, a Moon-like set up which he’s actually been using for at least a couple of years now. Three ride toms atop the double bass drums and two crash, one ride cymbal, plus high hat. Zak apparently omits the left floor tom.

The next piece of music gear I want is a double bass pedal, but if I get a digital delay for the guitar that would be cool, too.

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